Tier 10, Horse Dreamy Arduanatt Full Guide (Time Stamp & Subtitle Available)


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about How to born your tier 10 horse Dreamy Arduanatt and any material you need to prepare to made attempt for this tier 10 horse Before we go to the main topic in this video I just release my Patreon page and also KaryaKarsa page. If you want to support me directly, I will feel very grateful and a special thanks I will put your name on my video depend on your support level and be notice for some level there are have some limit. So make sure you didn’t get run out for this limited space and I will put your name on every subsequent video that I release for the duration of your support to go to this page I already put link for my Patreon and KaryaKarsa page on this video description or you can check on top right of this video.

I already put card for this link. And Special Thanks to Lowch as Gold member for directly super me via Patreon Thank you so much for all your direct support. This will make Chris Poli Channel running and growing more faster. Actually, I got this info from Korea server as you see this is update detail from Korea server at 23 September 2020 They just released Tier 10 horse Dreamy Arduanatt here major update for this Dreamy Arduanatt You can attempt to born this Dreamy Arduanatt from NPC Gula stable Keeper at Stonetail Horse Ranch at Mediah region as you see this is Stonetail Horse Ranch and you can attempt to born these Tier 10 horse from this NPC Gula you need to put 2 tier 9 horse Arduanatt that have level 30 both of them and be notice that Arduanatt must be male and another is female and when you try to attempt this horse as you see this is user interface to a attempt tier 10 horse and when you attempt this tier 10 horse percentage to success is 3% and this is fixed, even you fail this chance 3% didn’t grow up.

And also if you fail to attempt this tier 10 Horse this special item will be disappear, but both of your tier 9 horse still there didn’t change anything and you can take it back your previous tier 9 horse after fail this attempt But if you success you will got tier 10 horse that have level one. be notice if you’ve got this tier 10 horse. This horse will automatically learn its special skill first skill is a powerful leap This is take off skill to Flying as you see how to use this skill after this dreamy dream horse doing instant acceleration. When we pressing E this horse will jump and take off to the air to fly and the second skill is flying skill when in the air we just need to press E or space to keep flying in the air from several period of time and be notice when flying this Dreamy Arduanatt will consume 400 stamina continuously and the last skill is wings of swiftness.

This skill actually landing skill. So when fling or gliding just press F to using the skill and this Dreamy Arduanatt will decent at high speed to the land and be notice all these three special skill for this Dreamy Arduanatt will acquire 100% when it’s born and also didn’t disappear when we reset its growth using pearl item. And if you sell these tier 10 Dreamy Arduanatt to NPC this horse price will more higher than combining price for tier 9 horse. So if you sell to NPC, this is more than 22 billion silver but be notice you cannot sell this tier 10 horse at Marketplace.

So we cannot buy these tier 10 horse from house market and be noticed all tier 10 have no gender. Okay next I will share how to prepare material to attempt this tier 10 horse. There are several new item and also you need some crafting material but I already make some schematic to more easy know about this mechanic. Okay, as you see this is schematic that I make to craft material for attempting this Dreamy Arduanatt Okay first material, I will talking about this Dreamy Powder to craft this Dreamy Powder.

You need 10 pieces flower of wandering that you can get from Imperial horse. If you exchange your horse to Imperial horse at stable keeper you will got flower of wandering depend on your horse tier as you see if you hand over tier 6 horse to Imperial training you will go to flower of wandering 10 piece. But if you hand over tier 8 horse, you will got flower of wandering 20 piece from this Imperial and be noticed tier 9 horse and tier 10 horse cannot be hand over for Imperial horse training Okay Next material is Fern Root you Get this Fern Root from quest reward after this Dreamy Arduanatt apply on our live server.

We will got new weekly Quest Run Through the Wind from Wapra NPC material vendor at Stonetail Horse Ranch as you see actually I at Stonetail Horse Ranch and you can find this Wapra NPC at this area as you see this is the NPC Wapra material material vendor at Stonetail Horse Ranch and he will give us new weekly quest to get this Fern Root Okay Next is Everlasting herb You need 10 piece of this item. You can get this Everlasting herb by getting Wild herb and in my opinion. Mostly I got this Everlasting herb from Kamasylvia region as you see this is kamasylvia region and my suggestion is around acher guard post and Fadus area around here. You can gather any wild herb using hoe and next material is 10 piece of fruit of enchantment, you can get this fruit of enchantment by farming or gathering and the lasts 10 piece black stone powder you can get it by grinding Blackstone armor or weapon and after you collect all these 5 ingredient for 10 piece flower of wondering 10 piece Fern Root 10 piece Everlasting Herb 10 piece Fruit of Enchantment And 10 piece Black Stone Powder.

You can combine all this item using simple processing grinding to make this Dreamy Powder. Okay, that’s it for Dreamy Powder Okay Next material is Old moon incense burner You can get this Old moon incense burner by combining 1 piece Old Moon Censer Mold actually, you can get this item from any Old moon manager at every city. And if you try to buy this item, this price is 20 million silver and you need 1 piece Old Moon Censer Mold to craft one piece of Old moon incense burner and also another material is 100 piece Pure Platinum Crystal 100 piece Pure Copper Crystal 100 piece Pure Thin Crystal and the last is 100 piece Moonlight Opal You can get all these mineral by processing from lower tier as you see for example, I use rough opal and if you heating this rough opal, you will get this Polished Opal and then heating again until you get this brilliant opal and the last to get this Moonlight Opal you need another ingredient Metal Solvent for more detail about this mineral. I already put link for BDO codecs as reference for crafting this item and be notice we can prepare all this mineral from now after you collect all this 5 item you can simple processing this 5 ingredient using manufacture to get this Old Moon Incense Burner okay next material I will talking about this Dreamy Feather you can get this Dreamy Feather by exchange Brilliant Fairy Wings to NPC Herawen actually this item is fairy for Tier 3.

If you didn’t use this item to become fairy you can exchange this Brilliant Fairy Wings to become Dreamy Feather at NPC Herawen at Kamasylve Temple as you see Kamasylve temple is around this area near Heidel city and you can exchange this Brilliant Fairy Wings with this NPC Herawen or another way you can get this Dreamy Feather from Lakiaro gathering You can find this Lakiaro herb around Kamasylvia Region or Drieghan region and also you can find this Lakiaro from O’dyllita Region when it release and next material is powder of flame. You can get this powder of flame from mining or use worker for gathering at some node and next material is fire horn. You can get this fire horn from butchering or tanning any hunting monster. Okay, after you collect all these ingredients as you see you need 10 piece Dreamy Powder 1 piece Old moon incense burner 10 piece Dreamy Feather 10 piece Powder of Flame 10 piece Fire Horn and combine all these five ingredients using simple processing manufacturer to get this Incense burner that calls on dreams and after you get this Incense burner that calls on dreams You can attempt your tier 10 horse at NPC Gula at Stonetail Horse Ranch Okay, that’s it schematic for crafting this material for attempting your tier 10 horse.

And in future they will release Dreamy Dine and Dreamy Doom So just stay tuned for this update Okay guys, that’s it about how to prepare tier 10 horse Dreamy Arduanatt If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching. See you next time..

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