Ultimate Pearl Shop Guide 2019 | Black Desert online


What is up my guys, it’s Kira here back with another one. Today’s video we’ll be looking at the cash shop in Black Desert Online. This will be a comprehensive guide on the items available, what is worth purchasing, what is absolutely required and what is the absolute minimum you need to spend. I’ll try my best to keep my opinion on the overall cash shop out of the video , instead I’ll be going over every single pearl shop item and their uses, personal value and pricing. As a general rule of thumb when I play cash shop heavy games I tend to follow a basic principle. I’ll almost never buy things that I can earn with in game currency or things that aren’t super necessary. As an example I consider pets to be totally necissary and costumes to not be. Also for the sake of clarity, when I talk about pricing I may substitute pearls for dollars, I will be valuing pearls at 100 per dollar , though you can get more value when you buy more expensive packs. The game purchase price is between 10 and 40 dollars or euros when not on sale, it regularly goes on sale for 50% off though which is a really good entry point.

Personally I would only ever purchase the very base package, as your money is spent better elsewhere in the game than what the higher tier packages give you. The beginner package gives you nothing at all except access to the game. Okay let’s look at what most people consider an absolute hard requirement to make the game efficient. Alright so this is of course pets, you’re going to want 5 pets in total and the game should give you one for free fairly early on as a new player, so chances are you’ll have to purchase 4. Now if you’re unaware, pets loot items for you while you’re free to do other things like kill monsters, looting without pets is super, super inefficient.

If you’re trying to spend as little as possible, The pets you want to be buying are the 900 pearl ones as there’s no loot speed difference between them and 1100 pearl pets. Now the best way to get pets actually is to gift a friend or alternate account a basic copy of the game for $10 each time and get the limited pets. You will want a hedgehog and polar bears. hedehog is without a doubt the most OP pet in the game since it gives a chance to randomly obtain extra materials when gathering which is crazy good.

I don’t think this is available on xbox and I know isn’t available on steam though. Polar bears give weight limit increase as a passive and reduce fishing afk time, these pets are usually only part of expensive bundles or via the gifting system. These pets are just factually much better than the base ones but slightly more expensive, I’d say theyre super worth though to be honest.

Now the second most important expense to playing BDO is the value pack, which you can treat as basically the monthly subscription for the game, this costs 1500 pearls per month and gives you enough buffs that I’d consider it pretty mandatory to have.These are the buffs you get from the pack and I can’t imagine playing the game without them, it just makes everything much better. If you are a new or returning player, you’ll get roughly a month’s worth of value pack just for playing the game and depending on your region this could be enough time to purchase a value pack for in-game silver, saving yourself $15 a month potentially. I know in EU the value packs are heavily contested but on NA at the time of this video they’re easily available. They cost 88 million silver which as a new player sounds like a lot, but it’s really not in the grand scheme of things.

You should easily be able to afford that silver cost within your free month of value pack. So I’d say buy this if you absolutely can’t get access to one via in-game means but just keep a pre-order up on one the whole time you have the funds to do so and stockpile them for the future, saving yourself the sub fee. After pets and value pack there’s nothing I see as a hard requirement for the game, especially as a newer player.

Obviously there’s a lot of stuff in the cash shop that you’re going to want and a lot of it makes a big difference in the game but like I said, nothing that I’d say you absolutely have to buy right off the bat. The three things that most people will recommend to make your life way easier is inventory weight, slots and maids. Which of these will be best for you depends entirely on how you play the game but please if you’re buying character bound items like weight or slots, make sure you have found the class you’re going to play for many hours beforehand. I put the short section with the absolute necessary items at the start and now comes the long section going through the whole cash shop in a bit more of a loose format for those of you that are interested in that.

First up we have the function section which will be the longest since it houses the most items. Weight Weight comes in different amounts, starting from 600 pearls for 50 all the way to 1700 for 200, with even more packs like 250 and 300 available at limited times. Weight is a double edge sword, it’s amazingly useful in all avenues of the game but it’s a one time use item for a character. Meaning it’s super expensive for rerolling and altheavy playstyles. After you’ve decided you’re going to stick to the game for a while and decided on your main character already then weight should be a pretty high priority. If you do any kind of processing it’s pretty much a requirement and helps a lot for long hours of grinding. You can purchase each weight once per character in the pearl shop, you can also get weight for the loyalty tokens at a rate of 3500 tokens per 50 weight and purchaseable 4 times, so that’s 35 days per 50 weight.

