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Hello and welcome to Megxx Gaming Channel ! My name is Megxx and today i want to present my Starter Guide to you. This guide is aimed at all newcomers and returnees and based on my personal experience in the game Black Desert Online. There are of course many different ways to play Black Desert and therefore I only speak about my personal recommendations. If you have suggestions or just want to give feedback just leave a message below the video, i would be happy in any case. Well, lets start off: Questing, Leveling and Grinding ! So we start in Olvia and take the tutorial quest at first, which then merges into the main questline of the Black Spirit. We follow this Black Spirit Quest through the country of Olvia to Velia in Balenos to Heidel and Glish in Serendia, to the capital Calpheon and then on to Trent in Calpheon.

From there, it goes on to Mediah, to Valencia and then to Kamasilve. It is important that you complete all the main quests of the Black Spirit because one is thus brought slowly to the game and you will also receive meaningful and great rewards, among others, there is experience, inventory expansion slots, additional energy, contribution points exp and many other useful items. But you should still make sure that you regularly kill monsters because you can make good silver and you also get the important talent points that you need for skilling of your skill tree. Well, when we have reached Level 49 we must complete a Black Spirit Quest in order to ascend to level 50th. When we have done this successfully it continues as usual. The Black Spirit will now send you to the next country where you get the next quests. The fastest way to level in BDO is still killing monsters, so who does not like questing should do that. My recommendation here: Complete all main quests of the Black Spirit and kill monsters incidentally, so you have a good middle way between rewards and leveling relatively quickly at the same time .

Equipment ! In Black Desert Online, there is a lot of equipment that can be used and is divided into five categories. The first category is the Main Hand Weapon. Here you should make sure that you have a main hand weapon which gives you a lot of attack power and accuracy, because attack power increases your damage and accuracy determines how often you hit monsters and should always be the preferred secondary value at leveling and grinding. My recommendation: Get a main hand weapon with much attack power and accuracy, personally i would prefer the Rosar Weapon at first, because it has two slots for stones, attack power and accuracy.

The second category is the Off-Hand Weapon.Like the main hand weapon, the Off-Hand Weapon should have attack power and accuracy too. Because the Off-Hand Weapons are restricted to different classes in Black Desert online, you should look precisely which Off-Hand Weapon you can use with your class. I can give no recommendation here because the Off-Hand Weapons for most classes are different. The third category is the Awakening Weapon. At level 56 you obtain a quest by the Black Spirit. You have to complete these quests to get a blue and a +10 green Awakening Weapon. Here you have to choose what weapon you want to use in the future. My recommendation would be to choose the green weapon, because it is much cheaper and easier to upgrade, the vendor can be found in Altinova and is called Tulem. Although the blue weapon has more attack power it costs correspondingly more, so it pays not to favor the blue awakening weapon from my point of view. The fourth category is the Armor ! About armor, there is not much to note except that it should have two slots for stones.

Basically you can take any armor at the beginning but should switch to a more optimal armor later. My recommendation would be Grunil armor, because it is a very good all-round armor which has two slots and also provides attack power and life as a set bonus. An interesting alternative would be a mixture of Grunil and Heve armor of strength because you get the best bonuses from both sets. The fifth category is the accessories! Here also is not much to note, as up to level 35 you are independent on jewelry and also get it through the main questline of the Black Spirit or loot from monsters.

Once you arrive in Calpheon city, you can purchase accessories from the merchants. Of course it is also possible to buy accessories directly from the marketplace. In the case you want to get accessories from the marketplace before Level 35, I would recommend the Red Coral Ring and Mesto Earring, otherwise the set from the accessories merchant in Calpheon. I recommend to look at the tables about the equipment that I have linked under the video. It may help the one or the other. If there are suggestions, write me your feedback under the video.

Enchant Reform Upgrade ! In Black Desert Online you can improve the equipment in two different ways. The first possibility is the upgrading of the degree of the equipment, which means that one can change the color of certain equipment and thereby improve the properties of the piece. So from green to blue from blue to gold. To increase the level of equipment you use a Ultimate Reform stone for weapons or armor. So, how do you get such a reform stone? Quite simply: Either you buy them via the marketplace or via processing by pressing L and melting a sharp or hard black crystal shard + 10 Level 3 weapons or armor reform stones, by the way, you also get the Level 3 reform stones by trading in Hunters Seals.

The second possibility to upgrade equipment is enhancing the equipment, thereby increasing the values of the respective piece. There are 20 levels that can be reached on the equipment. For the first +15 levels one uses simple black stones for weapons or armor. From level 16 called MON to Level 20 called PEN Concentrated Magical Black Stones are used which you get by heating Sharp or Hard Black Crystal Shards plus two simple Blackstones with the help of the processing menu via button L. We now have enough stones available, then we open the black spirit menu, go to the enhancement menu, place the object and a blackstone in the slots and press enhancement.

Weapons have a 100% chance up to +7 and armor to level 5. If you are interested in the reforming and enhancing of the equipment, then take a look at my guide for the improvement of equipment. I’ve also linked it in the video description. Energy and Contribution Points! These two types of points are very important later in the game, because you can exercise your lifeskills better and develop and improve your economy, which in turn means that you earn more silver and silver is very important in Black Desert Online. Like the skill points the energy and contribution points are displayed at the top left of the screen. The difference between energy and contribution points is that energy points are obtained through knowledge, which is achieved by talking to NPCs, the discovery of locations or nodes, killing monsters, quests and by reading books.

It’s best to check it into adventure guide under the H key to find out where you still can find further knowledge. Contribution points on the other hand are obtained in the form of contribution points experience through the completion of quests and by exerting professions. When the CP experience bar is full, you will then receive a further contribution point and you can activate another node or acquire another building in a city.

Tips and Tricks ! If you can not decide which class you want to play, then you can take a look at my class table. I will place links in the video description. Maybe it will help you a little in your decision. Important all classes in Black Desert are playable so each class is only as good as the player. If you want to upgrade your equipment you should keep all Blackstones, Black Crystal Shards Memory Fragments and Scroll Parts. But if you have to desire to enhance your equipment and would rather buy the enhanced equipment from the Marketplace, you can sell all Blackstones, scroll parts and memory fragments. But beware, the acquisition of enhanced equipment in the marketplace can take a long time and be very costly.

Use Buffood, potions and elixirs at the beginning which give extra experience and other bonuses. Kill all the world bosses as often as you can, because you can drop the desired Boss equipment and of course silver and other useful items there. Fill all character slots with characters, as each character has its own energy pool, which can be used to have more tries at the night vendor, the number of rolls on Blackstones or Boss parts. Caution, you need a lot of silver at the night vendor ! Look at the world map if you want to know where you can level next. There, the levels are indicated up to level 50 and then AP is relevant to decide where you can grind best. Compare your level and your AP with the specifications on the map and off you go. If you want to invest real money in the in-game shop, then my recommendation would be to buy pets, a maximum of 5.

If you then have money left over I recommend the weight extension. Be warned: The weight extension is character bound while storage maids are family(account) bound. And now we are already at the end of my Starter Guide. Thank you for joining me, we see each other in the next guide. Be fair, be cool ! Your Mad Megxx..

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