Ultimate Beginner Guide • Is Black Desert Worth Playing in 2020?


What’s up guys Anders here with another video, today marks the start of the first of my renewed Beginner and Returner Series for Black Desert we’re going to go over a lot of topics in this series, but before we do that I want to thank the supporters of this channel, you guys help keep these videos going, so thank you so much for the support. If you want to help you can do so by subscribing to the channel if you haven’t already, liking or disliking this video, and hitting that bell icon.

Bell is good. So please ding the bell to get notified when I upload my next video. Now as for returning to the game or starting the game fresh you will be bombarded with a lot of information, most of which will be confusing so I want to focus on things to do as soon as you log in and what this game has to offer you. So, after you’ve made your character and you’ll notice there are a lot of channels to choose from. These all take place in the same server, just different instances. You can swap between them any time with a short cooldown every time you do. Some of these channels will be very useful for those coming back to the game or starting the game for the first time and those channels would be called Olvia channels or Seasons channels. Now Olvia channels are great for people coming back into the game after a long hiatus. They offer you some experience buffs and a no PVP policy while you are on those channels, but you are restricted to not being able to level past 61 if you are on those channels.

Seasons channels are great for those people starting the game for the first time and maybe returning to the game wanting a fresh start. These Season channels can only be accessed by Season characters and also include the no PVP policy. We are currently in the middle of the Autumn Season for Black Desert ending some time in December so through that time you can create a character and level up and gear up through these Season specific channels at a faster rate than normal. You make a Season specific character and you have Season specific gear which increase in power faster than normal since the resources you need are abundant and relatively cheap compared to their non Season counterparts. At the end of the Season you go through what is called Graduation and your gear converts to useable gear outside of the Season channels. You also get a reward for completing the Seasons, which will help you progress past the Season gear. To give you an idea having Season gear at their maximum level will effectively give you enough gear to start grinding the desert endgame areas and start testing out some intro PVP with wars or duels if you wish.

You’ll still be far behind the top 10% of geared players, but it’s a good baseline to start from. So that’s the difference between Season and Olvia. Choose either, we’re going to choose Olvia for now, since we are a returning player in this instance. We’ll do Seasons in another video. Now if you’re coming back you’ll be wherever you left your character of course. If you are new you will start with the beginning of the main story, so you want to follow the story until you get to this town called Velia. That’s where I am right now. Once you get here we are going to do something very important and that is turn off all of these annoying notifications that are popping up at the top of my screen. These are other players enhancing and leveling their professions, getting rare items. It’s nice, but can get annoying after a while so what we can do is go to Settings, Alerts, and just uncheck everything here. Since we are here at the Settings menu we can go over a couple of tips to help give you better performance.

First tip is to go to Optimization and turn on Hide Adventurers, this will make other players invisible when your GPU starts to struggle. You want to go to Pets and make sure you only see your pets, that will help with your FPS. Then you want to go to Anti Aliasing and turn these off since AA doesn’t work very well with this game, though you can do some forced AA with the NVIDIA or AMD Control Panels, but we won’t go over that here. In terms of settings we have Lowest Optimal being what you want to run if you are on say a laptop and Remastered if you have a very good system. The combat in this game relies on high FPS and some classes like Warrior and Dark Knight rely on high FPS to deal more damage. This is something that is pretty much used by more hardcore PVPers, but if you’re new specially I recommend you run the game however you want as long as you feel you have good performance and visual fidelity. As a returning player, pressing B on your keyboard will bring up your mail and you can find any rewards from login rewards here as well as silver you have accumulated from your time away.

If you are away for a long time you can accrue up to 100 million silver by the time you come back. If you are new you will find your Login rewards here and you can go to the Reward and Attendance Reward menu option to see all the different types of Login rewards available for you. We currently have a new region login event so we have the Odyllita Login Reward as well as the Loyal Reward which is the standar and if you are new or returning like I am then you will have additional login reward tab for you as well. If you are unsure of what an item does or if it’s valuable you can ask me or ask some people in chat to see if it’s worth keeping or selling. So now we’re going to go over the main thing I want you to think about when playing this game.

