Guide Lamute Gang’s Adventure Log Journal Volume 5 (Papua Crinea Adventure) [Time Stamp Available]


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 5. Actually this is last volume for Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal. There is 3 chapter that you need to finish. To finish this chapter 3 you need 5 days to complete because as you see in this table to finish this Thousand Year War Quest you need to finish this 5 Quest and you just only take one question each day. You need to kill this Stoneback Crab from Dumb Stoneback Crab, Mediocre Stoneback Crab, Intelligent Stoneback Crab, Extraordinary Stoneback Crab, and the last Bloodthirsty Stoneback Crab. And all of this Stoneback Crab, you can finish it in party or solo but for the last day, the day 5, I very recommend you to do in party because this is so difficult if you doing in Solo, but if you doing all in party, it’s will be so easy.

More people is more good and don’t worry about people who has finish this Quest or haven’t finish this quest all people can help you to kill this monster as long as that people can transform to become otter and party before you summon Stoneback Crab to start this Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 5 you need to do this volume one, after that you can do volume 2 and volume 4 at the same time because this volume 2 is story about Papus and volume 4 is story about Otter. In this video we focus about volume 5 that continues from volume 4. So to start this volume 5 you just need to do volume 1 and volume 4. As always all this guide that I already provide, I already put link on this video description or you can check on top right of this video, I already put card for this video.

If you already finished chapter 4, you will see on Quest pages, at suggested pages, that at the great ocean Papua Crinea Croniak will have 2 quest left and you just need to auto path to this location and you will go to be Pikeo, at this area, just talk with it, and take this quest, and you will get this letter of recommendation and then just auto path to target NPC you will go to Ticirio this NPC and just talk with it after that click chat and you need to hand over this letter of recommendation and you need to answer some question. For first question, just go to third option and the second question, just go to the second option. For the third question, you just need to choose fourth option and you will finish this test.

After that take another quest from Ticirio and then just auto path to Benns Morio. Oh yeah, don’t forget to take reward from your adventure journal chapter 1 you already finish after you pass the Otter Military Academy Entrance Exam and next we need to defeat Mediocre Stoneback Crab. As you see this is Benns Morio at Bloodshed Beach. just talk with him and finish the quest and take another quest and you will start to killing Stoneback Crab.

First Stoneback Crab is easy. You just do it in solo. You just need to summon this Dumb Stoneback Crab and finish it solo. Yeah, we finish it after several hit And just auto path to report this quest. Actually, you don’t need to become Otter to report any quest and you will go to Ticirio again to report this quest. After that, you will got some knowledge and some reward and we need to do in next day, for a second day.

Okay, this clip is the second day. You need to talk with this benns Morio you again at Bloodshed Beach and take the quest. After take the quest you will got this Mediocre Stoneback Crab scroll and let’s go to transform to become Otter and go to interact with this scarecrow to summon this Stoneback Crab. You can also do the second day solo, so don’t worry. Okay just interact with the Scarecrow to summon this Stoneback Crab. Okay, after you finish killing this Mediocre Stoneback Crab just go to Ticirio again, or you can use auto path form quest and just report this Quest and you will got some knowledge and also some reward. Okay, this is for the second days and then forget to claim your adventures, journal chapter 2 that you already finished when you defeat this Mediocre Stoneback Crab.

Okay next for day 3 same as before, You just need to take the quest from Benns Morio at Bloodshed Beach for day 3 same as before, You need to take Quest from Benns Morio and you will got Intelligent Stoneback Crab scroll. Actually, you can do it in solo but better if you do it in party if your party leader have some quest to kill this Intelligent Stoneback Crab don’t worry just let the party leader summon Stoneback Crab when you killing this monster, all of you will complete this quest. After finish killing this Intelligent Stoneback Crab you just need to auto path to Ticirio again and report this Quest. As you see you don’t need to be Otter to report this Quest. Okay, This is for day 4 you need to talk again with Benns Morio and you will got this Extraordinary Stoneback Crab scroll and same as before, better you do it in party after your party is ready just interact with this scarecrow, to summon this Extraordinary Stoneback Crab and better if your party have different class, one tanker, one Healer, and another is DPS let the tanker take aggro and all DPS take back of this Stoneback Crab to get back attack, so the damage will double and let the Healer heal the tanker and you will finish this Stoneback Crab so fast.

After that talk again with Ticirio and report this Quest. And you will got some knowledge and title as always. For day 5 same as always. You just need to take the quest from Benns Morio at Bloodshed Beach and you will get this Bloodthirsty Stoneback Crab scroll. After your party is ready Just go to the Scarecrow and summon this Stoneback Crab. You need one tanker to aggro this Stoneback Crab and another DPS just go to its back to get back attack and healer need to heal this tanker. After you finish killing it you just go to Ticirio again to report this quest. After your report this quest with Ticirio, You will get some reward and also some knowledge as always. When I record this video, Actually, I forgot to take quest but don’t worry, You just need to go to become Otter again, and take quest from Ticirio. You will see this Ticirio will give you some continuous Quest from your suggested quest.. Actually, this Quest is to meet Digrio at Tamtam island. Just auto path to this area. As you see this is the Digrio you just need to talk with him.

After you finish this Stoneback Crab Training and you will finish this quest. After that you need to chat with him again, and you will finish his quest and also don’t forget to check your adventure journal. You have to finish this chapter and you will got this Undefeated Crab knight Transformation scroll when you take this chapter 3. Actually after you complete this all 5 volume, you will unlock all new feature that has been added at Papua Crinea content like daily quests, sub quest and also for future updates about new sailor for Papu and Otter sailor and also another content that will come in the future.

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