How to Get a FREE Sailboat in Black Desert Online | Guide


Hey guys and welcome to my guide on how to get the Old Bartali Sailboat a boat VERY similar to the Epheria Sailboat for FREE each week To be able to claim your free sailboat each week you must first complete a very short questline that takes 5 minutes Or less To start this short questline, you must be level 50 and then you can find the quest Noisy Shore in the suggested quests section of your black spirit, while standing in the city Velia Completing this questline will reward you with 735CP exp and one vells fine Powder

After you will be able to accept the quest, investigate vells realm from your black spirit. Once again, This will bring you to Igor Bartali to claim your once a week free Old, Bartali Sailboat. From now on, you will be claiming your sailboat straight from Igor cutting out your black spirit as the middle man. Comparing the Old Bartali Sailboat to the Epheria. Sailboat are a few differences that make this an amazing sailboat for anyone that hasnt obtained an Epheria Sailboat. Yet, however, still gives the Epheria Sailboat a large enough advantage to still keep it worth working towards. Looking at those differences, we have the Old Bartali Sailboat, with 1 million power, 700 thousand durability, 500 weight 1 inventory slot, it cannot be repaired and it cannot be equipped with boat equipment. The Epheria Sailboat has 1 million power, 1 million durability, 5000 weight 25 inventory slots. Can be repaired indefinitely and can be fully equipped with boat equipment. Remember, however, the Old Bartali Sailboat costs 5 minutes of your time versus the Epheria Sailboat on average, taking over a month to craft or purchase through other means. You definitely still want to work towards an Epheria Sailboat, but considering the time investment Old, Bartali Sailboat is the best option. In the meantime,

I hope you guys enjoyed this short guide..