The following is based on information collected from the past year from BDO breeders and reported in the Old Forums mega threads. We hope it helps new breeders enjoy this profession as much as we have!

Horse FAQ and Guide as of May 2018: Pegasus and Unicorn in NA/EU

1Horse Breeding Calculator and Regional Rating 2The Colour Theory 3How to Capture Horse4Breeding 5. Exchanging Horses 6.Costumes/Elixirs/Value Packs/Outfits 7Leveling Your Horses and Wagons 8Farming Carrots 9Auto Looping 10Pearl Items: Skill change coupons, resets 11. Selling Your Horses 12Skill Learning and Stat Increases as Your Horse Levels 13What is a Potato or Fenne14. Solest’s Guide to Coursers, T9 Awakening 15. BDO T7 and T8 Reported Stats Links

1. Horse Breeding Calculator and Regional Rating
Our regional rating was “increased greatly” on May 24/17. The rate increased again to 14 in February/18. This rating determines the breeding levels required to get a higher tier horse. The higher the regional rating, the less levels you need when you breed. .
We use Fammes Horse Breeding Calculator as a guide to determine what levels and what colours you need to breed for a specific horse. Play around with it, you can even mouse over the horse patterns to look at colour and speed/accel starting stats. The detailed chart he has shows the parent level thresholds you must have which increases your chances for a higher tier horse. The calculator is not perfect, in fact, there has been many anecdotal comments from breeders that the high number of T6 females we have been getting at higher tier breedings is not consistent with the calculator predictions.. The tier thresholds are correct, but percentage chances are not always accurate.

On Feb 15th/17, a change was made so that certain skilled horses were designated courser, giving them a chance to have foals born with two skills as well as increasing their individual value. See Q 14 to find out what is required for courser designation. In March/18 a change was made so that horse deaths will not affect breeding outcomes.

Famme is a NA player and we thank him for all his work in making this game more enjoyable for all of us.

2.The Colour Theory
Horses are given three colour stats, Red, White and Black. It actually is really only important for breeding purebred horses, those that have only one colour. The important thing to remember is that your parent foals must have a combined colour total in the one colour that equals the tier of the foal you want. For example. To breed a pure bred T8 white foal, your parents must have a combined total of 8 White.
It is a theory which was developed by breeders here after looking at countless results. Bouwplan, a fellow horse breeder, gives an excellent detailed explanation in this post:…findings-megathread/&page=806#comment-1349897

3. How To Capture Horses
We currently have T1 to T5 horses in the wild. The T4 you can find is the T4F and the T5 is the black J. There are several horse spawn maps that you can google. Violet Astray has a guide and maps: Also read and watch Dulfy’s video guide if this is the first time you are trying to capture a horse.

The most important thing to remember is that you walk towards the horse until it raises up its front hooves. Then you start the minigame, if you win that keep walking towards the horse and rinse and repeat until you are by its side. If you are an experienced horse capturer you probably don’t need to use sugar but if starting out, this is the time to feed it one. (Beginning players should use several, while waiting to mount.) Horse capturing is all about waiting the proper time, using sugar does help with the timing.

Now you wait, for thirty or forty seconds. Each experienced player has developed their own method for successful captures. I wait the time, then watch for this horse emote – it will bow its head down to its left and raise its right hind foot, it just looks submissive. Then mount. Most of the time this works but you will encounter rogue horses once in a while who are just intent on bashing your head in, and these might take several ropes.

Once a horse is tamed you can mount your own horse and ride to a stable. The tamed horse will follow/teleport along with you no matter how fast you are going, and will show up at the stable for registration. Sometimes it will take thirty seconds or so, but don’t worry, eventually it will show up.

4. Breeding 
Your parent horses do not have to be in the same stable, but they both must be in ones that you can register horses in. ie) Trent, Keplan, Calpheon, Epheria, Velia, Heidel and Altinova
Only males can be registered for breeding. Both parents must have full stamina which you can get by using “Recover” at the stable. Otherwise you will get an error message saying “no energy”.

To register the male so you can breed him, click “Register for Breeding” then click Show Me Only. It is important to do this because if you do not your horse will be registered for breeding to the public and anyone can apply. Now you need to go to the stable where the female is if she is not with the male. Click on her, click on Breeding Market and then go to My Horse List. You should see the male horse there. You apply to start breeding. You can pay 130 pearls to immediately get your foal, otherwise wait 2.5 hours. Note that if you get impatient and want to get that foal after an hour, you can still use pearls but the amount you need will be less. Both parent horses will need to Recover after breeding. You can take the male off the market by going to the breeding market, click My Registered and then Receive.

You are required to wait six hours before you can breed again, but it seems that if you change channels, it resets the breeding time so you can do it right away. This probably isn’t official so use at your own risk.

