Terrmian Waterpark 2019 Complete Guide + Easy Jumping Puzzle Tutorial


Summer is here and with that comes the Terrmian waterpark 2019 event in black desert online, a returning theme to the beach event, content that we get fairly frequently. This comes usually with a fishing event in the form of 500 thousand silver, each fish that everyone goes crazy for, and I do think it’s likely. We get that for a week or two before this event is over, but for now it’s 6 weeks of daily event and mini game challenges running from the 17th of July until the 28th of August. This is going to be a comprehensive guide on the event and what you can do here each day, what the rewards are and my opinion on which stuff is worth actually doing.

First up the currencies for the event are Terrmian coins and terrmian seals. Seals are the good ones that you’ll want to be getting and saving and the coins are just used to trade for event. Items to then use to get seals. It seems as of right now, unless I’ve missed something that the maximum seals you can get per day As an overall currency, the seals can be exchanged one time per account for a swimwear set called Luvis swimsuit for males and Loranne set for females. These are unique and not planned to be sold in the pearl shop in the future. This excludes the Shai, of course, You’ll need 50 of the seals to get these. If you were to do the 4 seals per day, starting from day 1 of the event until the last day, you could get a total of 168, so you have plenty of opportunity to get them.

Aside from that, you can also trade. The seals in for other rewards 10 seals for a coral crown, which is a pearl outfit helmet. That gives plus 1 luck and applies the same, combat outfit rewards for set pieces. So it’s pretty good. If you don’t have 5 luck already, and it is permanent 10 seals for a seahorse, diving hat, which is exactly the same situation as the crown except instead of luck, gives you 15 seconds underwater breath 10 seals for a terrvi, feather champron, which is a helmet for A horse giving 900 hp and 3.2 % acceleration and then 20 seals for a shakatu’s luxury box 2, which of course is the rng box that has a bunch of awesome rewards in it.

So if you do it each day, you can get quite a lot of rewards overall plus the daily rewards that we’ll go over. In a moment. The coins are used only to exchange for items to use in the daily minigame type challenges and also to buy coconuts to use to kill the giant clam boss, things that spawn every 2 hours. Then trade 5 for a sky clam hammer. You can get around 5 coins per day and you’ll only need to use 1 or 2 each day, typically to do the minigames. So eventually you’ll have a bunch left over, but more on this later

Now, let’s go over the daily quests that you’ll be doing. These require very little effort to complete. Once you get used to them. You can do the whole round in about 3 minutes minus the fishing quests. Most of these questst give the terrmian coins and then a couple give a choice of the beach buff foods, which are special grape and special coconut. One is a grinding food and the other is lifeskill. Related buffs First up is Terrmian marine enviroment protection. This is one of the fishing quests all you have to do, for this is fish up one seaweed and one fish bones from the beach, and it rewards you with one terrmian coin and a choice of the food items.

Fine leaf for Juice, Topping this is literally just hand over 10 weeds to the guy and get a terrmian coin Lost order. Note. There are three note locations that are marked on your minimap: go to them and hit your interact key and once you find the correct one, it’s complete awards, one terrmian coin: Sleepyhead girl starts at the guy behind the sand castle at the west of the event area. Go over and talk to the same npc that hands out the quest to throw fruit at the flying golden snitch. Looking things then go back and hand it in for 1 terrmian coin and a choice of the food items.

Timber to decorate store pick this up at the market square area. Go pick up a timber cart here and walk it over to the quest giver using the minigame to stop the cart falling over once you reach the npc press, interaact key to drop the cart and turn it in gives one coin. Next up we have the minigames. Some of these will require you to have terrmian coins. To get the items required to complete. First is the giant clam. You can go to Giorio and exchange your terrmian coins for terrmian coconuts. It only has enough durability to attack around 5 times, so you’ll need quite a lot of these. If you’re going to solo the clams They spawn 3 at a time on servers, eevery 2 hours and you throw the coconuts at them to open them up, they then drop random loot between these items. This isn’t worth doing unless others are doing it. At the same time, in my opinion, but eventually you’ll not need to use your terrmian coins at all and you’ll be able to buy a ton of these, and just trade them for clam kills to get a bit of extra money from the event

Next up is the cannon challenge speak to this npc trade, 5 energy. To get a cannon kit, set it up, exchange a terrmian coin to get 5 coconut cannonballs press f5 on the cannon and load the cannonballs insidee and then shoot the targets floating in the water. This is a very tricky challenge when you start out, at least on my graphics settings the ball, you fire doesn’t actually appear, so you can’t tell how far extra you need to try and fire or aim the cannon, but your mileage here may vary Once you get Used to this you’ll be able to do it in a few seconds. You only need to hit onee target, You hold shift and press w or s to aim the cannon up or down then, while still holding shift hold left click to fire. The cannon the l onger, you hold it the further the cannonball goes. You should see the icon going up and starting back at thee bottom to show how much power you’re firing with

