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This video will be a little less informative on the base methods than that video as it’s not worth going over everything twice I think. Before we get into the whole method behind it, I’ll put the profit here so that you don’t click away thinking this is going to be one of those guides that doesn’t tell you anything useful. This method is better than imperial cooking and can net you over 1.1 billion silver a month with hardly any effort. There you go! Now let’s get into it. So I’ve included the spreadsheets together and you can edit them as you wish. I’m going to release a standalone video some point in the next week with a very detailed breakdown of the spreadsheets and how to edit them correctly, what everything does and why it does that. It’s confusing even for me at this point because there’s so much stuff needed to be included and I’m really bad at editing spreadsheets in the first place. If you do use my cooking spreadsheet please use this new one as I’ve added a few things and changed a minor error.

Before we get into the spreadsheet and how you can use this method to make your billions, there are two methods to doing imperial delivery and both of them require you to have the required life skill high enough to process the finished products into the box to hand in at the imperial delivery vendor. This means you’ll have to level up cooking and or alchemy to be able to use this method. Both of these are extremely easy and cheap to level up and the only limiting factor is how long it will take you based on how low you can get your cooking time. The two methods we’re going to go over for making money with this is crafting your own finished products which is way more sustainable and profitable and buying the finished product which still makes good profit but isn’t as sustainable.

Make sure to make a copy of the spreadsheet by going to file in the top left and “make a copy”, you can then edit the spreadsheet however you want and follow along with the video. Okay so let’s go over what you need to know for the craft it yourself method. Onto the sheet, as you can see it follows the exact same layout albeit a little bit squished compared to the cooking sheet. I’ll not go super into detail on what each column does as we’ll go over that in a later video. First is the CP box, replace this number with whatever Contribution points you have. Underneath this is where we edit material prices to work out which boxes we can make that cash money from. Each material has a price beside it and changing this price will update the overall spreadsheet instantly as you can see, you’ll want to update these prices for your server and keep it up to date maybe once a week. Typically I update mine just before I plan my boxes for the week. Alternatively if you don’t want to edit the spreadsheet and you play on EU, I’ll be posting my updated price list each week in the discord so you can just use that one.

Onto the mess that is the actual information, the only things you really need to pay attention to after editing the prices for your server is these two boxes. Per box profit and Max daily millions. Per box profit adds up all of the materials required to make the box then subtracts that amount from the box price. Anything in this column in green will make you money. Max daily millions is the combination of if you sold your maximum turn in limit of your CP divided by two, each day. So in this case my 305 cp can turn in 152 boxes which would be 23.7 million silver profit each day on this box at these prices.

Onto the buy the final product method. The only thing you’ll need to edit here other than the CP box is the column that says “total cost(mp min)” this is the price you can buy the finished product from the marketplace. So if the box is in this example the golden hand elixir box, it is overall a net loss to buy materials from the market and craft these boxes, but at the price of the finished elixir being 24200, it’s actually a profit to buy the elixirs, process them into a box and hand in the box. The next part to pay attention to is max daily millions it’s the same as before only using the purchasing from marketplace price as the cost v box price.

Meaning you could make 18 million silver per day by purchasing the elixirs, processing them into a box and handing them in. Of course this method is the best time v money maker if you don’t have low alchemy time but you’re probably not going to find a large quanitity of elixirs to make this method sustainable. Moving on to the alchemy per week section, again this is going to be a bunch of confusing numbers and look very messy, sorry for that but it was a lot of work to get even to this point. This is where we see the real numbers we can be making if we’re doing it ourselves.

This is mostly for planning out the materials you’ll need for crafting the boxes and should cut down on any time required to look up materials, check how many you need each time you go to storage etc etc. All the work is totally done for you here, this is why this video took so long to make. So what do you need to pay attention to here to work out your costs and profit exactly? The beauty of this is that it’s all linked in to the other spreadsheet and automatically works everything out.

