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Striker Rework, Season+ PEN Tuvala Enhancement, Grind Zone Loot Rework (Global Lab, 10 SEP 2021)


Hello Guys Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel This video. I want to share about Global Lab update after 10 September 2021 update But be notice all content on this Global Lab video was recorded at Global Lab Server. So this is all content that will update on our live server in future, and mostly all this update will implement on Korea, live server for next maintenance update and following outside Korea server if they already fill this content already ready to released outside Korea, server globaly. Okay to enjoy watch my video Make sure you turn on this video subtitle and also you can use time stamp that I already provide to go to target topic that you want.

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Okay, Let’s start this video content using any features that I provide. Okay, this is official website for Global Lab Update. At 10 September 2021 Maintenance Update First about class. Rework continues from previous week Global Lab update at 03 September 2021 that they already announce Ranger and Warrior rework in this week Global Lab update. They just make some revision for Warrior: rework either for Succession and his awakening, and also for Ranger class
They also change some skill for main skill succession and awakening skill, So all class rework on Global Lab, still not final.

All info that you get from previous week still change continuously on Global Lab server until Pearl Abyss feel this chance already fit for Black Desert world. So just wait until final phase for this class. Rework that expected will finish at end of 2021 and special for this week. Global Lab update They just announce new class rework. This is for Striker class: rework

If you want to watch preview gameplay for Striker rework, you can check on my previous video for more detail that I already published previously and for Striker.

Rework actually didn’t have any new skill, but so many chances that they make for the Striker, rework and special for Striker passive skill. They just add new skill blood fang that you can unlock after you learn material Spirit, skill and, as you can see, this is detail info for this Blood. Fang skill,
You can learn this passive blood, fang skill ether you play as succession or awakening striker and for Striker Awakening skill, all skills still there. They didn’t add more skill for Striker Awakening, but, as you can see, they just move this flow of Skull, Harmer skill to become not linked with this school crusher. So after this reward, you can learn this flow of Skull Harmer without need to learn school crusher.

As it’s skill requirements and for more detail info, you can check on this video description.

I already put link for this translated website on this video description. You can check it for more detail and also they just fix some issue for Archer Nova and Corsair class, but I think all of this not to a big deal.
Okay, next about Infinite potion change. Actually, in this week, Korea server already got this Infinite.

Potion reward that you can have your name on your Infinite potion and in this change they just change some text for this description, name on this Infinite potion. Actually, this change also will apply on our Live server automatically when we got this Infinite. Potion reward near future expected in next maintenance update for detail info for Infinite Potion. Rework you can check on my previous video about Global lab update at 03 September 2021 when they announce mechanic for this new Infinite potion.

Okay, next about rework loot for Calpheon and Mediah region grinding zone, especially for all grinding zone on this Calpheon area and this media area, they will remove equipment.

Item drop like Lorie, set gear and also trade item that you get from this grinding zone at Calpheon and Mediah region and another crafting item material. Instead, they remove all the this item. They will change this loot to become more compact item in form of box. They will change any main weapons, sub weapon, armor accessories and any Crystal they drop on this Calpheon and Mediah grinding zone to become form in box. So in future you didn’t get directly this gear.

You will get in form of box that you can open it anytime to get the real gear or Crystal
So by this chance they want to make our inventory not flooded by any gear or Crystal that cost inventory slot, But be notice. If we open this box, we will get Crystal or gear non Enchanment equipment randomly And also when we killing Monster at Calpheon and Mediah region. We have chance to get this Blackstone Weapon bundle and Blackstone Armor bundle.

If you open this Blackstone bundle, you will get 20 until 50, Blackstone and also Monster loot on Valencia region on this list. They will add new loot instead existing loot but be notice price for existing loot still same and probability to drop trash item on Valencia region.

When killing monster will be chance to become 100 %, but sadly, when I try it on Global Lab server, this chance still not apply on Global Lab server and they will apply it directly when seasonal plus come on live server and next about seasonal content. As I mentioned before on my previous video about Season Plus server and summer season 2021 ending that they mentioned on this Season Plus server, they will chance Tuvala gear enhancement to become more easy than before And in this Global Lab update. They already share this change for Tuvala enchantment chance, as you can see, for DUO, TRI, TET and PEN with several fail stack.
This is Chance before this update, and this is Chance after this update, As you can see, they just increase this chance probability to become more easy than before, and also for Tuvala accessory for DUO until PEN. They already increased chance to success, so you can enhance Tuvala gear and Tuvala accessory more easy than previous season, and also on next season.