Once you hit 1 floating pirate scarecrow turn this in and get 1 terrmian seal and 1 memory fragment, Then thee diving board up on the cliffs. This is literally just go up: press R at the diving board and then preess, either space bar or S, to dive off the cliff. You then get a 180 minute buff of either 10 %, combat skill or life exp. Next is the spooky tale quest accept it here. Swim over to this island interact with the top of the bonfire. This will give you 50 contribution exp and a second quest which is to jump in the water and pick up a treasure. Chest go turn it in back on the beach and get yourself 120 contribution: exp 1 terrmian seal 1 ghost ship treasure chest which can have these items in them and a choice of the beach food items. Event: bang. Bang, bang pick it up on the docks trade him one terrmian coin for a matchlock. This has 10 shots, so you only need one of these. Each 10 days turn around and shoot. One of the flying things on the water gives 50 contribution, exp and 1 terrmian seal plus one of the food buff items.

Save our summer accept this quest from the girl that you must wake for one of the earlier quests give one terrmian coin and get a terrmian fruit. This is an equippable item with 10 durability, walk over to one of the flying golden snitch spirit creatures and throw it at them turn in the quest for 50 contribution, exp 1 terrmian seal and 1 memory, fragment and again, more beach food items. Next up is Looking after the whale starter quest. This is one of the optional fishing quests. I personally do this one just because it only typically takes a couple minutes: afk fish up a mudskipper at the beach and then hand it in this gives the second part of the queest and 100 contribution exp and a terrmian coin. Plus a quest item swim out to this location interact with the “ good spot” that shows up and you’ll feed the whaleboy. The quest item return to the beach and get your 100 contribution. Exp and a choice of 1 memory fragment or 2 superior whale tendon potions.

Throw your stresses away, give thee, npc an ancient relic crystal shard and then do the little hammer smash minigame next to her, and then she gives you a memory fragment Pretty good reward. Saves you tons of time running scrolls and gets you a consistent 5 memory. Fragments per 5 relics, Then there’s thee, terrmian treasure chests these spawn only at night time at the waterpark, so btween, 10 pm and 7 am in-game. Time Find the chest interact with it and get a random reward from 1 memory fragment to 50 …, Which is pretty damn good, Not really worth camping for these I’d imagine, but if you see one grab it Next up is one that most people won’t want to Do and have nightmares from the summer mysteries event. Last year, it’s the floating platforms, jumping puzzle, minigame Rewards first, then tips and tricks. I’Ve learned from doing it every single day. During that event, You can get 50 contribution exp from this and then a box with a random item in it, depending on which platform you make it to from platform 3 4 or the final platform. 5

These are the rewards from each. If you had to start from platform 1 each day, I’d say: don’t bother doing this, it’s not worth the time. However, if you have an epheria boat or someone on the channel you play on, has it positioned correctly? You can skip straight to the third platform, meaning you can get the reward within about 2 minutes. I personally will do the 5th platform eaach day, just because I have it down to the point. I can make it there within a few minutes and almost no effort with the following method. If you have a lahn, you can skip from platform 3 to 4 and then 4 to 5. I believe with a lot of practice. I saw people doing this back then and unless you’re really good at it, you’ll definitely miss it fairly, often and waste a lot of time.

I personally suggest using an awakened ranger the breezy blade skill is literally the perfect distance jump each time with no effort at all to get you from each platform So to start off position your boat in this location, Climb up on the front and jump onto this Platform have breezy blade on a hotkey and then just … Use the skill, Some platforms. You have to judge the distance a little bit as if you just stand in a random location, you will either go too far on early platforms or too short on later ones. I’Ll leave this video playing the whole time to show you the whole route and where to stand. I do believe there was a way last year that you could do platform 5, then 4, then 3 and get all 3 rewards each day. But since I only did it today and not yesterday, I didn’t have time to test this out.

Basically, if you don’t want to risk not getting thee, 5th, plaatform rewards just wait to interact with any of the towers until you get to that 5th. One and I’ll update you guys tomorrow after reset on, if this is possible as it’ll only take me a few minutes to check. Sometimes you’ll get fucked by the game when using this method and it will glitch you backwards and say please try again later or something to that effect …. If this happens, I just swapped channel and it stopped happening. I think that’s about it. … .Last note is the food buffs you get throughout. The event can be purchased from npc Giorio for 100k silveer each and I believe these food items disappear after the event ends I’ll update with another video. Perhaps if the event gets any additional content and also if they add a fishing portion to the event, I think you can do all of the things in this video in about 10 to 15 minutes each day. If you just learn the route, with the exception of the fishing

I think it’s worth it to do everything listed in this video each day, except the clams probably and the treasure chests …. .I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I’ll see you on the next one. Peace..