Inventory expansion is pretty much the same as weight, though used for different lifeskills. They’re also one time use character bound items and you can have up to 192 total inventory slots per character. Ranging from 150 pearls per slot to 1450 pearls per 16 slots, you can see that getting max inventory is a lot of money investment. Inventory slots I’d say are less worthwhile than weight for me personally, you seem to end up with around 70 slots now for doing the main questline and having an active value pack.

This is more than enough for regular gameplay but more is always going to be better, especially if you have any plans to do active or afk fishing and or farming as lifeskills. I’d say personally wait for a sale on these as you can get them for half price sometimes. Golden bell Not much to say about this, I think you would be insane to buy it. 1800 pearls and it gives a 100% exp boost to everyone on the server activated for 1 hour, actual fucking insanity.

Don’t buy this, ever..Please. I bet you. Character slot expansion Self explanatory, these are 600 pearls each, gives you a character slot up to a maximum of 17. Having multiple characters is amazing for a great many reasons such as leaving them at bosses, using as bank characters, using as failstack holders, using as lifeskill alts and stacking energy to use. Super worth, not the highest priority and definitely wait for a sale. Typically you can get these at a super discount whenever a new character releases. Artisan’s memory These allow you to recover 4 times the durability that you normally be able to when recovering max durability. Comes in packs of 1, 10 or 100 for 50 , 450 and 4000 pearls respectively. Super pay to win item. Personally I see their value is higher than any other way to spend your money in terms of game time invested v dollar invested, but they do no increase your chance at succeeding enhancement.

For this reason I’d say avoid purchasing these like the plague, it’s legit just gambling. Yes you get to recover durability faster therefor enabling you to technically have a higher chance at succeeding enhancement by having more chances…But how bad would you feel if you buy $40 worth of these and still wind up without succeeding and having no permanent growth on your account to show for it. Equipment tailoring coupon This one is a weird one, it allows you to turn an in-game armor set that usually is used for specific buffs such as amity, into a costume that goes over your armor so you can wear your combat stats gear aswell as the costume. No one uses it for this reason so I’m not sure why it exsists, basically what people use it for is to turn one of those items into a costume then they melt the costume and it gives you a special crystal.

These crystals are the only kind that can be socketed into a cash shop outfit, which you must use a black spirit claw purchased for in-game silver to add a socket to. I could be wrong here but I see that as the only reason to do this. I’ve never used one because 1500 pearls doesn’t seem worth, depending on how much you are a min-maxer it can be useful but I would 100% try and buy it for in-game silver or wait for a heavy sale. Tears of the wind This just resurects your mount, for 200 pearls. Absolutely fuck everything about this item, just go pay the 40000 silver or whatever it is to resurrect your mount. Guild name change coupon Pretty self explanatory, guilds in this game are a hard grind to level up so I can see this being worth the 3000 pearls if you’re committed to a guild and the game. Guild master only Reset guild skill Same as above, guild skills take a while to raise but I can’t see many situations where you would have messed up the points so bad you’re willing to spend $20 to fix it.

Black spirit emojis Easy enough, 150 pearls for some emojis you can use in chat, they’re pretty cool to be honest, they’re also account bound and you get 12 unique emojis with the purchase. Character name transfer coupon Not to be confused with a character name change, this allows you to pay 500 pearls and transfer the names between two character. Not my cup of tea but I can see it having uses. Character name change coupon 1000 pearls to change 1 character’s name…Doesn’t really seem worth to me since you could delete a low level alt, make a new character with the name you want then pay half the price and transfer it, but hey each to their own. Family name change coupon 1000 pearls again, change the name of your overall family, can only be done twice and takes until next maintenance which is on wednesdays in EU/NA. Megaphone Consumed per use to speak in world chat which goes across every different channel so you’re essentially being seen by everyone who has world chat enabled in their chat tab on your respective region.

50 cents for 10 uses. Blacksmith books 50 and 100 Absolutely never buy these. I don’t envision a scenario where you’re going to want to waste real money on this. You can buy the 50 version for in-game silver so no idea what would posess you to spend 1000 pearls on 10 of these. The 100 version is 200 pearls each or 10 for 1500 and seems rather pointless since it’s actually hard to build a 100 stack and I don’t see why with 17 character slots possible you would ever be in a position to have so many that you need to put them in your inventory. Black spirit essence Uses to safely remove a socketed crystal from equipment. When removing crystals without using this you will lose the crystal, some crystals are very very expensive so this can be worth while…But it’s such a niche case considering you’re not going to put mega expensive gems in gear that you’re going to change often that you can probably get a few of these super cheap on sale during events and that will be enough forever.

