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What’s up my guys, it’s Kira here and we’re back with another one. This is episode two of the ultimate beginner series for Black Desert Online. Last episode we went over the very first login and all of the settings you should be disabling to clear up the clutter and confusion. Moving foward in this video we’ll be looking at some general new player tips, the UI , map, central marketplace, a word on the cash shop and more. Okay so for the purposes of continuity going from the first episode to this one, my interface is going to look drastically different to yours and from how it was in episode one. It’s quite time consuming to keep swapping between interface setups between recording a video so real quick the differences you’ll see are my health/mana bar are in the center of my screen and a bunch of my icons are all over the place.

It looks terrible yeah but it’s how I’m used to it for watching cooldowns and my stats. The way you do this if you were interested in doing so is going to edit UI and ticking this box that says custom HP bar, go to settings, general settings, simplification and tick Quick Slot to seperate each quick slot. After this go to your skills section and click Skill Cooldown Slot in the top right, this allows you to enable up to 10 skills to be tracked as icons on screen in Edit UI as CD1-10.

Onto the UI, I’m not going to go mega into detail on this as I think it would be super tedious to watch and to record, so I’ll go over what I think is the most confusing which is of course the map. The top left is a search function but beware it only works with exact spelling including capital letters. You’re going to get pretty overwhelmed if you have all this shit turned on because let’s be honest it’s an eye sore. The big buttons at the top here I have literally never touched but three of them show farming related information like weather, temperature and water information, the far right is useful for finding resource nodes, but you’ll want to stay on the I icon for the forseeable future.

Under this you have the filters for the absolute mess on your screen, I think you’re going to want to disable most of these. I personally have only the location info, nodes and quests enabled most of the time. Before I forget if you’re wondering why your map opens weird compared to mine, go to settings and find world map under general , set no animation and choose your angle, 90 degrees is a top down view and default is what I have mine as. When pressing escape you have precisely 396 different buttons. I’m not going to go into this at all and even after 3 years I find myself staring at this box trying to remember where the button is to enter certain interface screens.

Most of it is self explanatory but the more complex things we’ll go over as it become relevant. Going over the My information screen, default P for PC players. You have your battle stats and Life Info. Life Info are lifeskills, these we’ll go over individually later in the series. On the battle stats tab we have attack speed through to luck you can Hover over for a description of each, they have levels 1 through to 5 being the max and you mostly raise them from having crystals inside your equipment and eating food or using elixirs. You’ll want to get these to 5/5 for each activity that they’re relevant such as combat with the top 3, gathering for gathering etc. Family fame is a culmination of your family’s stats, so the more of each section you have the more daily pay the game gives you , regardless of logging in or not. You’ll want to get these as high as possible to be given free silver each day.

This stacks and is delivered daily to your black spirit safe in the bottom right. Each section is explained in the tooltip. While we’re on the subject of the safe, if you navigate to escape and attendance rewards on the right, you’ll see some tabs with a calendar on each. You’ll regularly see Loyal which is renewed each month and give various rewards for logging in each day. You may have more tabs and they will be different rewards depending on what tab it is. These also claim to the black spirit safe each day you earn them. Moving onto the other tabs, title is self explanatory but the more titles you have in the game the more small buffs you get such as exp, luck, energy etc.

Challenge is where you’ll have event items, rewards and boosts you can see if you have any by the little present icon in the bottom right. History and journal are self explanatory. Okay fuck the rest of the UI, if you need help ask me but most everything should explain itself, let’s get into the central marketplace. As you’re following your black spirit and leveling up you’re going to eventually get to a point where you can’t kill things anymore, now you have three options really as a new player in terms of gear progression.

Buy your gear, use the free gear that is moderatly okay for new players from the quest line and enhance your gear. Enhancing we’ll go over in a video by itself because it’s a lot to go over. The central market takes a bit of getting used to so we’ll briefly go over that. The central marketplace can be accessed from anywhere in the world by pressing escape and clicking the relevant button. To buy things you must have silver deposited in your warehouse, which is different from your storage. Storage is in a city by city basis, family shared and is only accessible from the city the items or silver are stored at. Central Market Warehouse is a global bank that you must deposit things or silver to then post or use on the marketplace. To do this, go to any major city storage NPC and use the warehouse key to store or withdraw things. Alternatively go to the marketplace NPC in any major city and you can access the storage of that city, your pearl inventory and your inventory on the left, the warehouse on the right.

So once you have silver in there or items you wish to sell, go to the sell TAB , click the item you wish to sell on the left hand side click the price you wish to sell at on the right hand side, set the quanitity to be sold and press register item. Any items sold this way will sit in the SELL tab and will say cancel until it has been sold which will then turn to collect, also a collect all button will appear at the top.

