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What is up guys, it’s Kira here and we’re back with another one. This is just going to be a quick guide on the Water Festival event that just started, so let’s get it. Before you head to the event area you’re going to want to gather the materials you’ll need for the daily quests. This is usable scantling, made from chopping logs in the processing tab. Cotton fabric, made from heating cotton into cotton yarn and then grinding into cotton fabric. And empty bottles, purchased from a material vendor which you can find by pressing search in the top right of your screen and typing material then left clicking the closest one.

The scantling and fabric can be purchased on the market if they’re in stock. Per day you’ll need 1 usable scantling, 5 cotton fabric and 16 bottles. I just grabbed 20 scantling, 500 bottles and 200 cotton fabric to be safe but you’ll not need that many. First off you’re going to want to head to Terrmian Beach, make sure to go into settings and enable this option, Hide Other Adventurers for this as there’s a lot of people here and it’s laggy as fuck. Once you arrive just run around and collect all the quests you can see, there should be 10 daily quests and 2 limited quests. I’ll go through the limited quests first, Popular love boat requires you to head south east, and gather some flowers from the ground, they are marked if you track the quest but here they are.

While here kill 5 hummingbirds with any combat skills for the quest Uninvited Guests. After you have the flowers, return to Anya at the beach and give her the flowers. She will then complete the quest and give you a 7 day fishing boat skin called Springtide rowboat decoration. She then unlocks another quest that gives you another 7 day boat skin called Springtide Fishing boat decoration. Just head slightly north west from where she is to the boat in the water and press use, then head back to her and turn in the quest. Next up is Be My friend. As soon as you pick up this quest, speak to the elephant jumping in the water next to you and then turn in the quest. This unlocks the Professional Advice quest, just run back over to Anya on the beach and speak to her. She then gives you the quest Looks like a baby elephant which you’ll have to come back to later, this requires you to give 50 traces of festival to Anya and I assume this unlocks the last limited quest, A Gift for Haro which awards the Elephant fountain decoration item for your house.

Onto the daily quests the rewards are shown here. They’re all relatively easy to do and if you’re looking for some easy contribution exp just blast through them all each day and if not there’s only a few that give any meaningful rewards. Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival, move to the boat west of where you get the quest, sit on the boat using q hotkey by default and press F5 to Eavesdrop, get off the boat and turn in the quest.

Best of Luck, interact with the villager child right next to where you accept the quest to throw water over them. Don’t catch a cold hand in 5 cotton fabric to anya, this completes the quest. Fill up the pots, gather 15 sea water by interacting with the empty bottles in your inventory when standing in the sea. Afterwards go to each pot marked on your map and interact with them and turn in the quest. How to make Ellie Happy, interact with ellie the elephant in the pool located in the center of the beach. Uninvited guests , kill the 5 hummingbirds outside the beach area to the south east.

Festive water fight, interact with the child next to the quest giver. Catching petals , head north east from the quest giver and interact with the falling petals. Cleaning up the mess, swim into the water and interact with the floating debris, head back to the shore east and turn in the quest . Matchlock shooting water, hand over 1 usable scantling and you’ll get back an event soaked timber square, save up 10 of these to recieve a bobble bobble matchlock. As a quick aside, most of the stuff you need to interact with you won’t be able to actually fucking see, due to the mass of tents all over the place that you can’t hide. So you’ll mostly be using the minimap to spot the little yellow circles for quest objectives. Of these quests, three give you an Ellie’s small water balloon, this item has 10 durability, 1 durability consumed per use and it’s the only way you can damage the balloon event boss.

This item cannot be repaired. You can kill this boss as many times as you want each day so long as you have durability and you can get loot for hitting it only once. It also appears to be able to drop multiple items off the loot table but hasn’t happened to me. I suggest using the international hunters assossication discord balloons channel to find balloons to kill, I’ll put the discord link in the description of this video. The balloon seems to have three spawn locations at the beach and can spawn in any of them, sometimes having multiple balloons up at once.If you want to kill it multiple times per day I’d wait for more than a couple of people to start because with 3 of us it took over 1 balloon’s durability each…The loot seems extremely hit or miss, considering you can do this up to 30 times per day though it’s not bad at all.

I’ve done it 4 times so far, the best being 3 sharps and the worst being a single trace of festival item. This is the loot one of the people on the balloon discord got and I’d say that’s pretty worth. Other than the above things, fishing at the river in heidel next to storage or at Termmian beach itself has a high chance to give you Pearl Mullet which is a stackable fish that vendors for 500k silver each.

I suggest not using any kind of float and as high of a balenos rod as you can get for afk fishing. I won’t talk about active fishing as I don’t do that. Fishing yesterday overnight at the beach with +10 balenos rod , + 5 fishing skill and a tier 2 penguin I got 60-70 mullets and 8 ancient relic crystals, plus 2 million silver of fish, meaning close to 40 million silver overnight. That’s it for this one guys, as always I’ve been Kira and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video.

If there’s some kind of demand for this kind of content I’ll be sure to make more in the future , so let me know! Please subscribe for future content, check out the rest of my channel, consider liking and sharing this video or leaving a comment. As always I’ll see you on the next one, peace..

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