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What’s up guys, Anders here with another Black Desert video, today we are going to go over the patch notes for this week on PC, Console, and Global Labs test server. But before we do that I want to thank the supporters of this channel, you guys help keep these videos going, so thank you so much for the support. If you want to help you can do so by subscribing to the channel if you haven’t already, liking or disliking this video, and hitting that bell icon. Bell is good. So please ding the bell to get notified when I upload my next video. This week on PC we received two new guild positions, the Advisor and the Cannoneer ranks. Cannoneer is very similar to Quartermaster and seems to to be just an indicator of the specialized role.

The Advisor can only be assigned to one member in the guild and has almost the same amount of powers as the Guild Master. The main thing that they get is the ability to Command to Gather and renew/assign contracts and promotions to other ranks which allows them to effectively run the guild without the need for the Guild Master to do everything. This is a great change, but it still does not restrict the old Officer powers. What they should have done is allow Quartermasters to do Guild Missions, but not declare war for example. Thus allowing you to give out Guild Mission power to a lot more people in the guild without the issue of having a renegade delete the entire member list and or start needles wars. Regardless, this is a step in the right direction, so hopefully we see more changes down the road. They added a Sell All Junk items button for when you speak to vendors. It works well, but sometimes sells things that are not exactly junk items, so there still needs to be some tweaking. Being able to highlight which items are Junk Items in your storage would also be useful.

We also received Hexe Marie as a Dark Rift, bringing up the total number of Rifts to 13. They have a note saying that the new event Rift will not spawn if you already have the maximum of 12 rifts, but that is not true. I get 13 rifts on my Returning account and the test server, so don’t worry if you have 12 rifts already, just another example of how little Kakao wants to or is capable of testing patches before they publish them. I do suggest you do this event rift at least as soon as it spawns since it has a faster respawn timer.

We also have the Collect Autumn Leaves event that drops these items that only server the purpose to give you a bit more silver. 50k silver a piece. They are not used for anything else. In the Pearl Shop we received the Halloween Mystery Box bundles. This is a good time to order the Skeletal Horse Set on the Central Market since a lot of people will be getting it, so you’ll have a chance to get it for ingame silver rather than real money. We also have a New Life Pac k which is good value if you wanted to buy Weight at a discount with some inventory. The 300 Weight item is good if you need to extend you maximum capacity on your main Lifeskiller.

We also received the old Halloween outfits, with no new classes included unfortunately. We are still missing the two other sets from previous years, so maybe next week and then with any luck in 2 weeks we can see a new outfit for Halloween that includes newer classes in the mix. Don;t forget to pick up the 2 daily Halloween bundles for 100 silver each. Nice value and on the weekend we get three extra bundles for 100 silver as well, so keep an eye out for those. Now as for Korea, they received the Sea Monster furniture items that I went over in my Test Server notes last week, they received the Grana Cow Ranch area for milking cows. The new Aakman elite mob and Hystria Alert system that Kratuga currently has. Valencia Gatekeepers now get notice when they spawn and they are now stronger dropping better loot.

Basilisk elite duo content has been buffed to be affected by Loot Scrolls, this is something we don’t yet have in global versions of the game. And Balenos Main story has changed. That’s pretty much it for Korea. Lackluster patch like we had this week, so expect the same for next week. Now for console friends, Succession released recently to include Ranger, Warrior, Sorceress, and Berserker. You are getting succession after the nerfs so they won’t be as strong as release but out of those 4 I would rank Sorceress Succession as the most powerful for you guys at the moment. You guys also received the new Skill UI revamp. You get used to it, I can’t even remember the old version now.

Mysterious Chests are a waste of time and only if you want to gamble badly. The big one would be Rulupee Adventure Log. Didn’t know you guys were missing that. Huge for you if you do a lot of questing. The 5k gives 100 advice of Valks as well. The next one you’ll get is 10k quests for two 100 stacks. 20k for three 100 stacks. and 30k for a yellow 30k title and a 300 stack. If you focus on it now it is very doable. Otherwise I recommend at least hitting 5k since it’s not too difficult. Rebellious crystal was added for you guys. It’s an okay crystal if you are not using HAN Hoom or Corrupted in your Offhand. The RBF map change went through for you which is an okay change, I don’t mind it as much.