Onto buying, find an item you wish to purchase for gear there is different enhancement levels which will add an aditional cost depending on level purchased, choose amount and press to buy, if the item is in stock, it will appear in your warehouse. If not, it will sit on the buy tab untill filled and you will have to collect it from there after it is purchased. When purchasing stacks of items, if you say want to buy 500 of this item here and you choose the lowest price that has x number left which is less than 500, you will buy whatever that is available at that price and place a buy order for the rest. To avoid this, press a price point that has a higher stock and purchase that way. No matter what, the game forces you to buy the cheapest items, so it will just hoover up the items below it for their price before moving up the chain.

Any items you sell on the market are subject to tax, they call this a marketplace commission at 30% and a 5% local tax. This means everything you sell will be sold for 65% value, however if you have an active value pack which is the monthly subscription, you’ll get 30% back.. This isn’t meaning you’ll then have 95% of the sale value, it means you’ll have 84.5% due to when it is applied. This means you can sell a bunch of stuff on the market and wait until you have a value pack buff to collect the silver and get the extra money, there’s nothing stopping you leaving things on there for a while before collecting. Also as a new player you’re going to probably notice that looting is very poor in this game, this is to convince you to buy pets. I suggest you take a look a the first 5 minutes of the pearl shop video on my channel to see what I mean by pets and what you should buy from the cash shop if you’re that way inclined.

They do make a huge difference though and going forward if you’re intending to take this game seriously I can’t stress enough how mandatory I think they are if you plan to do any kind of combat for silver. Alright so a few things I’d like to go over from last episode, many things in this game are considered family wide or character bound. Contribution points are family wide and are never consumed, they’re just invested into whatever you spend them on and can be returned at any time to your overall pool by returning whatever you purchased. Energy is also family wide for maximum energy but each character has their own independant usage of this. So you can have 10 characters all with 350 maximum energy and spend it seperately. Most of the gear in BDO has no restrictions beside weapons being class restricted. There are no levels required to equip items. This means you can take your gear from your main character and put it on your new character making power leveling it super easy, aside from having to replace weapons. Though some classes share sub-weapons and main hands.

Having said that, some gear is better suited for a certain class, example being high defensive builds or evasion based builds v pure damage. Also grinding spots are not limited usually by your levels, they’re limited by your gear. Of course lower levels this is way less so and you’re better off following the quest line to find where to kill things but once you hit 50 you have a bunch of options where you can go based on your AP which you will see on your character sheet. Focus on Awakened AP > AP > DP in terms of your gear progression but of course don’t neglect your DP too hard or you’ll start getting hurt a lot. Don’t invest in expensive crystals yet as they’re the only things you lose on death to mobs.

After you hit level 50, I suggest going to the leveling guide I’ll put in the description and looking for spots relevant for your AP. One last point, as a new player you’re going to have limited inventory space, limited storage space and have a bunch of items flying all over your face which you have absolutely fucking no idea what to do with. Hover over every item, if it says “marketplace information” at the top , keep it. Find somewhere and put it there. If it says event, keep it. If it says just a silver value, sell it. As you kill monsters they’ll drop stackable junk items, we call it trash loot. Some trash loot has just a vendor price, other trash loot you can turn in at an npc for extra money than what you would get if you just vendor it.

Right click the item and it’ll mark where the npc is. If all else fails, BDDatabase or BDOcodex I’ll leave a link to each in the description will be your savior if you get stuck with an item and don’t know what it’s for while you’re waiting for my next videos. I’m going to include into this episode all of the class related discord servers so that I don’t have to specifically go over which gear is best to purchase or enhance as it’s different between classes and a HUGE topic which would be an episode each class easily.

They usually have great guides for what skills to get first, combos and what gear to prioritize in which order. I highly suggest checking them out. I realise these first few episodes are quite devoid of useful stuff for anyone other than completely new players but that’s exatly what I said these guides were going to be. I’ll be releasing another episode in the next few days from when this goes up going over everything CP related, from housing, crafting stations, farms, workers, nodes and more. The episode after that I’ll do enhancing. I’m trying to keep each episode focued on the subjects stated and in small chunks so it’s easy to find and digest the content. That’s it for this one guys, as always I’ve been Kira and hopefully you’ve found this helpful. Please subscribe, hit the notification bell do I even have one of those? I have no idea, I hear people say it and it sounds cool so I don’t want to be left out. Drop a like, consider sharing the video, check out my other content and I hope to see you on the next one.


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