I have 7 and I have legit zero idea where I got them from. Brand stones 400 pearls each or in a bundle of 6 for 2000. These items have a 1 time use and reduce the durability used by 50% on applied item, also reduces repair cost by 33% which is almost pointless. Absolutely required for anyone who does any kind of fishing, afk or active. Also can be used on weapons if you grind far away from repair NPCs and/or have no camping tent to repair at.

Though again there’s a clever way to get around the durability issue if you have alts and maids. Bank your weapons with the maids, log into your alt, take out the weapons and repair them, put them back into the bank and then log into your character and use maids to remove them. Would never use on armor and not sure if they have any other niche uses. Energy tonics and exp scrolls Just going to bundle all of these into one short section. Don’t buy these, I have no idea in what world anyone would spend money on this shit. Morco’s gear bag I have no idea why you would ever want to buy this. It basically allows you to store I believe up to 8 pieces of equipment in the box…But only equipment and not costumes like the Patrigio’s costume bag for loyalty points. I’m not sure why you would have multiple sets of gear that you need to change to very quickly. I guess you could use it to store your gear but this is 1200 pearls and 8 storage slots is 225 .

Let me know if you guys have a niche use for this item that I haven’t seen before. Exp transfer coupons 2200 pearls to transfer the exp of one trade skill profession from a character to another, this isn’t like name transfer where if you had one character at master 8 and one at master 2 they would just swap…This combines the exp onto that one character selected. I can see this having use, but with how cheap it is to level up trade skills, unless you’re absolutely super high and have some really great reason to swap, this is a hard pass. Stable expansion coupons These increase the space for horses in the region per use for your whole account. So if it’s a serendia expansion it’s for glish and heidel, for balenos it’s velia and olvia etc etc.

Unlike the other expansion increases I have never had the feeling that I would need to buy these, even when I used to do a little bit of horse breeding and training as an afk lifeskill. Now that horses are worth way more money, it’s super hard to actually sell them for full value with multiple coursers and dreams sitting on the market. If you’re that way inclined and this is how you intend to play the game they’re not bad value again since they are account wide and give 2 stable slots per purchase.

Maybe they’ll be more useful in the future if breeding, taming or training is changed. I’d still wait for a sale even if you’re into this area of the game though. Worker lodging expansion coupons These are just mega worth it. You can only buy up to 4 of these per account, they’re family wide, they’re 100 pearls per slot and in some cases give multiple workers per region depending on the description.

In places like Grana where the CP requirement to rent a building is absolutely massive this is a must have for any lifeskiller or person looking to make afk income. Yes you can use CP to buy lodging but the more free CP you have, the more afk money you can make. High priority for committed players and I’d buy them even not on sale. Storage expansion These come in 1, 4 or 8 slots each purchase for the price in pearls of 25, 85 and 150 pearls for smaller towns and 40, 130 and 225 pearls for the main cities, so 2 dollars 25 for 8 slots in a city.

Again, much like worker lodging these for me are super worthwhile. Even when using multiple cities for multiple purposes such as my setup of heidel for random things, glish for processing, velia for gear and enhancing, grana for cooking etc…You will find yourself running out of space. There’s a lot of things in this game that you want to hold onto and investing in CP in every single city isn’t exactly efficient. I wouldn’t put these as a super high priority but they’re pretty up there for me. I’d 100% wait for a sale though, since they do deals sometimes where you can spend roughly the same amount of money and get slots in the whole region. I think I purchased mine when it was 8 slots in serendia meaning heidel and glish for the same price as one or just slightly more.

Elion’s tear Allows you to revive in the same spot you died without losing exp. comes in 1/10/100, for 50/450/4000 pearls respectively. Useful to have and I do make sure I keep a few around in case I die to a boss or something but in general not a high priority to spend money on. You get them from events semi frequently and I’ve found myself having a lot of them saved up over the years. Now moving into travel aid, I’m not going to include any of the packs of items because they’re usually time limited or base on events. Just the most commonly available stuff. Combat skill/exp exchange coupon 10000for this item. It transfers the exp and skill points between two characters, cannot be used on characters below level 50. This means if I had a 350 skill point level 50 archer and a level 61 ranger with 1700 skill points and used this item, it would swap them completely.