You can repair maximum durability for Tuvala weapon and armor using directly Tuvala ore. So you don’t need to exchange your Tuvala ore to become Tuvala weapon or Tuvala armor to repair your maximum durability gear and also when you enhance your Tuvala weapon or armor using refined, magical Blackstone cost maximum durability will chance from 50 to become only 20. So this will reduce our Tuvala consumption if you’re, using refined, magical Blackstone when enhance Tuvala weapon and armor with guaranteed chance, and all this chance to enhance your Tuvala gear will implement on season Plus server that will release at 15 September 2021 update Next maintenance Update. Okay. Next chance about Elvia realm grinding zone in future, they will reduce difficulty for Elvia grinding zone.

It’S recommended AP will lower from 10 until 20 AP for Biragi Den Altar Imp, Castil site, Swamp Naga and Swamp Fogan, but for Bloody Monastery and Orc Camp. This AP requirements still same and they will increase number monster in some location on this Bloody Monastery and Orc Camp and most another change for this Elvia realm grinding zone. They just same just buff some mechanic and also faster. It’S re appearance for some area of monster. So in future, any new player also can grinding on this Elvia realm grinding zone, and they will provide any spot to become more balanced than before.

So by this Elvia realm grinding zone balancing, they hope more people can grinding at this area by adding more good spot for this Elvia realm grinding zone. Okay, next chance about conquest war. Actually previous week update outside Korea server at 08 September 2021. We just got rank point system in Conquest war and in future they will change to get this point for this rank system by adjusting point that you get from your guilt activity during this conquest war, as you can see on this table, but the highlighted one they Just add contribution when you killing enemy guilt player, either killing it directly or that player enemy dies with any reason and for more detail for any change for point on this ranking system, you can check on this video description.
I already put link for this translated website in this video description.

You can check it for more detail and also they just confirm requirement as the winner for this conquest war to become the highest ranking that you can check more detail for its criteria during this siege war and also for battle spirit gauge. They just change it back. This gauge bar decrease rate back to 1 % decrease when you kill an enemy and also they just nerf cooldown time for skill battlefield protection for five minutes to become 15 minutes. So be careful if you depend on this skill when doing conquest war, and also some nerf for focus flame tower, that they just reduce attack, range to become 30 % less and also cool down to use skill focus flame tower they already at it to become 15 Seconds when waiting for its offer hit, and also they just nerf defense for sloppy barrier during conquest, work to become 40 % less and also amongst damages that apply by character. Skill when hitting this sloppy barrier will increase.

So this sloppy barrier will more easy to destroy than before.

Okay, next about new quality of life for user Interface in future, if you access your storage either from Storage keeper, you will see this menu on top of your storage menu. If you check this button, if you have Land mount nearby your character, you can turn on and turn off this inventory for your land mount. So you can permanently turn off this feature. If you Land mount near your character when access your storage and will not brother, you, when you want to manage your item between your character, inventory and your storage, and you also can use this feature when you access your storage using your maid, you can turn on And turn off this feature when you access your storage using your maid when nearby your Mount either land mount or any ship, but be notice if you far away from your Mount, even you activate this feature on your storage setting.

You cannot access your mount when access your storage using your maid, so this is a little more easy to access your storage without disturbed with your Mount when your character nearby your mount either land mount or ship, and you didn’t need to press esc continuously while access Your storage, when your mount nearby Okay, next about follow another adventures, function actually on this global website. They just mentioned about this. Follow another adventure feature that you can use it when you party with another player, but as you can see when I try it on Global Lab server and click this button,

Actually, it is following menu already appear, but my character still nothing happened. She didn’t follow my teammates when click this button.
I think this feature still not work on Global Lab server right now, and they will fix it in future when implement it on Live server.

So you can follow your teammates when you AFK, or doing some quest line together and also another fix and chance, But I think all of this not a big deal. Okay, that’s all Global Lab update at 10 September 2021 Maintenance update and special thanks to all my membership for direct support via Patreon Karyakarsa or Youtube Membership, And also my current member Zacrue DubyaDude JimmySnakes Doki Trancestor AghanimScepter RenegadesX LickyCleanies Agis_II from NA server Gospel, Homie, Aeyrton, Soonuh, Tepan Gaming KiLLSTEAL King Denmark, Wammy Clouty Puuf as Gold member and also all my Silver and Bronze Member. Thank you so much for all your direct support. This will make Chris Poli Channel running and growing more faster

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