What is your goal. What do you want to do. If you’re new exploring is an option. The world map is huge and if you like exploring in games like Skyrim you can do that here. It’s actually very fun to explore especially areas where the monsters pose a threat to you so you need to be careful. The ocean is vast and maybe you want to check out the port at the other side of the Ocean. We just received the new Elven Capital of Odraxxia down south which has a more Dark Elven and Gothic aesthetic. If you like professions in other games, there a lot of them here, some more financially viable than others so you want to check out each one of them. Gathering consists of chopping trees, gathering herbs, collecting blood, and mining. You have processing that involves taking those raw materials and making them into higher grade materials that are used in cooking, alchemy, and crafting.

Fishing is well, fishing. You can catch a variety of fish and sell them to NPC trade vendors. Hunting allows you to use rifles to hunt different kinds of animals in the world for their meat and leather. Cooking and Alchemy are pretty self explanatory, you can cook or brew foods and elixirs people use or sell them in bulk to NPC vendor. Training involves the taming and leveling of different tier horses. You can breed different types of horses and try and make Dream Horses that are rare horses with special unique characteristics.

We currently have three of them, the Pegasus, the Unicorn, and Hell Horse. You have Trading which is simply buying goods from one region and selling it via wagon to another region or crafting trading goods in one town to sell them across the world of BDO. You have Farming which relies on you placing Fences and growing crops to use for your cooking, your Alchemy, or for selling to the markets. Sailing allows you to navigate the oceans faster on your ship. Bartering is basically Trading in the ocean. You use your ship to go from Island to Island trading different goods. As far as the ones I’d say currently do the best in terms of money making, they would have to be Gathering, Cooking, and Bartering.

Some people don’t even do combat in this game, they just do professions all day because they can be and for the most part are very involved and time consuming. There is no crafting system like you would see in other MMOs. Soby that I mean you can’t really craft gear for other people, but you can craft food, and elixirs that other people can use. A core concept in this game is enhancing, so you need RNG to make your gear better. RNG is heavy in most of everything in this game, but since you are coming into a fully mature market now with a very healthy population, if you are someone that despises RNG and failing a 60% chance 10 times in a row, you are in luck because a lot of people enhance and a lot of people buy the items they need already enhanced from the market, so you can avoid the whole enhancing system and not worry about it.

I will however explain how enhancing works. You take a base item and you use enhancing materials to attempt to make that base item a higher level. So for example we can use Weapon Black Stones to enhance this Base weapon with a 100% chance to +1 level. We can do the same all the way to +7 and then we see we no longer have a 100% chance to succeed. If we fail we will get an increase in our enhancement chance, meaning our next attempt will have a higher chance to succeed.

The way you enhance relies heavily on having these failure stacks or failstacks saved up for those important enhances. So in a strange way, sometimes we want something to fail so that we can attempt something we want to succeed at a higher rate of success. The reason for this is that when we fail, the item loses durability. To repair it we need repair materials that have a cost tied to the items rarity. So it is more expensive to repair an item that is higher rarity than a more common item.

The higher rarity item will also have a lower enhancement chance. In Black Desert there are 20 levels of enhancement. The first 15 are called simply +1 to +15. Then +16 to +20 are called PRI, DUO, TRI, TET, and PEN. This works for most items in this game except accessories and some mount gear. Accessories start at base then go up to PRI, DUO, TRI, TET, and PEN. Mount gear simply has +1 to +10 being the max. One thing to note about enhancing is that after PRI on most gear your enhance level can go backwards.

So if you go from PRI to DUO and then fail to go TRI you are now back at PRI. If you are enhancing accessories and this just for accessories if you fail any enhancement at any level the items will disappear. Like I said not a good feeling and if you’re not okay with that you can always save up some money and buy your next upgrade to avoid enhancing altogether. If you like PVE like killing monsters for a long time, there’s a lot of zones for you to grind and do just that. Grinding in PVE is very lucrative depending on where you’re grinding and is the easiest thing to get into. Now if you are more of a PVP player, there is no ranked arena system in this game so far.