NOTE: If you cannot remember which stables your horses are, you can either scroll thru the list while at a stable OR just open your world map, click the location of the town/city, then click the horse icon on the bottom right of the screen. It will list the horses there.

5. Exchanging Horses
This can be done once a day and means getting a foal at the expense of both parents who will go poof. Done usually when both parents are bred out and a decision has been made not to sell on market. Some breeders feel you have a chance at a better foal by exchanging. Unlike breeding, when you exchange courser parents, the foals will always have only one skill.

6. Costumes/Elixirs/Value Pack/Outfits
Venia Riding Attire gives you 20% increase in horse exp. Value pack gives 10 %. Professional Training outfit is apparently equivalent to Silver Embroidered Trainer +2 but also is supposed to give a bonus to taming and skill learning (when you train a horse’s skills). The taming and skill learning is not really noticeable in my opinion. There are elixirs that give 8% horse exp for five minutes, so not that useful

7. Leveling Your Horses and Wagons
As your horse increases in tier, the time it takes to level increases enormously. A T8 horse requires over one million exp to gain one level as it approaches 30. Auto looping is a necessity.

Thank you to Shaynae for the following:
” Best way to level horses depends a bit on how many horses you have and the Tier of the horse. Because the amount of xp is determined by how far a horse travels in a ‘tick’. A tick is how long it takes the xp of a horse to move one cycle. The two variables here are going to be how long it takes to get a tick and how much xp you get for one.
The amount of xp per tick is determined by a base amount plus any bonuses you have to Horse XP….NOT Training XP. There is some slight XP difference for higher level trainers but the amount is very small.
The time between ticks is determined by how fast your horse is and any gear you have on them that increases speed.
Wagons normalize horse speed but they have various items that will increase wagon speed. Most trainers who are only looping use Merchant wagons, but they are really only efficient for leveling if you are doing four horses at a time. (You can craft your own merchant wagons fairly cheaply in Altinova. There is a node for acacia timber nearby)
With a wagon you don’t need carrots, but you will eventually need a new wagon because they wear out. If you are riding the horse, once you click auto loop and start you will have a checkbox for automatically feeding carrots. Higher tier horses really need blue carrots to be efficient because they do not get enough stamina back from the carrots you buy from the stable. If you run out of carrots your horse will drop to a walk once they run out of stamina. If your loop catches you on something like a fence, your horse will run in place and use carrots but because xp is determined partially by distance traveled, you won’t level at all.
A really fast horse may be more efficient to level as a single horse rather than on a wagon.
If you want to calculate how long it will take to level anything, here is a calculator.
Please let me know any problems with the calculator and I’ll bother my husband to fix it.
Just remember you will level these horses for love and not money…fishing pays better.”

8. Farming Carrots 
This will save you a lot of money and you will be swimming in carrots in no time. You can rent a small fence for 3 contribution points. Buy some seeds from the market and set it up close by. I set mine just outside the Heidel entrance. Have a worker maintain it and remember to harvest at 100 percent. Everything you want to know about farming, again thanks to Dulfy:

9. Auto looping
Some people auto loop only in safe zones by going around in short circles. This prevents being PK’d by those who think it is fun, or they are practising skills on players in costumes who won’t fight back. We have been told that a short circuit results in less exp gains for your horse but have never been give the distance. Avoid node war channels. Auto looping in low level areas which are not busy, will help if you are being pk’d. Non busy areas also help because it reduces the chances of being slowed by other wagons or players ahead of you. Straight paths are better than turns, as turns slow you Always manually watch a full auto loop before going afk to ensure that your horse is not getting stuck on a fence or wall etc. Wonderful guide here: https://community.blackdesertonline…ses-gain-xp-and-what-is-the-best-loop.158876/

10. Pearl Items: Skill change coupons, resets etc:
You can buy as many skill change coupons as you can afford, this will allow you try to achieve a desirable skill by changing out one you do not want. It is better to do this on a horse you really want to keep who has learned most of the average ones because you can get into an almost endless and expensive loop of exchanging one average skill for another. Regarded as a necessary evil by most breeders and may the RNG gods be with you.
Skill training coupons allow you to park a horse with a stable person who in one hour will present you with a horse who has learned the desired skill. All of the skills can be learned by doing a minigame so these aren’t necessary. As the percentage the horse learns increases, the minigame seems to get easier.
You can delete an unwanted skill by using a Loyalty Shop Delete Skill item. Do this after your horse is fully trained. Say your horse has 11 skills and one is Caution which you do not want. Use the loyalty coupon for this. Your horse will now list ten skills. If you do it before your horse reaches 30, it is possible for it to relearn caution, so you want to wait until the end.
Premium and Horse Appearance Change coupons are used obviously to change the skin of the horse, it will not affect stats. There is a chance that the premium one will give you an extra skill but the majority of the time (some breeders report a one in four chance) it will just give you an extra 250K exp.

