Guild Creation and Management Guide Black Desert Mobile


Welcome guild masters today we will talk about the guild creation management and different purpose of the guild interface. Creating a guild in black desert mobile is fairly simple. The only requirement, as of the moment, is to have 400,000 silver in your inventory. If you have enough silver, then click the guild, UI and you will be directed to the guild screen. The left side is the Guild creation, while the right side is, if you want to join a guild Now we are talking about guild creation, so we will click. The left side, Then we will be brought here. The first row will be the logo of your guild. While the second row is going to be the background for that logo, You can see the resulting logo in the middle of the screen. Once you have selected your logo click the button below to create the Guild.

Again, you will need four hundred thousand silver to create one after that enter your guild name and congratulations. You are now an the official guild master of black desert mobile Now. Creating a guild is just a first step understanding the guild interface comes next, So again, click on the guild icon for us to be brought here in the guild interface In the left. Most part is your guild. Information Below your guild name is the guild level and experience below it is the guild, fame or propensity followed with the guild leader information and the number of members over the total capacity of the guild Number of applicants and the current guild funds? This one is the guild attendance, Don’t forget to click it every time it out of cooldown, Then on it’s right side. Is the guild management clicking that one will pop up this window?

So below your guild name, is your current recruitment status? This one means the guild is not accepting any applicants. This one means people can sign up and be approved later by the guild officers and the last one means everyone can apply and become a member immediately Below the application. Setting is the guild preference on who can apply. You can have friendly people, only people who is into combat and people who are neutral DO NOT click this button tho. This is to DISBAND the guild. Instead pick this one to apply your preferred settings On the right side. We are given first, the current build information with this one, showing the current green points below it is the guild announcement, and the button here is to go to your guild fortress. The next tab is the guild members. Information here are the list of the new members. This one will show all the members both all the new, and this one are the list of applicants on the next tab. We have the guild quest and you can exchange the guild contribution points with a guild. Bosco here are the guild quests that you can get. Remember a maximum 3 guild quests can be obtained every day.

If you are new, I recommend this one, which only requires to kill any enemies. The number here is the number of values equal to be killed, the higher the requirement, the better the rewards. If you are more advanced, you can get the Guild quest here, which requires you to kill specific enemies. It has better rewards compared to the kill, all enemies quest. The last one is the life skill quest which includes fishing gathering, herbs, lumbering, etc. On the next stop you have the guild skills. As you do, the dual class. You will get the guild funds in order to buy this bill buff. The next stop is the guild war status. Here you can declare a guild war in order to pick it. The opposing killed without karma penalty below it shows the guild, sir, currently at war with priests, the good protection. If you are in war, you can give ugly protection to a member, so they won’t be included in the world. Note that the maximum protection you can give is only 10 members. This one here will show the current standing in the war and finally, on the last tab, you can search for a Guild to know about their information And that’s it. I hope you are able to learn something today.

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