Nova Succession & Awakening Combat Skill Analysis from Video Teaser/Trailer (Time Stamp & Subtitle)


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In my previous video I already revealed Nova succession and Nova awakening costume. And as you see, this is GM note about Nova succession and Nova awakening and at the end of this post you can watch video teaser about Nova Succession & Awakening Combat Skill and as you see on this line, Nova Succession & Awakening update will release at 6 January 2021. So if you watch my previous video about Nova Awakening Schedule Leak this is really true, Nova Awakening will release at 6, January 2021. And in this video, I will talking about her skill for her succession and her awakening skill. Okay, if you watched my previous video about Global Lab update at 24 December 2020 Pearl Abyss just release of Nova Awakening picture with its silhouette. And in this picture, you will see silhouette for Nova Awakening and this monster in front her since this picture release.

We just predict this monster is her our cunning skill pet, but this is completely wrong because as you see for her succession, Nova will gain new form of power by making a pact with Axian and this Axian actually name for this monster and as you see on this video Actually, this is Axian as you see for its horn It same like in this video and Axian is a gigantic, ghastly undead creature with wings and horns that bring that to the land of the living. So actually this monster is Undead not Khalk or something that we know before and you can only summon this Axian using her succession not her awakening, but be notice if your summon this Axian using this skill Prime King of the Dead you will sacrifice Nova HP while using this skill to summon this Axian but when this Axian already summon when you command this summoned monster Axian to attack from Sky.

It’s will recover Nova HP and SP. And as you see on this video teaser, maybe this action skill like this when recovered Nova HP and SP and the second skill is Prime Entangling Icy Thorns. I think this is the second skill because when Nova using this second skill this Axian appear in the center of her area of effect that described on this skill and for the third skill Prime Fianchetto. I think this is the skill when Nova throwing it’s Morningstar and the skill will make some monster floating in the air and went floating in the air Axian will attack on the air like descript in this website.

But sadly we cannot see Axian attack on this video because in this video all monster already die and the last skill is Prime Icy Prison. actually this skill is her ultimate skill for her succession. Actually if you play Nova you will see this skill Icy Prison and this skill also her ultimate skill. That will consume Black Spirits rage for 100% And I think in this video teaser, this is her skill. And as you see at the end of this skill Nova animation Attack is same, like this.

But in this video teaser Nova use her succession skill with 100% Black Spirits rage. Okay, that’s all for Nova succession skill with my analysis from its video teaser. Okay, Next we moving to her awakening skill and for Nova awakening, Nova will have new weapon its name is Sting and from it’s story lore this weapon is come from Thorn of Quturan Actually this is from O’dylita region and no doubt for her Awakening looks like Ahib Elf at O’dylita region and when you play Nova awakening you will have new special resource to you think her skill it’s named Star’s Breath and you can get this Star’s Breath when Nova awakening success hit her enemies during combat and be notice when you full collects Star’s Breath from hitting enemies Nova awakening skill will got enhance and making her awakening skill unleast more faster and more powerful than normal and actually this Nova awakening weapon sting.

When you switch Nova weapon, Nova will summon it’s awakening weapon Sting from her arm and from her weapon. And as you see on this video actually her right hand she using some glove. That’s why her hand have black color. And as you see when she summon her weapon in this video really clear actually her awakening weapon is her glove that can summon it’s Rapier that name Sting.

As you see when see summon it’s Rapier and this weapon Sting from her awakening. It same like weapon that used for fencing but this Sting can transform to become scythe when you using her our cunning skill and have large area of effect damage when using this skill and if you watch my previous video about winter season preparation with new class Nova, actually, I already shared about her awakening weapon leak actually in this video I show you her awakening weapon is Gauntlets Sword Scythe so her Gauntlets actually her Glove and her sword is her Sting and Scythe actually her re form for her sword and mechanic for her Awakening skill Nova awakening will have some stance.

It stance name is En Garde that will give Nova awakening incredible boost of speed. But we noticed two chance her stance to become En Garde. It will consume Star’s Breath that you can get this Star’s Breath by hitting any monster or using her skill and when entering this En Garde stance all her awakening skill also will enhance so actually these Nova awakening have faster gameplay then her succession in this website they also reveal 4 skill for her awakening skill. Okay, First skill is Royal Fencing Remise. And I think this is her Skill Remise that attack monster with quick and accurate strike of Sting. And the second skill is Comet Nova will point sting forward and dash in the direction to strike the enemy like in this video. So I think this skill is good for her movement approaching her enemies and start using another skill for her combo like in this video and the third skill is Starfall.

I think this skill animation is this where Nova Create countless blades of light and shoot them forward to deal astronomical damage and the last skill is Star’s Ring and in this skill animation Nova will reform her sting to become scythe, and will swinging the scythe around 3 times then throwing it like in this video but in this clip, this is when Nova didn’t use her Black Spirit rage and the Star’s Ring skill actually her ultimate awakening skill that will consume Black Spirits rage and make some animation like in this video and when Nova using this Star’s Ring skill All Enemies around her throwing scythe will unable to move. So actually this is good skill to immobilize Nova Target.

Okay, that’s all 4 skill for her awakening. Actually I am very amazed for Pearl Abyss work for this Nova class even they already give some clue to us all our guess is beyond our imagination and at the end of this video I will show you full video teaser for Nova succession and Nova awakening Skill, okay guys, let’s all about Nova Succession & Awakening Skill analysis form me and just prepare her Succession & Awakening that will release at 6 January 2021. If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching. See you next time..

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