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Shai – The Best New Player Class? Black Desert Online


What is up guys. So we got the Shai update yesterday, got a chance today to sit down for a few hours and play the class and thought I’d make a quick video talking about my thoughts on the class so far and the direction it looks like BDO is going in the future with this class being released. First off I only got to level 56, I feel like since the class is so simple in terms of mechanics this would be enough to give a decent impression as to the feel of the class overall in terms of day to day gameplay, so while I’d usually want to have played whatever I’m giving an opinion on for much longer, I think the Shai being the way she is that this is fine.

Immediately, in terms of animations and gameplay BDO always knocks it out of the park. What about with the Shai? 10/10 on this again, feels very unique to the class, doesn’t play like any of the other classes I’ve played personally, aesthetically looks great with the very limited moveset. I think the Shai is insanely fluid and just feels really fun. She also seems to do absolutely crazy high damage compared to what I was expecting. The only actual issue I had with her is that the attacks aren’t super good if the enemy is on a different elevation to you, but that’s just the case with most classes. I think it’s slightly more noticeable with her just purely because of how the abilities work based on judging distance. I find the fact all her abilities seem to have a fixed range actually really fun.

It seemed the more I played, the more reliable I was judging when to use each ability and doing max damage with them. The donkey mechanics I can’t say I’m a fan of in terms of limiting her to only a donkey mount for the current time. I know they said in the release patch notes that it’s only temporary but it always bothers me when games do this, it’s obviously like this to force everyone to interact with the new donkey mounts but if they just made them good enough they wouldn’t need to force people to use them…It’s just a sign that they know the content they made is going to be mostly forgotten due to it being so niche and worse than horses in every single way, at least in my opinion.

It’s of course going to be of great annoyance when you’re trying to run from spawn to spawn on a slow donkey, to the point after like level 20 I just abandoned it and sprinted everywhere. Honestly I usually want to wait at least a week or two before playing the new class in BDO just because it’s half as fast to level and extremely overpriced to get the weapons, the Shai is no exception. I luckily just smashed a random green weapon to tri super quickly and spent a few memory fragments getting a kutum up to 11 just to make it a little bit faster.

To be fair if it wasn’t for feeling like I should get a video out about the Shai I’d have just waited a week or so and bought tri boss weapons, so if you’re someone who isn’t in a rush to try out the class I’d always recommend waiting a couple weeks. Recently I got asked in the comments if the Shai would be a good starter class for a new player and I said no, before having played it because I assumed from the patch notes and every description of the class from the official bdo sources that it would be a very poor grinder. I have to say that I was extremely wrong and I think when you combine the bonus weight, the fast kill speed, ease of play and low skill point requirement…The Shai is probably the current best starter class for sure.

Add on the bonus of having professional gathering and alchemy right off the bat, that’s an immediate good way to spend your energy to generate money and a way to get started with imperial alchemy which is super easy once you know what you’re doing and can generate you a lot of profit each week. I do have a video on my channel for imperial alchemy aswell as a super easy to use spreadsheet where all the work is done for you, so you can feel free to check that out if you like. One last thing to say about the actual class before we move on to something else, I think it’s actually a great step in the direction of welcoming newer players with this class. It’s super simple to play, unlike most the other classes and while it may end up having some very complex gameplay later on, it’s just super easy to grind with it as it stands right now. BDO is a game that is quite hard to get into as a new player especially once you look up your class to see what you’re doing wrong in terms of skill usage and find that most classes require months of practice to grind efficiently on.

The Shai doesn’t feel that way at all and that’s definitely a good thing. Not everything has to be mega complicated and I think with the way the class works in pvp, having highly reduced damage, allows them to balance this easy gameplay in PvE while not allowing people to come in destroying people with an easy mode class. So in terms of content that came with the Shai patch we didn’t really get anything noteworthy to talk about but in terms of what the Shai means for the game I think it’s a step in the right direction.

I have talked about this a little bit in multiple other videos and so if you are someone who has watched most my stuff some of this video you’ll have heard in different words before but since it’s super relevant to the topic I’ll be going over it again anyways. One of I think three major complains about Black Desert Online as a game, from both people who play and people who refuse to play has always been how much of a single player game it is for the vast majority of the game. This is completely undeniable and group gameplay is usually hundreds of hours into your black desert life, even then it’s so restricted that really all you have is the end game pvp and 2 or 3 grinding spots, both of those things you have to have quite a high level of gear to even participate in.

So with the release of the Shai and the June Keynote, it’s pretty obvious that the devs are finally understanding this. They’ve buffed one of the 2 end-game grinding spots recently with the activation times at Gyfin, they’ve added a purely support class in the Shai and they mentioned other upcoming group content directly. As it stands right now they have a pretty good opportunity with the foundation of BDO and the fanbase the game already has to make it into a game that appeals to even more people. I think we all know the game won’t ever compete with most themepark mmorpgs in terms of group content and I don’t really think it needs to. I just hope with what they have shown recently, this is one of the ideas they continue with and improve upon. One last thing I want to talk about which I believe is relevant to the Shai. While I think the donkey mechanic kind of missed the mark, I think overall the class does a lot of positive things to the game as I talked about a little bit earlier.

The fact they’re branching out into alternate player models and adding in classes that have new, unique features, either in combat or in casual or lifeskilling play is a great sign. BDO has a crazy immersive world and a lot of depth to a large number of systems as we all know. I can’t wait to see what they do with other unique classes and hopefully they’re things that have a bit more of a profound impact on gameplay other than just some novelty donkey abilities that kind of won’t get used a lot, at least in my opinion. The Shai just exisiting isn’t really new content in my eyes or a reason to full time return to BDO gameplay and content, but it’s a step in the right direction for sure. I enjoyed the class more than I thought I would and if I were to return I’d definitely consider making her my main.

As it stands though, it’s promising in terms of where it looks like they’re focusing but we’ll have to wait and see what content they actually release alongside the Shai to make the group focused supporty nature of the class stand out. If it’s just purely going to be release Shai and leave it as a purely pvp focused support class and not release more group based content from bottom to top, I think that’s a hugely wasted opportunity. All in all, they’ve definitely released a ton of new content over the past month or so, with more planned in the very near future. I think despite what your opinion is on black desert as a game, their business practices or whatever else it may be…It’s pretty hard to deny that they release an absolute metric ton of content for the game each year and they obviously support the game really well.

So with all that being said, enjoy the class guys and I’ll be sure to check out what they have coming up next. Thanks very much for watching guys and I’ll see you on the next one. PEACE..

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