Nova Awakening Teaser, Free Pet Valencia MQ, New Boss Summon Scroll [Global Lab Update 24 Dec 2020]


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Okay, first update now on Global Lab server. We can create new class Nova and, as you see, this is my Nova at Global Lab and in this Global Lab, we just got updated to hide her shield as her sub weapon, because If you playing Nova character, you will always see her sub weapon covered her Body and in future we can turn off her shield by pressing this button and, as you see her shield already hide. But if you enter combat mode, her shield will appear and when you press tab to un sheath her weapon, this sub weapon will disappear. So this is good update for her appearance when playing Nova and also, if you play Guardian guardian, also have sub weapon as her shield, and this feature also Apply for guardian. As you see her shield already hide, and this is same as Nova when you enter battle mode, her shield will appear again and will disappear when you un sheath her weapon when using this mode and also for class balancing in this week, Global Lab update. We didn’t have any class balancing

They just fix some issue for Archer class and also many fix for Nova class And, as you see on the bottom of this class balancing, they already refill this Nova class awakening picture. But this is just silhouette and, as you see, this is awakening Nova using her Awakening weapon like sword saber, as I mentioned before in my previous video about winter season preparation. I also share some of awakening weapon leak for Nova, and this is how it look for her awakening weapon. This is like sword, saber, that held by one handed and if you watch my previous video about Nova gear, costume, Awakening schedule leak info. Actually in this video I already share about her awakening schedule and if I zoom in for this awakening Nova silhouette, you will see her head gear like Ranger headgear and her cloth, maybe like Mystic cloth, and I think her Awakening still wear her shield. But in this silhouette they hide her shield for clearance view for her silhouette and in front of her have some big monster. I think her Awakening is summoner class that she can summon some monster to company her combat

And if you check on your pearl shop since Nova class release, We just got new pet. This young Baphomet and I think in this picture, Is related with this new pet that just release at the same time with Nova release, but for more detail. Just wait until 6 January 2021, when this Nova awakening release on live Server. Okay, next update about item. In future, we can process this boss awaken, summon scroll to become higher tier scroll, and we need 10 pieces for each type that can be simple processing by simple Alchemy, with 1 dark parchment, And this dark parchment 1 can be obtained by daily quests, and also for This dark parchment 2. We can obtain it by weekly quest, so this is, will save our time to summon this summoned scroll because ten pieces of the summoning scroll we can summon it at once and be notice. This new summoned scroll only can be used by any character that have level 60 or higher

And also, if you use new boss summoning scroll for daily summoning scroll, it’s will got random boss between Red nose, Giath and Bheg, but for Narc, Brishka and Ronin. It will fix not random and also for weekly scroll. It will summon Muskan Dim Tree or Hexe Marie with random, but for weekly boss, Griffon and Urgon still fix. Summon and 5 player in party can get the reward when killing this summoned boss and the reward. When you’re finishing this new summoned boss, you will got reward same as 9 awakening summoned boss scroll. So this is reduced. One then normal one, but you have chance to obtain remnants of the rift from this new scroll boss.

Okay, that’s all about this new summoning scroll, Okay, next about seasonal content. In future they will add Ancient Weapons Invasion that can appear if you grinding at Mediah and Valencia region, and when you encounter this Ancient Weapons Invasion, you have chance to get time Time Filed Black Stone, Tuvala Ore, refined Magical, Black Stone, Ancient Spirit, Dust, Sharp Destruction or Protections Spirit, Stone, Ethan’s Accessory Box that you can get Tuvala accessory until DUO, enchantment level from this box and also some Enchanted Parchment for 20, 30 and 45 fail stack, some gold bar or soiled Ogre ring, and also still about seasonal content. They will add instant Quest and Tshira ruins Proty Cave Waragon Nest. Taphtar Plain is mean centaur area Basilisk, Den sulfur, mine, Pilaku, Jail, Navan, Stepe, Manshaum Forest and Forest Ronaros area, and, as always from this instant Quest, you will got some enhancing material for your Tuvala gear. Okay, next about knowledge in future, if you finish Valencia, main quest part 1, you will got new family quest to get this new pets. Scarlet Macaw

So in future, if you new player, you can get 4 pet free by doing main quest. Only and next feature update about monster. They just add some different sound for nightmare Kzarka and also just fix some issue for O’dyllita main Quest and also in future. They just revamp this world boss, Kutum area, to become have some room at this chamber, as you see. Actually I have this Scarlet sand chamber area. This is an area where Kutum world boss appear, and now they just add this new room that have some ancient device, but I still cannot interact with this device and also in another side.

They just update this 2 new room and inside this room have some area as you see in this area, but in this area didn’t have any interaction And also for another room. As you see in this area, This is same device like another room, but I still cannot interact with this device. I don’t know, maybe in the future they will add new revamp for this Kutum world boss, like they do on another world boss for nightmare, Kzarka, Blood-Stained, Nouver and stormbringer Karanda. So just wait until next week, Global Lab update for this new revamp world boss, Kutum. Okay. Next update about user interface in future, they will add new feature to Safeway point from your in-game map and you can save up to five way points using this feature, But in this week Global Lab update. They still not update this feature.

So just stay tuned for next update and next about preset skill in future they will add feature to name your preset skill by right-click this preset button. So I think this is great update. So you will not forget what preset on number one number two and another number: Okay guys! That’S all global app update for 24 December 2020. If you like this video you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching, See you next time.

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