11. Buying and Selling Your Horses
Horse price is determined by level and skills earned. Trained skills add nothing unfortunately. In November 2017 horse base prices, stud fees and health and stamina were increased. Ty to SadPanda, for the following

The following image shows skill prices that further increase your horse value..
Dollarwise, for all tiers:
S: Instant Accel >S: Sideways Move >Two-Seater > Sideways >Sprint >Drift >Instant Accel >Charge >Roar S: Hind Kick >S: Front Kick >Streak Leap> Quick Stop >Quick Ride >High Jump >Quick Back >Hind Kick >Fore Chop >Start Accel >Caution

As of Feb/17, courser designation was introduced, increasing the value of these highly skilled horses as well as giving them the ability to have foals with two skills. See question 14 for how they are determined.

Horses up to level 15 can be sold to the NPC at the stable for 50% of its value. You will get all of that amount. If you sell at the market, you will get 70% of the horse’s list price. NOTE that the Value Pack doesn’t apply to horse market sales. After level 15 you have the option to sell to the Imperial Trainer at certain stables, who will give you 50% of its market value plus Horse Seals corresponding to the number of the tier of the horse. Horse Seals can be exchanged for items, T9 courser mats, as well as five for the camel you will want in Valencia.

There is a ten minute delay before the horse that you register shows up in the market. You are not allowed to cancel a market registration for a set time as well. Additionally, anytime a T8 horse is registered in the market, a world notice goes out. (You can turn off this notification in the settings). .

If you are buying a horse, make sure you have room at the stable for the new horse, you have not purchased one recently, and have sufficient money. You can also tick storage for payment as well.. If you have wagons ensure that the last place your wagon was stored WAS NOT the stable you are buying from. The reason is that the game remembers the last place your wagon was stored at, in case it is destroyed and needs a place to recover at. So it “saves” space for it at the stable, but that doesn’t show up in the list at the stable.

If I have three horses listed in my Heidel stable which holds 7, but I took my merchant wagon with four horses out of Heidel previously, I will be unable to register a horse there. To get around this, you can take the wagon to another stable, and remote collect it there. That will then free up on the spots in Heidel and you can register again.

12. Skill Learning, Stat Increases as Your Horse Levels
Horse skins differ in the ability to learn certain skills. The following link lists each horse skin and the possible skills it can learn. If a skill is blacked our/0 quantity, that horse is unable to learn it. .…bMvDdTEt8hwT2tDgXBU0VdMp3k/edit#gid=537695326

Each horse with the same skin starts out with the same stats. Their stats will change as they level, so that at level 30 some horses with the same skins will be faster or slower than others, for example. RNG is king in how many skills your horse will gain. Your horse training level does not appear to help, nor does branding according to people who have posted here. Some people think that smart horses breed smart foals, others say it does not matter.

In order to get more skills on a horse, many breeders use the Forechop method. If you have a promising horse you can use skill change coupons to switch out Forechop when the horse learns it. Because forechop (and hindkick, start accel, caution) seem to be easy for the horse to learn, the theory is that if you switch one out, the chances are high the horse will relearn it…thereby increasing the final number of skills it will end up with. When to start doing it depends on the horse – some people wait til the 20s when they have the sense the horse is going to be good but needs a little help, others who desire a good horse and like the particular skin, and have a wallet!, will start fairly early.

13. What is a Potato or Fennel?
You will often hear of a horse described as a potato or a Fennel, this generally means they learned fewer skills than average and those skills were not the premium ones: sprint, drift, instant accel, sideways and two seater. Fennel was the name of a horse whose owner bred her to thirty simply because the number of skills was so incredibly low. This was back in the very early days of horse breeding when all of us were breeding T1s and T2s. Fennel’s story is here:…f-fennel-aka-honorable-horses/#comment-921704

14. Solest’s Summary of Coursers, T9 Awakening !
Thank You to Solest, an NA breeder who did this for us. Both the pegasus and unicorn are now in NA/EU.


Here is link to reported T9 attempts:…K60BezDDD6RuxEITMi2ORlaGT8/edit#gid=750648641 and if you want to contribute your own use this:

15. BDO T8 Reported Stats Links
The following links are screenshots of T8 horses that have been bred and posted by some breeders. Use them for comparison purposes but please remember that very often the potatoes do not get posted, just the good/decent ones. Who wants to relive bad memories, right? So the average speeds and skill numbers are probably off.and higher than they actually are. Do not think that because your T8E has a speed of 152 it is a terrible horse, ok?
Thank you to Lady Minuit and SadPanda for this spreadsheet.…f-6GU4mG-CExX6xpu_F10_mdw/edit#gid=1419896353


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