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Mysteries of Summer – Part 9 – Soul – *Not* Full Guide And “Review”


What’s up guys, mysteries of summer questline continued on the 31st of July patch with the most recent installment. The 9th and new quest is called “Soul” and today’s video is going to be all about that. Just an FYI the questline isn’t finished as of yet and it has actually been disabled by the developers, so you can use this guide to prepare to catch up to where we left off and have a chance to win the grand prizes aswell as get the unique title and all that jazz when it starts back up with the fixes. I’m going to structure this video as follows, the complete guide on how to do everything first, it will be more talking about and showing you the locations but not with the quest being completed as I forgot to record some of the steps, though you’ll still have all the information you’ll need to progress and then after that I want to talk about the event as a whole and what has been happening, why it has been temporarily disabled and what Pearl Abyss needs to hear.

So if the video is quite long never fear, if you’re just here for a quick guide then the first few minutes will be what you want and then hopefully you’ll stick around for a discussion about the issues the event has and what it does well. Materials you’ll need throughout the video in total, gather these before you begin. 1 grape – purchase on marketplace or gather. 1 high quality wine from any cook npc 1 100g gold bar, 10 million silver from any banker npc 50 spirit leaf, 50 monk’s branch, 50 bloody tree knot, 50 red tree lump and 50 wiseman’s blood – can all be purchased on marketplace. shabby shovels to dig in the desert with, bought from material vendor npcs, also water and tea to travel the desert with very briefly. I suggest a few hundred shovels just to be safe. Okay so, to start you’re going to need to have completed all 8 previous stages of the mysteries of summer which you can find a ton of guides about online, I’ll put a link in the description if I can find a good one for you all. This is a perfect time to catch up since as I said the soul is currently disabled.

After that you’re going to want to go to Bartali Farm located in Balenos, just south of Velia and speak to Emmaa Bartali, pay her some energy and she will give you knowledge called Emma’s never-ending nightmare. Right after this go slightly north and you’ll see a crypt built into the hillside, this has a skeleton all the way in the back next to the table that you can interact with and it will give the knowledge Olivia Bartali’s remains, talk to your black spirit and get the quest Tears of Blood from your suggested quest tab, go back to emma bartali and hand in the quest tears of blood, talk to your black spirit again and get thee quest Forgotten Bartali from the suggested tab again. Go to the inn at velia, purchase High Quality Wine from the cook NPC and speak to Islin Bartali right next to the cook npc, click the option offer a drink and give her the wine. Go back to Emma Bartali and hand in the quest forgotten Bartali. This will give the knowledge The Forgotten Princess.

Talk to your black spirit and get the quest Hidden Record from the suggested quest tab, speak to Emma Bartali again and give her a Grape. Go to Calpheon city and enter this building here, you can use the search bar in the top right to search for Milano Belluci to find specifically where this is, there is a bookcase just inside the doorway, interact with this and you’ll find the book Forbidden Love. Speak to the tavern owner and ask to buy the book, she will require a 100g gold bar which is 10 million silver, hand it over and you get the book. Go back to Velia and speak to Eileen to complete the Hidden Record quest. Speak to her again to get Eileen’s Help quest, go to Glish and speak to Freharau, the alchemy NPC. He tells you to return to Eileen and hand in the quest, she gives you the next part called Materials for Memory.

This requires you to mix a potion called Elixir of Old Memory, it requires 50 spirit leaf, 50 monk’s branch, 50 bloody tree knot, 50 red tree lump and 50 wiseman’s blood. Once you have the potion give it to Eileen and complete the quest, next chapter she gives you is called Back in Time. Search for Igor Bartali and head to Olvia city, right infront and slightly to the right of him there will be an invisible memory you interact with, head back to Eileen and hand in the quest to then get Traces of Forbidden Love.

Head back to Olvia and climb up on the back of the guild house building and head to this spot and interact again with the invisible graffiti, to do this you may need some jump height gear or elixirs. I used a party soaring wings elixir and the vegetable food with a pearl shop costumes jump heigh bonus and it was fine. Then head to calpheon city, behind the main meeting hall on this section here and do the same. Back to Eileen and turn in the quest, the next part she gives you is Root of Aspiration, buy some shabby shovels and head to this location in the desert, right next to the northern entrance or exit to Muiquun , the red pk city, easiest way to find this is just leave out of sand grain bazzar and head east south east, make sure not to follow the mountain side further south once you hit fogans and eventually you’ll either hit the town or the jail, if you hit the jail just follow the mountainside back west and you’ll find the spot. Dig in this location and get the Key of Aspiration. Head back to eileen and hand it in, you are now looking for the key of truth, this is the end of where we have reached.

Anyone who passed this section did so either by complete accident which was entirely unintended or by using an exploit, which is why the event is paused. Now let’s have a talk about how everything went with the event so far and my thoughts and feelings after having followed along for both years as a front runner and contributed to the event community for both events. First off this is in my opinion some of the best content in an MMORPG for me, the actual idea behind the mysteries event, a world wide scavenger hunt is really appealing to me. It’s something in my opinion, mmorpgs of today lack heavily and that is surprise and mystery.

In the age of datamining and public test realms, there’s very little we don’t know about ahead of time. It also is a driving community event, everyone across the world is working together, sharing information as and when they find it, communicating across all regions using pictures and sharing things they have tried and tested. It’s just a great idea and something I’d love to see them do more often. Onto this years event, first off it’s an extreme disappointment of how lazy they appear to have beeen this time.

