Hey, I created a Global Level/Farming/Silverhour Map together with some streamers/twitch viewers.
Since the other maps in the internet are only for specific regions our oudated.

AP/DP chart based on 3 different sourced + own opinion based on awakening Ap in valencia. And Non awakening AP in the other regions.

Thx at twitch.tv/h_a_s_s for help/opinions/discussions.


Map and Data has been revamped and updated! 13. August. 2018

“Not Yet Released” Spots added (tested on Test Server)



1.All the results, collected Data are based on Average player stats (described below) and Pets (described below). If some elitics tryhard players can get more with lootscrolls and perfect rotation, than thats fine. 

2. The map and the data is released and made for average player who want to tryout spots/grind a bit during weekends with an Relaxing grindspeed. No perfect rotations, no permanent speedbuffs, no crazy buff-foods.

3. The Level and AP recommendations are class based, but overall i choosed the average recommendations from user tests, my own tests and several other opinions.

4. The trashloot per hour data sheet is the “goal” you should aim for when u have the AP/Level recommendations i listed in the map. 

5. Test Char/Date: The test was done on a Levle 61 Witch on EU Life Server at 08th August 2018, 09th August 2018, 10th August 2018 without Kamablessing, Lootscrolls or other Buffs that modify the trashloot/hour results.

6. Test Gear: The test was done with a Tri Kutum and at ~200 Ap [Cause that is reachable for the average player](Monsters under “Mediah” Categorie and the some spots in “Kamasylvia” has an AP cap, that means i could have 3000 AP and doesnt have increased clearspeed.

Spots with an AP cap:
-All Monsters in “Mediah”
-Polly Shrooms

7. Test Pets: The test was done with 5 Pets (T3,T3,T4,T4,T4)With the speed setting: “Normal” cause not every player has the fastes pets, and if players would have only t2 or t3 pets they can have similar speed if they choose the “Fast” looting option.

8. Advanced Test Data: 
-The test was done with 5 castspeed, 5 movement speed and 5 crit Stats
-The following stats where also applied:
[*]Accuracy 247
[*]Awakening AP 199~210 (204)
[*] Extra AP Against Monsters 58 (Kutum + Mainhand)
[*]Bonus Awakening AP 40(renown)
[*]Hidden AP 15(Gems)
[*]5 Luck

-The following buffs where applied:
[*]Value Pack
[*]Simple Cron Meal


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