I can see why people would buy this item but for me, 100 dollars is fucking insane. This also doesn’t include weapon swaps which means with tet weapons you’re about 4-6 billion silver away from being able to fully swap characters and on top of that it doesn’t swap inventory slots and weight. If it swapped inventory and weight I could see this being really worthwhile for some people but as it stands, unless you have a lot of disposable income and not a lot of free time I’d hard pass on this one for real for real. Ornette’s dark honey wine All this does is increase your fairy’s exp bar, which can be done with in-game items and in-game silver. If you’re super lazy and want to re-roll fairies to try and min-max stats they’re way easier than buying out thousands of items on the marketplace and feeding them to the fairy.

It takes 25 of these I believe to make a level 1 tier 4 fairy reach level 40 to see all the skills but honestly for 3300 non-sale I’d avoid this like the plague. Same thing with a lot of stuff in the shop, it’s convenient to do and I know for a fact people buy them but your fairy could come out dumb as a sack of potatoes and you’re 3300 pearls down the toilet still. Avoid, even if on sale. Value pack 90 days This is just exactly the same as the 30 day value pack only it’s 90 days, I bet you never would have guessed that right? It also comes with some energy tonics which are okay I guess, some elion’s blessings which is just an elion’s tear we went over earlier but revives you on full stats and most importantly 10x 1 hour item collection increase scrolls.

Which increase your rare item drop rate and trash loot from mobs for 1 hour. This is one of the only ways to get these scrolls reliably and they increase your monster grinding money by a lot but it’s 45 dollars and fuck everything about paying 4500 pearls for 10 hours of more loot. Main/sub/awakening weapon exchange coupon 3000 pearls. These allow you to transfer each respective weapon to the weapon of an alternate class one time, including the enhancement level and caphras stone level.

If you have a tet or higher level weapon and you are dead set on rerolling, they’re not bad value if you work out dollar value v in game item value. Especially considering you can use this to buy a pen for another class and transfer it to your class if you find one available. Super niche but not the worst dollar value for an item in the shop. Personally I’ve never been in a situation where I’d consider buying one but I can see a world in which they’re worth. Naphart Campsite 4900 pearls. This is the single most useful and yet hardest to justify item on the cash shop for me. There’s an in-game available tent but it needs to be constantly rebuilt to use over time which costs time and money, the pearl shop one is just always available and does more things with zero maintenance cost. It has 16 inventory slots of up to 200 weight, which is not family shared. Allows you to use any villa invitation in your inventory to purchase any of the villa buffs which is just insanely broken. Allows you to repair gear, has a shop where you can purchase potions and unique buffs and turn silver into gold bars which is not important anymore since silver has no weight.

This would be my priority if I were a dedicated player, after pets and having a good balance of weight, inventory and maids…This is just so brokenly good. I would 100% wait on a sale though. even on sale the cheapest I’ve seen it is around 40 dollars which is still stupidly expensive but this guide isn’t about the prices, it’s about how worth things are.

I’d say if you’re dedicated to this game, do long grinding sessions, grind in out of the way places, do bosses, endgame pvp…This is a priority. Blessing of Kamasylve 15 days 1250 pearls, gives you +2 energy per tick, so baseline 3 energy per 3 minutes. Also increases item drop rate by 20% and has additional loot drop in the now non-existant shadow arena which I assume will come back in limited events one day. I love this item and I think it’s great, I try and have it active whenever I can…But I have spent so much time afk in the game over the last 3 years that I had a bunch of free ones saved up and I just use them when I have spurts of mega active playtime. If you do a lot of energy based activities or are brand new to the game these are super useful for boosting your ability to roll on workers or power up gathering for money and skill gains.

I wouldn’t personally put this as a priority but again it’s how you play the game. Is an account wide buff. Sealed book of combat 15 days 1250 pearls. This book once opened has a 60 minute cooldown and gives you a 24 hour buff of +50% exp and +20% skill exp. It can be moved between chaaracters so I treat it as an account wide item but the exp does not stack with the +50% exp scrolls. These regularly sit on the marketplace and are super easy to purchase with in-game silver. You also get them super frequently in-game in a 7 day variant same as kama’s blessings quite frequent. Wouldn’t consider purchasing. Fairy Queen’s Might 1000 pearls This is the only item capable of resetting a fairy, allowing you to attempt to get new skills. If you are lucky enough to get a t4 fairy and it rolls terrible skills, I would consider this a high priority if you do end game pvp and PvE or a lot of processing. The difference between a bad skilled fairy and a good one is huge.