If you’re going to stick to these boxes I have set up already here, then there’s only a few things you’ll need to change. On the right there’s a box called time to craft, here we set the alchemy time per craft so you can see how long each week’s alchemy will take. Change this number from 2 to whatever your crafting time in alchemy is and this will reflect how long it will take you each week of semi afk to provide the exact number of boxes required to turn in your CP limit each each for the whole week.

Below this is the price of advanced tools on your server, change this to reflect the cost of the tools so they can be subtracted as a cost from your profit total. To the left, you have the alchemy tokens section, here we change the total without tax box to reflect the price of your server’s black magic crystals. So the first one is for the finished product you’ll sell and the second is for the base crystal you have to use in crafting it. I think that’s honestly all you have to change on this spreadsheet. That is unless your prices mean different boxes are profitable and that’s where the next video editing the whole spreadsheet will be handy, it’s honestly too long to go over everything in just this general guide.

The difference from cooking and alchemy is that some of the boxes require multiple elixirs, so I included an aditional section here with what each box requires and the materials for each product that goes into the boxes so you don’t have to go look them up. Example the alchemy box is 20x of each clear liquid reagent and pure powder reagent. So what is the exact way to use this section of the spreadsheet? It’s all here for you. Just take a look at the tools required for your crafting, get that many tools placed in a house. Look at the total /w for materials and put that many of each material in your storage. Now to actually get crafting, let’s do the Professional Secret box for an example, I look at the line here, I need to take out of storage these exact number of materials. Walk over to my alchemy tool and take a look at the per craft section, secret box is two different elixirs.

First up is Elixir of Swiftness and I need these materials, put them into the tool window, batch production and there we go. I tab out and watch some videos on Kira’s channel because he’s my favorite new youtuber. What a guy. The setup I recommend for this is having the cheapest residence you can find in Grana, renting a storage container and then keeping up a constant pre-order of advanced alchemy tools up. Alchemy is so much faster to do your weekly amount though and honestly I think with the costume, +3 clothes, teff bread and life stone you could get away with using intermediate tools like I am right now without too much of a problem. If you value your time more and can’t babysit a half afk account for a few hours per week though then you’ll want maximum reduced time with the advanced tools.

Brass tax time, what can you make from this and what does the total profit section mean. The total profit you would think would be just that, the actual total profit. But this does not include any byproduct money or extra money made from when processing the alchemy boxes, which can proc a double box sometimes. With current prices as I record this video, with 305 CP and taking 245 minutes to semi-afk craft each week, I would be making a minimum of 265 million silver profit.

That’s actually crazy. I didn’t ever do alchemy because I thought cooking would be more profitable but wow. I’m actually really surprised at the outcome after making this spreadsheet. That’s close to 1.1 billion silver right now and that’s not even the maximum you can make…I’ve actually included prices in this guide that include as a cost the maximum prices it would take if you didn’t produce any of the cheapest things such as using wild grass as a cost instead of weeds which you should be able to produce yourself or purchase when stock is available for half of the price. The beauty of this is that if you have a worker empire some of these materials you’ll have stocked up and you can remove the cost from the spreadsheet to show what you’ll actually be making very easily. I worked out if the black magic crystals recover to the previous 30 million silver up from the 22 I have caluclated here, that single change brings this from 1.1 billion silver per month to 1.3 billion.

I’d like to note that not included in the spreadsheet so far is for boxes that require two finished products having a mixture of purchasing one of them as a finished product and crafting the other, I think there’s more profit to be had here and I hope to get enough time to explore this at some point. If I do, you can be sure I’ll update you on that. Overall I’m super happy with how this turned out and glad that I’m able to share money making methods that apply to veterans, new players and guides that don’t reply on having value pack active to make money. With alchemy you may have to swap servers once to turn in the boxes taking an extra 10 minutes each day since you are making less variety of them but I’d say if you’re on the fence between focusing on one of these two life skills, alchemy is the clear favorite for imperial.

The majority of the profit difference seems to come from the tokens being such great value as 250 per essence is way more profitable than 400. The final question is would you make more silver per week doing a combination of the two and is there a middle ground? Something to explore maybe in a future video but for now, I’ll see you on the next one. PEACE..

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