There is however a Team Deathmatch instanced system called Red Battlefield that you can join. It will reward you with some money and there is a Battle Arena area that you can join to practice your PVP combos on stick dummies or other players and there is even a small arena here with a 1v1 queue system where the winner stays on till they lose and as a spectator you can see how the match is going. If you are specially interested in PVP you can make a Trial Character which will have some gear and all the skill points you need to join the Red Battlefield and Battle Arena. This Trial Character can’t leave the area so you can’t use it for things outside of PVP in those areas, but it serves to help you learn the class you are interested in at a combat level. If you are interested in RolePlaying there are some small communities in the game that can cater to that, though I’d say Black Desert doesn’t have as large an RP community as other MMOs I’ve played.

And if you are into ocean stuff, you can start working on a sailing vessel and trade for money as a way to eventually get larger ships called carracks that can be used for ocean trading or piracy, so a bit like Black Flag from the Assassins Creed series. One last thing I’ll mention here would be medal chasing. If you see the medals above my head, these mean that I am top 5 ranked in those professions on my channel. There are medals for each profession or lifeskill as well as your EXP level and your kill count in the Red Battlefield. Now as a new player you will have to invest a lot of time to eventually get to top 5 and get these medals, but it is absolutely still doable. I’m on Olvia Channels so I have more medals then I normally would if I were on a non Olvia channel. Black Desert is notorious for having a fleshed out AFK system. So a lot of lifeskills like Fishing or Training allow you to leave your character doing tasks while you are not actively playing the game.

You can even minimize the game to your tray and do your work or go to sleep while the in game character does whatever task you set it to do. This works for Fishing, where your character will continue fish, slower than normal, but not terribly slow. Will continue to train your horse. Your character can train on a dummy to gain combat experience or your character can process materials while you are not actively playing. The game still needs to be on and you sometimes find people doing just that.

Fishing or Horse Training. In some ways it’s nice because the world feels more lived in, but more and more people are doing it less and less these days since the amount of money you get for doing that these days is not really as crucial as it used to be. 30 million silver overnight is not a ton of money if you are worried about leaving you computer on overnight. But it does allow you to for example and this is more common than you think, allows people to remote into their desktops from work and setup afk activities while they are at work and just check on it every few hours, sell some fish and get the character back fishing while you are busy doing your real life work. Now lastly before I wrap up this video I want to touch on classes and what classes you should be playing. There is no simple answer to that question. In BDO the type of content you’re doing and what your gear level is strongly affects whether or not a class is good for your goals.

There are 20 classes in this game all but 18 of them have 2 specs. Awakening and Succession. That means there are basically 38 classes you can choose from. On Console, they just got Succession for a few classes and are missing one class still so the pool is smaller, but the problem is the same. It’s hard to choose one class out of so many, specially if you are a flex player or someone who routinely played multiple roles or classes in previous games and MMOs. The idea of a class being good at every aspect of BDO does not make sense.

There is no class like that. Right now we have Wizard Succession being the best in large group fights, but he’s not the best grinder and not the best duelist. We have Striker Awakening who is very good in everything, just not the very best in any one category. Some classes grind better in some areas and not others. Some classes are amazing duelists like Kunoichi Succession but have no real place in large scale fights. Balance changes happen every 6 months or so and we just got a ton of them recently so for the most part if you are new to the game I’ll say find out what class you like in terms of aesthetic or style and then work on that. An example of this I guess problem I can give is Ninja versus Guardian. Let’s say you choose a Ninja for being the duelist in the game, but you just starting out will not be able to beat a veteran Guardian which imo should be always be a straight win for a Ninja.

You lack the experience and probably the gear levels. Imagine in a typical theme park MMO a level 1 OP new class that’s been overtuned versus a level 100 undertuned class no one plays. That level 1 is just going to tickle the veteran player simply because that’s the nature of the game and it’s the same concept here. Don’t worry too much about PVP early on, enjoy the game and see if you can find something you like to keep you playing. And that’s pretty much it for this one guys, Those are just a quick preview of all the things the game can offer you and what you should do starting out. Like I said it can be overwhelming, but at least you now can understand what the game has to offer you. I’ll be uploading these guide series every day, but if you have any questions you can reach me on Discord or if you find me ingame I’ll be happy to help you out and give you a reward for reaching out, I always enjoy talking to people ingame.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s video where we talk about the cash shop and we go over what is and isn’t worth your money. Thanks again for watching, thanks for listening, I’ll see you all in the next one. Take care..

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