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How to Repair Cooking Utensil & Alchemy Tools Guide (Black Desert Online)


Hello Guys Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel This video. I want to share about How to Repair Cooking, Utensil or Alchemy Tools, Okay, to enjoy watch. My video Make sure you turn on this video subtitle and also you can use time stamp that I already provide to go to target topic that you want And if you haven’t subscribed yet don’t forget to Like Subscribe and turn on bell notification to get any update And guide on Black Desert world: okay: Let’s start this video content using any features that I provide after 08 September, 2021 maintenance update
We just have new update for this content to repair your durability, for your cooking, utensil and alchemy tools, but we only can repair, advance and supreme type for this cooking, utensil and alchemy tools. Actually, I already mention it on my previous video about Global Lab update at 27 August 2021, But because this content is still on Global Lab server, I only can test it with limited source and in this video I will show you more detail how to repair this Cooking utensil or alchemy tools and to repair your durability for your cooking, utensil or alchemy tools that installed on your residence.

You must have specific repair tool in your inventory to repair its durability And to get this repair tools, you need to hand over one cooking, utensil or alchemy tools with Max durability to NPC in any major city.

And to get this repair material for cooking utensil, you need to meet special NPC. Most of them is inn keeper, tavern, owner or Cook vendor on every major city and for chemicals, either advance or supreme type. You need to exchange it with Dalishain NPC that located in any major city,

As you can see, for example, this is Dalishain NPC at Velia city around this area on map, and you can find this Dalishain NPC at any major city. You can search this NPC using this nearby NPC feature to exchange this Alchemy Tools, either advance Alchemy Tools or supreme Alchemy Tools and to get repair material for cooking utensil. I will test it using cooking utensils that nearly broken and already broken to get this repair material.

Okay, just go to NPC to exchange it. This exchange menu didn’t appear because I bring cooking utensil that didn’t have full durability, so we only can exchange it using full durability for this Cooking, Utensil or Alchemy Tools.
Okay, let’s take full durability of Alchemy Tools to exchange it become repair material,

And, as you can see, this exchange menu just appear and I can exchange this Cooking Utensil to become repair material and because cause I have this advanced cooking utensil. I will get specific repair material to repair, advanced, cooking utensil and I cannot use this repair material to repair supreme cooking utensil. As you can see, this is the repair material that I got from this exchange.

Okay: let’s go to my residence to try this repair material to repair. My cooking utensil that already place on my residents.
Okay arrive at my residents, For example, I will put this broken cooking utensil and try to repair it. I just need to move near this cooking utensil and click this repair button and when you click this repair button, this notification will appear to confirm, use this repair material to repair. This cooking utensil

As you can see, my cooking utensil has zero durability.

If I confirm this repair, as you can see, my cooking utensil durability just got repair and this repair material already been consumed.
So to use this feature, you still need to have so many Cooking Utensil, but you didn’t need to place it on your residence. You just need to put one Cooking Utensil on your residence and convert it to become repair tools that you can use it to repair. Your Cooking Utensil anytime, And by this update, you didn’t need to place your Cooking Utensil as many as you can on your residence And, as you can see, this is 4 type for this repair tools for advance and supreme for Cooking Utensil and Alchemy Tools and to Craft this advanced cooking utensil, and this advanced alchemy tools. You can craft it from any tools workshop on any city, For example, for Heidel City.

You just need to search tool workshop at least have level three to craft. This advanced cooking utensil, but for advanced alchemy tools. You need tool workshop at least level four to craft, this advanced alchemy tools and to get supreme type of alchemy tools and cooking utensil. You can exchange it from Dark, Spirit’s Greed that you get from Dark Rift Boss or you can exchange it using Medal that you get from Node War and special thanks to all my membership for direct support via Patreon Karyakarsa or Youtube Membership.

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I already put card for Patreon link: Okay, guys, that’s all How to Repair, Cooking, Utensil or Alchemy Tools. Hope this video can be useful for you. If you like this video you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching, See you next time..

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