Low priority but within the niche really worthwhile, sale or not. Transaction and storage maids / butlers 1200 pearls each The transaction variant allow you to move an item to or from the central marketplace warehouse from anywhere in the world up to 100 volume, meaning a stack of 100 every 20 minutes. They have their place in the game as the central marketplace warehouse is global. The storage variant allows you to do the same but with the limitation of the storage of the major region you are in and up to 100 weight at a time. I personally prefer the storage maids and think the transactions are mostly not as good. These are a really high priority for purchasing as they’re family wide, though I’d still wait for a sale as they go on 3 for 2 sale pretty often. Cliff/armstrong guides Cliff’s skill add on guide 30 days is 700 pearls allows you to freely swap the skill bonuses for free at any skill instructor.

Armstrong’s skill guide 30 days is 1400 pearls or 1 day for 500, which allows you to reset your skill point allocation. Honestly both of these are terrible value for money and I’d avoid purchasing them at any cost. You can swap skill addons for 1 memory fragment each which is roughly 1.5 million silver each anyway and you get the skill resets fairly frequently from events. The liklihood of you needed either of these enough to spend that kind of money is slim. Outfits Outfits come in two variants, classic at 2900 pearls which do not include an awakening weapon skin or premium for 3400 which does. You can also buy the pieces for the outfits individually for varying prices. Of course I can’t go into super specifics on this because there’s so many unique outfits per class but generally they all do the same thing. I wouldn’t ever personally buy an outfit because they’re pretty easily purchaseable on the central marketplace for in-game silver…But it can take a while to get the one you want if it’s not a super commonly sold one or event specific.

The buffs you get from an outfit are cool but nothing crazy enough to spend that much pearls on. Of course this is purely subjective, the outfits don’t give a big enough in-game boost for me to say they’re a priority but since the visual progression in the game is so terrible you may be inclined to rush out and buy one. Costumes Costumes come in 8 variants, I’ll give a quick brief overview of them and which ones I think are a high priority in most normal play circumstances. Bear in mind all costumes are bound to characters, so you can’t transfer them even to another character on your account with the same class. Pavilla costume – Aka the alchemy costume. This is great if you plan to do imperial alchemy each week to make some passive income, you can use it to get down to really low alchemy time I think around 1-2 seconds per craft.

It also gives 15% alchemy exp which is negligible. High priority if you do a large amount of alchemy, at 2200 pearls it’s the standard costume price and worth on sale or without for the niche of alchemists. Da-Dum Da-Dum diving suit set – Aka the shark suit, makes you move ridiculously fast in the water, use less stamina while swimming and breathe under water for longer. I have one and I love it. If you plan to do a lot of ocean content which there is a lot to do in the game this is really nice to have but at 2200 pearls it’s pricey. Even if you’re a sea enthusiast I’d wait for a sale on this one. Splat fisher’s clothes set – Aka fishing costume.

This is honestly really useless, with +2 fisher’s clothing and the guild buff that most guilds have of +3 you’ll reach the cap of +5 fishing skill really easily, the only benefit is the swimming speed but the shark is better, 2200 pearls for not much use. Canape – The cook’s clothes are probably the most useful out of everything here, practically everyone does cooking and for good reason.

If you check out my cooking video at the link on screen or on my channel, you’ll see why. Cooking is really a pain without these, you can get to sub 2 second cooking with this outfit and a few other buffs and that makes cooking a great source of income. A lot of people suggest cooking for contribution points also which is the best way I’ve found to get them at low effort and for this you would want the cook’s outfit. Top priority for most players and a must have as any committed player, with or without sale I’d pick this up at 2900 pearls, it also doubles as a combat buff outfit, extra spicy value. Treant Camouflage – The tree ghillie suit. This has a +1 gathering buff, which again like the fisher’s clothes is pretty much useless. This is a ghillie suit though so as a full set effect allows you to hide your character name from other players during open world gameplay. Makes it harder for people to fight you, to see you and adds the element of fear to your enemies.