Last year’s was an event that spanned multiple weeks, had 8 stages with only 1 or 2 being very short. Of course it had it’s own problems but this year, we have 1 stage, that all in all wouldn’t have been very long had they have done it properly. What do I mean by properly? Well it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth when they announce an event as a race, and then yet again it not be a race.

It’s just hint gated, the first three quarters of the event was fine and logically made sense to find the solutions and once we got to the key of truth it just turned into last year’s event, totally gated beehind the developers giving us further information. Which isn’t a race at all and totally ruins the premise of the competition. Admittedly the first 3/4 of this soul event was totally way too easy, with thousands of peoplee searching for it, just by happenstance people would eventually find most places if they were a simple, be on the quest and interact with this area or npc, that’s a fact.

The issues is, there’s ways we saw in last years 8 stages that could have made it impossible to dicover by chance, but have actual ways to logically get to the conclusion. With this year’s event being 1/8th roughly the size of last year’s quest line, I’d have thought they would have put as much timee into it, having learned what went wrong and what people hated last year and made it ultimately better. Unfortunately it still suffers from the same issues that it did the year before. Hint gating a competition is one of the more frustrating experiences possible. I streamed the event for a little while as I was testing out ideas and theories, going over every shread of information we had for each of the keys, which were the areas we have been stuck on for over a day each and what I found was this.

After they revealed the hint that said the key of aspiration was in the desert I had it confirmed to me that this was just going to be a repeat of last year with solutions that no right minded person would ever come to. The thing I’ve said both years is this. The developers are not rocket scientiests, they’re not at a level of intelligence beyond their entire combined playerbase. If we as a community who have played in this world for combined thousands of hours cannot solve a quest via hints, contextual hints and whatever quest text that they have designed to for us to solve, it is definitely hint-gated soo we don’t solve it too quickly. There was almost nothing to tie that key to the desert, I’m not going to get into the actual theorycrafting behind why I say this in the video as it’s too long but unless I’m a complete idiot and missed some link that someone can point out, it’s just another case of the same thing they did last year.

It’s totally against the spirit of competition. If you can’t solve it via brains and logic, then you’re just wasting your time as me and many others did since patch day wednesday, just sitting here thinking through every single connection, running all over the world wasting our time interacting with everything. Because people will just sit and wait for the next day’s hint and then it becomes a case of who solves the last hint which is usually super easy and has the fastest route to turn in. That’s it. The competition which should span over the course of days or weeks and be a matter of dedication, intelligence and wits comes down to one final hint-gated quest where everyone will solve it within the same hour due to developers help. They had the same issue last year and it’s even worse this time around as it’s so much shorter than before. I don’t even play BDO actively anymore and I’ve hardly logged out since Wednesday due to being so excited and enthralled by the content up until I realised it was impossible to proceed. At that point I logged out prior to them announcing the pause to the content and fully intended not to log back in again until it was all solved aand just get the rewards and title.

I know Pearl Abyss will never watch this and it’s almost as if their foreign community doesn’t exist or get an opinion but I really do wish they would make more content like this as a year round thing, maybe without such high tier prizes but with more thought and effort put into it. The fact that the quests last year forced us all around the world, to every single area of the map, all over in the oceans in every cave most people never even knew existed, was amazing. I saw and learned more about the game world than I did in 2 years previous to that in just a few weeks, I saw how amazing this game world is and all the care and attention they put into it even in places most will never see.

That is awesome and it just gets totally ruined by the way the company executes it. Honestly this year’s questline feels so shallow and wasted compared to what it could have been and as I said earlier, if it’s so short how did they not manage to get it right this time. There’s absolutely no excuse for this year’s event to be so poorly managed and designed.

Even down to the rewards, last year had cash prizes such as grand prize being an expensive computer, this year is a virtual currency that costs the company literally nothing besides opportunity cost of you as a player spending that money if they didn’t give it to you plus the mount of course which also costs nothing for them. It just screams that they phoned in this event, like they knew we enjoyed last year’s and instead of putting time, effort and thought into it just threw it together last minute to give people a reason to log on this summer. They even had unique titles for each position 1 to 10 last year also and hundreds of million of silver rewards in total, this year we get 1 accessory box and a 70 failstack with a title for everyboy and that’s it. Honestly I love this content guys but fuck everything about hint and time gating a competition. If this event was honest and designed well, it would have been solved in a couple of days, with some clever small groups of front runners ahead of the quest line by 3-4 quests and information leaked out afterwards when their friends had claimed the prizes.

It just reeks of Pearl Abyss not wanting it solved too quickly because they can’t design thought provoking content that isn’t super easy and so they gate everyone behind impossible to glean information and make it artifically last longer than it needed to. Some 300IQ lore master should have complete this questline in the first 2 days and that would have been fair, he would have deserved the grand prize. This hint gate, thousands of people on the lastt stage together is fucking pointless. It’s not a competition at that point it’s just another RNG fest that adds on to the RNG fest that is black desert online. I know this is a very negative take on things and as I said, I do love the idea of this content but the whole event is just Pearl Abyss all over.

The ideas are amazing and thought provoking and the execution is beyond abysmal. The entire of BDO suffers from this and the Mysteries of Summer event is black desert online’s game design in a nutshell, such a waste of potential. Thanks for watching guys, new videos coming up as always. Leave a comment on what you think of the event so far, what you think they’ll do as a recovery from this and if you agree or disagree with me here. Before I go I want to say thank you and shout out to my boy Seal Boss for the additional support via youtube membership subscription.

Thanks brother, I’ll see you all on the next one, PEACE..

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