Season+ Guide Enhancing Tuvala Accessories From 0 to PEN (New Enhancement Rate, Without Cron Stone)


Hello Guys Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel This video. I want to share about guide toenhance your Tuvala accessory from zero toPEN on season plus server with new enhancement rate without Cron stone, Okay to enjoy watch. My video Make sure you turn on this video subtitle and also you can use time stamp that I already provide to go to target topic that you want And if you haven’t subscribed yet don’t forget to Like Subscribe and turn on bell notification to get any update And guide on Black Desert world? Okay: Let’s start this video content using any features that I provide. Okay, this video is continuous guideto, enhancing Tuvala from zero to PEN on season plus server with new enhancement rate withoutcron stone.

But in this video I will talking about accessory enhancement from zero to PEN on seasonplus server from 15 September 2021 maintenance update that they just released season plus server. They just increase success rate for enhancing Tuvala accessory, mostly from DUO TRI, TET, untilPEN enhancement level, and you can get this Tuvala accessory by exchange it from BlacksmithNPC. If you talk with Blacksmith NPC and go to exchange menu and just scroll down, you will findthis Tuvala accessory that you need to exchange it using 5 pieces, Tuvala ore for each pieceaccessory and before you choose any accessory that you want to enhance for first time, if You’Repreviously using accessory for main quest for your seasonal character, as you can see, for comparison for PEN Tuvala ring compared with TRI red sand crystal ring, you will get additional 4 AP and1 accuracy for this Tuvala ring and for PEN Tuvala earring compared with TRI forest eye. Earring youwill get plus 2 AP and 1 accuracy and compare PEN Tuvala Belt with TRI Rock Heart Belt. You only will get2 additional AP and the last.

If you compare PEN, Tuvala necklace with TRI Tear of the wind necklace thatyou get from main quest. You will get additional 6 AP from this PEN, Tuvala necklace, so the most impactfor this accessory come from Tuvala necklace. So I recommend you to enhance your Tuvala necklacefor the first time and following for Tuvala ring then go to earring and the last is Tuvala Belt, because if you get PEN Tuvala belt, this is will increase your AP only 2 without any differencefor accuracy and don’t forget, If you play seasonal character, you can claim and PEN Tuvala ring, whenyour seasonal character, reach level 60 and PEN Tuvala earring, when your seasonal character reachlevel 61. So you only need to enhance one piece: Tuvala ring and one piece: Tuvala earring, tocomplete your seasonal character, accessory; okay. Let’S exchange this Tuvala necklace and benoticed, don’t worry to exchange all your possible Tuvala ore to become this necklace because youcan revert it back to become Tuvala ore.

If you already get this PEN Tuvala necklace, okay, toenhance, this Tuvala accessory from 0 to PRI using 0 fail stack, you already get around 74.2 %, so you don’t need to use fail, stack to enhance it from 0 to PRI.

Okay, just enhance this accessoryusing zero fail stack as you can see even 70 %. You also still can fail. Okay, just enhance it.

Againuntil you success to get PRI without any fail stack. Okay, next from PRI to DUO, actually usingzero fail stack. You also already reached around 55 % success rate, so I didn’t recommend to use fail, stack to go to DUO, Tuvala accessory. Okay, just enhance this. As you can see, I just got fail.

Andjust, try again from PRI until you get DUO, Tuvala accessory okay start from DUO to TRI usingzero fail stack, you will get around 45 % success rate, but to make sure more, you can use 10fail stack to get more chance from this RNG. As you can see. Using 10 fail stack, you will get around55 % success rate, okay, just enhance it. As you can see, I just got this TRI Tuvala accessory okaynext from TRI to TET. Without any fail stack, you will get around 35 % success rate and I recommendyou to use 20 fail stack to enhance it until TET.

As you can see, when you using 20 fail stack. Tobecome TET, This TRI Tuvala accessory have 50 % chance to success to become TET. Okay, just enhanceit and, as you can see, I just got this TET Tuvala accessory and without using any fail stack fromTET to PEN. This is already reached around 25 % chance to success, and I recommend you to use failstack around 40, 50 or 60 depend on your needs. The more fail stack the more chance to you to success, but be noticed.

This is RNG in this sample video. I will use 60 fail stack to enhance it to becomePEN, as you can see, using 60 fail stack. I just got around 60 chance to success to become PEN accessory. Okay, just enhance it and, as you can see, I just got PEN Tuvala, necklace, okay, justuse. This Tuvala necklace and, as you can see on my inventory, have so much leftover, Tuvala necklace that I didn’t need it anymore.

Actually, you just need to open your processing window and go to heating menu and just heating all this leftover accessory and make sure you check. Thisprocess all identical item, so you don’t need to set this processing again and again after thisheating success and then just start to process it. As you can see, I just got 5 Tuvala ore from 0 Tuvala accessory that I heating, and you also can heat any Tuvala accessory, that you enhance from PRI DUO, TRI TET until PEN to get back your Tuvala ore. So don’t worry if you still have leftoveraccessory from this enhancing process. Okay!

Next, just do the same thing for next accessory andI recommend the second accessory is Tuvala ring because, as I mentioned before, Tuvala ring willgive you more impact than another accessory. That will give you additional 4 AP and 1 accuracy from accessory that you get from main quest. Okay, just exchange this Tuvala accessory rightnow and just enhance it using any recommendation that I showed you before to get this PEN Tuvala ring. And next you just need to enhance Tuvala earring because compare with Tuvala belt thisPEN Tuvala earring will give you additional 2 AP and 1 accuracy compare from accessory thatyou get from main quest and then just enhance it using any fail stack that I recommend beforeto get this Pen, Tuvala earring and the last accessory is Tuvala belt, because PEN Tuvala belt only will give you 2 additional AP compared with accessory that you get formain quest and just enhance it. Using any fail stack that I recommend before to getthis PEN Tuvala belt.

As the last accessory that you need to enhance okay, if you follow myguide continuously, you will get all PEN Tuvala gear on this rate. But if you still need resourceto get this Tuvala enhancement material, I will show you any source to get all this Tuvala enhancement material, either. Tuvala ore, refine magical, Blackstone and time filled Blackstone, inanother, video, so just stay tuned on Chris Poli channel and after you get all full PEN, fromthis Tuvala accessory. As you can see, this is my AP and my DP for my seasonal characterright now but be noticed. You can reach this AP and DP if you already complete all adventurelog that Black Desert online provide because all this adventure log will give you additional7 AP and 6 DP, and also all other status that apply for each of your character in your family and youcan.

Complete all this adventure log, I already provide all guide for this adventure. Log youcan check it for this playlist for more detail and also additional permanent 1 AP and DP fromthis barrier of infestation guide from level 1 level, 2 level, 3 level, 4 until level 5 and youcan. Do this content 1 level every week to get the final reward? 1 AP and 1 DP, plus 20 maximum HPfor all your character in your family. Even you create new character in future and you can checkall this related video in this video description.

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