The big one is the PA you get from the NPC as you respawn is now longer and has SA which will help with the getting spawn camped issue. The Griffon transport to Ilya Island is a nice addition that is only ever used as a last resort to get back to Velia or for certain questlines. The green and blue outfits were added already for you guys which is very big news and is a huge deal in my opinion. One of the best changes they’ve made so you don’t have to look like a peasant bush despite having good armors. In terms of class changes you received the Awakening buffs PC got about a month ago now, they are all very nice. Specially the Ranger cooldown reductions. And now for the Global Labs test server, the big excitement of the week. We have new addon revamps. So now every skill will have a list of all the addons available to them.

This means you can choose to have DP increase and HP on hit on all your add on skills. The rank of the add on effect seems to be skill specific with most having the effect of say DP +15 and HP +30 on hit while some skills, usually on a shorter cooldown get DP+10 and HP+20 and the skills with larger add on effects like DP +20 get HP+10 and so on. You can pause the video to see the full list of the add on skill for most of your skills. This is a great change in my opinion since it opens up you to use more skills and not worry as much about having a pool of bad addons. They also mention Awakening Rabam Skills are coming, so we should be seeing that next week. They have a line about improving grab animation, but we’ll have to wait for live servers to see if we get it and if it’s working correctly. The first of the Racing Horses was added.

The one available to us for testing is a 90% speed Tier 1 which special abilities. It felt like I was driving one of those beginner vehicles in a Forza or Gran Turismo game. Very slow in the beginning and you shift through the gears as you get faster. The horse can drift, use Quick Stop and use Fore Chop. It has a costume already outfitted and cannot have stamina and health recovered via the Stable so you’ll need to have carrots and carrot juice on you. They are also going to change the racing mechanic, but we will have to wait for it to launch in Korea to see more details on that new addition. They did now make it so you cannot use normal horses for racing anymore. Only race horses will be allowed to to compete. I couldn’t test breeding either since the horses we receive all seem to be genderless. They’ve added Ocean Karma to the game. If you are positive karma you are labeled as Navy. As you kill ships you lose Karma and if you go negative you get labeled as Pirate.

Being a pirate prevents you from using certain wharfs and repairing or resupplying your ship as well as bartering. This is a family wide karma system which means you can no longer have a red character and avoid penalties. The way you regain karma is by killing sea monsters. They’ve also added a school of Black Rusts near Port Ratt that can drop blue ship part materials. There usually is one normal Black Rust with a dozen or so smaller ones swarming your ship. I gained around 2k Ocean Karma after defeating them all. Red Battlefield now does not allow you to change gear while in the instance. There is also a point system revamp where your gear is given a point value when you enter. No one is testing on Global Labs so couldn’t test that particular addition, but it seems to be aimed to prevent someone with high gear score from entering the last minute with little consequence of death. It could mean they come in with say 500 points, so if they die the other team gains more where now you come in with 10 points and can just go in full buffed bomb people for a massive amount of points without caring too much if you’ll die in the process.

This is just speculation, but we’ll see it in action in Korea next week. Odd change regardless to be honest. Ancient Puturum Rift boss is now a higher rank than before. In some events we had some of our Rift Bosses be infused with the dark energy to give us better loot, so now it seems that will be the case permanently for Ancient Puturum. The box is pretty much the same as past events, but it guarantees you won’t get cron stones at least.

And lastly we have the Cow Ranch that just came out on Korea andis coming out for us next week getting dailies. For those of you who used this area for Farming, you won’t be able to place farms here anymore but there is an area where you can place a tent if you used this area for tent placement in the past. Before I go I want to mention our new friends over at NordVPN. NordVPN is a VPN service that is incredibly simple to use and hassle-free and works to keep your data safe. I mainly use it to watch Netflix from out countries, since you know the collection is always different depending on what country you are in and of course I use it to give me a more stable connection to BDO servers in NA and EU.

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And as always guys, thanks again for watching, thanks for listening. I’ll see you all in the next one. Take care..

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