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What’s up guys, Anders here with another Black Desert video, today we are going to go over the patch for this week on test server. but before we do that I want to thank the supporters of this channel, you guys help keep these videos going, so thank you so much for the support. If you want to help you can do so by subscribing to the channel if you haven’t already, liking or disliking this video, and hitting that bell icon. Bell is good.

So please ding the bell to get notified when I upload my next video. This week on test server we now have improvements to how we see the emergency escape cooldown when we connect to a character. You’ll know how long till you can use your V. Whenever you login to a character you will have the cooldown of your V displayed so you can see exactly how long is left before use. They’ve added furniture items for killing sea monsters. You can craft them in Port Epheria House 1-2, 3F. or Florin house 1-3. or in Calpheon where there are over a dozen Level 3 Furniture Workshop, which is what you need. For the Nineshark Chandelier you need 100 of the new material that drops from killing sea monsters.

1000 Sea Monster Neidans, 300 Young Nineshark Horn Fragments, 30 Silver Ingots, and 25 Sturdy Thuja Plywood. For the Ocean Stalker Chandelier, you need 100 of the new material, 1000 Sea Monster Neidans, 300 Young Ocean Stalker Skins, 30 Platinum Ingots, and 25 Sturdy Thuja Plywood. The speed of moving items to and from the warehouse has increased. I did a little test moving things back and forth on test server and on live servers and noticed minimal to no difference if I’m honest. The Tag system is working again on Global Labs so if you wanted to test something out for yourself you can. I went ahead and tested one of the more common questions I get. Can you just tag weapons to another character.

Yes, you can. Now any items that are tagged and have copies made will be shown with a yellow symbol on their icon. Letting you know you have copied that item. The copy will have a blue symbol on the icon. You can also now milk cows in Grana. They have added a new ranch there with plans to add more ranches to ODraxxia and Valencia. You need to exit the city from the north gate and go straight down the path of the northern stables.

What previously used to be a fence location for Farmers is now the Grana Ranch. For Valencia the developers are thinking of doing a Camel ranch to keep in line with the regional characteristics. This is a good addition for cooks who may want to make their home base places outside the typical Velia, Heidel, and Calpheon. The main quests for Balenos have also been updated to a more concise and lore heavy narrative. Instead of finishing Balenos rather quickly, you will be in the region a little bit longer to give you a sense of what it has to offer. This is good for new players to explore the game a bit, but I’ll make a video on the new questline to see just how long it is if you are one of the people that likes to speedrun main story quests for skill points, inventory, or the 30k quests challenge.

Aakman got some changes with the Illusion Trap mob. Where an elite version of it will spawn and debuff the surrounding mobs with a DP down effect once you defeat it. If you don’t kill it, the elite will blow up and deal heavy damage to you. Hystria got the Kratuga alert system mechanic put in place, so the higher the alert level the stronger the mobs and the better the loot. Gatekeepers in Valencia have been revamped again. Now they start stronger and deal more damage with a new range of attacks.

If you defeat them they can drop better loot and mysterious emblem fragments. When the gatekeepers appear a message will be displayed so everyone is aware they have appeared. Gorgo’s Nightmare which is the 2 person boss grind spot they introduced in Basilisk’s Den has been updated to include the possibility of normal Basilisk monsters turning into the elite, increasing the trash loot and making the boss elite Basilisk’s loot be affected by loot scrolls. Agris still does not apply however. Before I go I want to mention our new friends over at NordVPN. NordVPN is a VPN service that is incredibly simple to use and hassle-free and works to keep your data safe.

I mainly use it to watch Netflix from out countries, since you know the collection is always different depending on what country you are in and of course I use it to give me a more stable connection to BDO servers in NA and EU. If you want to try out NordVPN with zero risk and a 30 day money back guarantee, go to my affiliate link or use code ANDERS at checkout so you can get 68% off a 2 year plan with an additional month for free. NordVPN, check them out and let me know your experience with the service in the comments. And that’s pretty much it for this patch notes for the week, what do you think about the changes to Aakman and Hystria, do you like that they are adding more cow milking ranches in the game in other regions, Let me know in the comments. And as always guys, thanks again for watching, thanks for listening. I’ll see you all in the next one.

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