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Is the Main Quest Line in Black Desert Online Worth Repeating in 2019?


Hey guys and welcome to my video on the level 1 through 50 main questline in black desert online and if it?s worth doing. Simply put, yes, it very much is worth doing, however, depending on your goals, it may very well be a waste of your time, that’s what this video is all about. My main reason for making this video is because it is asked by pretty much any new player if it is worth the first time playthrough and by more experienced players that want to know if it is worth the time on their alts. With the questline seeing a complete revamp recently it seemed like the perfect time to come out with the hard numbers on silver & contribution per hour as well as how many skill points and inventory slots you will also be receiving for time spent. First, let’s go over some things real quick. I did this test more as a test for alt characters and if it is worth doing the main questline on different characters, so I did this with a fresh sorceress, however, with a full set of free hand me down gear that you can get from a single main class that has gone through the story quests once before along with a Tier 5 courser horse.

This is a very basic setup for anyone that has played the game on at least one character before that you will want to use, especially for classes like the sorceress that have a very hard time hitting monsters as a fresh level 1. Now, if you are a brand new player it doesn?t really matter because you aren?t racing through the story your first time through and you will be obtaining this stuff by doing the questlines anyway. You can obviously go more all out if you wanted, however, it just really isn?t needed as the free quest gear is more than enough to handle all level 1 to 50 content. As a sorceress, I was one-shotting red and purple named mobs at level 47 and never had any missed attacks so again the free gear is more than enough ap as well as accuracy. Moving on to some other quick disclaimers, I did purely the questline that the black spirit gives you.

I untracked all other quests and only picked up the quests that progress the story, however, I do count all quests that the black spirit offers you to a fresh character as a part of the main story questline. These are quests that the black spirit gives you to upgrade your weapons and armor that you get from the main questline or other things that don?t exactly progress the story of the game but are in fact given to you at specific points in the main questline as little bonuses. The inventory quests are apart of this category so no debating, I?m including them. This also means I do absolutely no monster killing outside of what is needed for the main questline. This is to avoid item drops, skill points, and experience that aren?t part of the questline from being included in my results. If you are a brand new player, you may need to stick around some of the quest spots to gain a few extra levels as even though if you kill only what is needed for the quests you will end up at level 50 but you most likely will not have the accuracy to efficiently kill the mobs you fight around levels 45 to 50 so you will want to actually over level those grind spots.

Finally I did want to mention that I was going to try to just keep everything I got in my inventory including all trash drops and inventory expanders and stuff just so I could show everything off in its physical form but after I got to Calpheon I had no space and had to use my expanders and sell off all the trash loot but it has 0 effects on the results anyway. So just as an overview of the disclaimers, this is on a fresh sorceress with a full set of free hand me down quest gear and a tier 5 courser horse. I do only the main story quests and do no extra monster killing.

This is purely how much time does it take to efficiently do the main story and what is everything you get for it, ignoring everything else. Oh, I guess one last quick note. I picked the first questline when you have to choose which story path to take in Heidel. I recommend everyone pick this option as it gives the most skill points that are not affected by the skill point soft cap and it only takes a little longer than the shortest story path which won?t even matter when you see the results anyways. Choose the first path!.

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