Odyllita Launches ? Blackstar Helmet ? Fallen God ? New Grind Zones ? Worth the Wait? | Black Desert


What’s up guys, Anders here with another Black Desert video, today we are going to go over the patch for this week but before we do that I want to thank the supporters of this channel, you guys help keep these videos going, so thank you so much for the support. If you want to help you can do so by subscribing to the channel if you haven’t already, liking or disliking this video, and hitting that bell icon. Bell is good. So please ding the bell to get notified when I upload my next video. This week we have the release of O’Dyllita, the new region can be found Southwest of Drieghan.

You can start the main story questline for O’Dyllita in Velia if you are level 60 and have completed the Kamasylvia questline. I’ll do a full walkthrough video in the coming days. For events, we have the Trade with the trio event which is a challenge event. Every day you will get 3 Supply Boxes that you can hand in the NPC in Odraxxia. You choose which buff you want and then at the end of the event the NPC who received the most will give the NA and EU servers an additional buff.

So if enough people give the Item Drop Rate NPC the challenge tab dailies then we will get a 50% drop rate boost for a week starting in 2 weeks. Travel with Rulupee event requires you to be level 56 and simply travel around O’Dyllita with Rulupee. You will get a lot of Contribution EXP for completing it. Flower in the Darkness event will have you gather Delotia plants which can be found around O’Dyllita, but a lot of them can be found in the main capital as well.

Three of the Delotia flowers can be manufactured into a Delotia Flower Decoration that you then hand in to Lomin in ODraxxia for Emeracia’s Elixir Recipe. This Item combined with one of the exisiting Perfumes we have will make the Perfumes into a type that will not disappear if you die. Flower of the Burning Moon is an event that will reward you with 5 Mass of Pure Magic, a 60 Advice of Valks, and an Enhancement Help Kit II for completing the ODyllita questline. You have a month to this and it will be once per family. So if you want to repeat it on multiple characters you won’t be able to receive multiple 60 stacks. We have Odyllita Login Rewards for three weeks as well as new and returner login rewards. The Odyllita Login Rewards will give you a 70 stack, Inventory, 2 pets, Old Moon Book, Kama Blessing, and 7 day Value Pack as well as some other goodies for completing it.

Not bad. We have new pearl shop outfits, the Vediras sets for all classes including the new Hashashin class. You can buy a bundle with 30 day value pack and a few other goodies for only a little bit more than the outfit price so I do recommend if you were going to buy the outfit to buy the bundle since it’s very good value. Musa received the Royal Enforcer Outfit as well, with bundles you can buy the outfit with.

If you like to enhance the Master Enhancer bundles look pretty good and seem to be geared towards Blackstar Enhancing since they give us Flawless Magical Black Stones. The Handbok outfit is also on sale again since Chuseok just passed in Korea. Twitch Drops are active again so you can watch any streamer to get some items. 1 Hour will give you the game pass, 5 hours for a 7 day Old Moon Book, 9 hours for a level 57 Travel Kit, and every day for 30 minutes of viewing you will get 10 Cron Stones once per day, so 10 Crons a day. There is also a coupon code for some Odraxxia storage, an enhancement aid kit, and a 30 advice of Valks, so make sure to redeem it in game if you are on steam or through the website. As for the patch, we have more clues on how to get the Rich Merchant’s Ring. When a world boss spawns PVP will still be available outside of the World Boss areas. You can now enter the Pit of Undying in all regions. Musician Ranks now go up to C with quests available for promotion.

Guild Skills no longer show their cooldown on the normal UI and instead they appear in the Guild Skill tab. Caphras Record was added as a new Adventure Journal rewarding you with 500 Caphras. I’ll have a video on that in the coming days. Four new areas were added in Odyllita. Ill do Grind Briefs in the coming days. I did half an hour at the 250 area and found it very chill, but the dust drops aren’t as high as I was expecting so far. Need to test some more. Fallen God was added, you can order the Flame you need to craft it from the Central Market or grind the Turo zone for the straight drop or the embers which you need 100 of to craft the armor.

More on that in a seperate video. Blackstar Helmet was also added, you need Rift Fragment and Spectre Energy to craft it through the questline. New Awakening crystals were added. The PVE crystal drops from the 250 area and the 310 area. The PVP crystal drops from the 300 ap trio grind spot. New fish were added to Odyllita waters. They retain freshness price longer. You can now sail the waters south of Odyllita. The current maxes out at 10 which is not bad. New foods and elixirs were added, I’ll go over the details on how to craft them in a seperate video.

Hunting quests were added with a new area to hunt in Odyllita. The area drops an item needed to craft the Master Matchlock. New furniture items were added for Odyllita as well as hunting Blue Whales. Berserker, Valkyrie, Wizard, Kunoichi, Dark Knight, Striker, and Lahn all received Awakening PVP damage buffs. Hashashin received their Rabam skills and Black Spirit Rage skills. One of the Rabams allows you to teleport at a decent range behind your opponent effectively giving you another teleport or blockjump style skill but protected. The Rabam is called Mirage Assault. You’ll probably want Prophesy Blade and Mirage Assault, but need more testing. And that’s pretty much it for this patch notes for the week, we essentially received part 1 of the Odyllita region with hopefully other content like Tagging System, Orzeca outfit, and Bon Skills for Awakening coming soon. If you are below the gear level you think you need to do Odyllita grind, you can still go through the main story since it does not need a lot of combat gear to complete. Are you guys excited for the new region, will you be going for the new accessories.

Let me know in the comments. And as always guys, thanks again for watching, thanks for listening. I’ll see you all in the next one. Take care..

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