This doesn’t give you much of an advantage but psychologically it kind of does, I’m always way less inclined to fuck with someone that is in a ghillie…Those boys usually take the game serious. At 3400 pearls it’s pricey and it replaces your outfit buffs, so it’s slightly worse for grinding efficiency but they’re mega cool. Purely subjective and worth it if you’re into open world pvp. Desert Camouflage – The desert ghillie, this is indentical to the tree ghillie in every way except instead of a gathering buff gives a desert debuff resistance buff which is at least semi useful in comparrison. Obviously better than the tree one for fighting in sandy areas due to the fact it’s…a desert ghillie and there’s not much green in the desert.

Again 3400 pearls. Venia riding attire – The horse trainer’s clothes, 20% increased exp for your horse while riding it. This is super niche for the people who train horses while afk. Like I said earlier in the video, horse training isn’t the best right now in my opinion due to horses rarely selling but if you like the breeding/taming aspect of the game and plan to do that you can still make decent money in large chunks from selling them to imperial delivery for half the retail price. 2200 pearls and niche, not a priority by any stretch but each to their own. Venecil Dress set – The french maid costume! Or the guy in a suit.

Yay for gender locked classes. This is processing costume, allows you to process directly from your bank instead of from your inventory..Finished materials do go into your inventory though. Allows you to process afk for much longer than without, even going all night processing slower materials such as ore with high character weight limits. Super useful for making afk money and combines really well with other lifeskills such as cooking and trading. A must have for lifeskillers in my opinion, high priority. 2200 pearls. Purchase with or without sale. Underwear – Yep this is a thing. It gives you +1 luck which states it increases drop rate but I’m not sure by how much. Pretty much just a cosmetic choice for most of us and why not, half of this game is making a cool looking character. 700 pearls, though you can get them on sale very often and personally I’d wait for one.

Accessories – Glasses increase chance of gaining monster knowledge and are 500 pearls, ear rings do the same but to a lesser extent for 500 pearls also and the mouth nose and chin slot for piercings etc don’t do anything that I’m aware of for 200 pearls. Again, cosmetic choices are your own, nothing here is a high priority. Moving onto interior this will be a short section as nothing here is a priority. Having a bed and or a bookcase isn’t a terrible thing. Beds allow you to lay down afk and you’ll generate 2 extra energy per tick, so with a blessing of kama you can lay in bed and gain 5 energy every 3 minutes.

You can buy or craft beds in-game but they give only + 1 energy per tick. Pretty good for powering an energy activity either way but nothing amazing. Bookcases allow you to set characters to read, gaining a random knowledge every 60 minutes of reading, this can be a knowledge of anything including things you have, you can do this on multiple characters but it’s a big pain in the arse to set to read on multiple characters every 60 minutes. A few other items from the sets have minor buffs but nothing crazy. Honestly nothing in here is that greatly needed and if you’re looking to make a cool looking house that’s entirely up to you.

I’d pass on all this, but it’s great for roleplayers and people looking to be more imersed in the world. It is worth noting the price of sets are about 2500 pearls for a full furniture set , with beds selling alone for 500, bookshelfs for 300. It is worth noting that the floor and wall decorations are 1 time use, so if you purchase them and decide to remove your ownership of a house you lose them. The rest of the furniture you can pickup and move to other locations, houses are family bound also. First we have the Mount Skill Change coupon, allows you to change one mount skill and get another unlearned skill at random. Can be purchased for 250 pearls or 11 for 2500. Avoid these like the plague unless you have researched how to correctly use them and have a low level tier 8 horse you plan to turn into a courser.

Honestly I would just avoid spending the $25 dollars or more on this and buy a courser, take your pick of the hundreds on the market and spend 800 something million. If you’re dead set on making your own courser these are a requirement. Reset mount Growth – I didn’t actually even know this was an item before I started this video, that’s how you know this cash shop is massive.

Okay so apparently this is 1600 pearls, resets your mount to level 1, resetting all the skills and stats. I’m not sure in what world you would want to buy this, I guess maybe someone will find a super obscure reason but yeah, no. Mount all skill training coupon – Another useless overpriced item, 1800 pearls and all this does is train the already learned mount skills to 100%, you can save yourself $18 here and spend an hour doing it yourself, they’re not super hard to level up just takes a bit of time using them repeatedly.

Mount Name Change coupon – 200 pearls, change your mount’s name. Nothing crazy here Horse breeding reset female and male – As you may or may not be aware horses come in different genders, the male horses have the ability to breed twice and the females once. Each horse can be reset once, meaning if you cash shop it up you can have a male breed 4 times and a female twice. The female reset is 640 pearls and the male is 330. Not sure how this makes sense but again, breeding being RNG you’re very likely to waste a lot of money here not getting what you want. You’re much better off avoiding these items entirely. Mount brand spell stone – 500 pearls, works similar to a weapon brand stone, reduces the resurrection cost to 1000 silver and durability consumption on mount gear to 50%, honestly really terrible value and I’d say to avoid this.

Horse appearance change coupon – 600 pearls, does what it says on the tin. Change what your horse looks like to a bunch of pre-sets. Premium horse appearance change coupon – 900 pearls, same thing except this can allow your horse to learn another skill once used. This is actually quite useful if you have a horse that is 1 skill away from being a courser and only has 1 or 2 skills left to learn, it’s still gambling and again I’d say to just buy a horse but it has that use as opposed to the other which is purely cosmetic.

Mount skill training coupon – Same thing as the all skill training coupon except 200 pearls and for a single skill at a time, really come on now. Nope. Extra mount exp scroll – Same as the other exp scrolls, worthless. Horse flute – Comes in 1 day , 7 day and 30 day varients. From 100 300 and 700 pearls respectively. Allows you to hotkey it and call your horse from quite a large distance and it comes running to you or teleports if it’s quite far, has quite a large distance. These are actually super useful and I have a permanent one from the highest tier package of the game I believe it was from…I use it constantly but I’d never be able to justify spending 700 pearls per month on it.

If you can get a permanent one they’re really good, if not just run to your horse. Horse/camel armor sets – These are pretty much the same as outfits, they can be listed on the marketplace but are very very rarely ever actually listed so if you want one you’ll have to probably pay the iron price…Or pearls I mean. 2000 for a set, comes with 4 pieces, the main body piece gives 500 hp, 2% acceleration on the head piece, 500 stamina on the saddle and +2% turn speed on the stirrups. The whole set increases chance to learn a skill on level up for horses by 10% and overall set increases movespeed by 1%. If you’re a horse breeder or trainer you’re going to want one of these purely for the 10% chance of learning a skill. Otherwise cosmetic inspired players will want one too because who doesn’t want a cool looking horse right? Applies the exact same for the camel sets except camels are only used in the desert so much less of an opportunity to use them. Fishing boat skins – They’re just minor buffs for fishing boats and cosmetic changes.

I’ve never used a fishing boat and I’m not sure why you would want to but another niche market I guess. Skin buffs are increase load capacity, speed and turning for overall set. 2000 peals. Not worth in my opinion. Wagon sets – These are the same as the fishing boat skins only for wagons. Wagons are really good for training horses as technically it’s faster to train 4 horses at once than it is to train 1, so the extra 1% speed from this is good for that. At 2000 pearls though I’d say just level your horses 1% slower. Pets The pet section is super straight forward, pets loot items as we’re all aware, 1100 pets usually just look cooler.

Each pet type has a certain passive skill, desert foxes give increased heat resistance in the desert, cats find resources, dogs detect hostile players, hawks detect rare monsters etc etc. The only pets that are super useful other than their main function of looting are the ones I talked about earlier, the polar bear and hedgehog, also the penguin has auto fishing time reduced. Also every pet has a certain type, such as limited, premium, event and classic, pets can only be combined with other pets of the same type with the exception of a wizard gosphy which is a 1650 pearls pet that can do all types. pets can be ranked up from original purchase of tier 1, to tier 2, 3 and 4. To do this you must combine pets and it’s one of the most cost heavy investments to the game. Each rank of pet tier increases the loot speed of the pets, with 4 being really much better than 1 but people generally saying 5x t3 pets are good enough. This is a large investment and should only be done if you’re mega invested in the game or managing to buy them for in game silver on the marketplace in my opinion.

There’s also some pet houses which are just housing items for 400 pearls, they’re just housing furniture purely cosmetic. And some feeding items, you can cook your own feed or buy it for a small fee from the marketplace, avoid this like the plague. Beauty okay so we’re finally at the end, feels like forever. The beauty section of the cash shop only has a few things worth talking about and zero things worth buying in my opinion.

The Merv’s palette comes for free with a value pack so is worthless at 1000 pearls, which is 500 pearls less than a value pack??? Not sure why that’s even in here. Bleach removes dyes for 50 pearls, again you can remove dyes with merv’s palette for free using the value pack. Appearance change coupons for 800 pearls single use and 1000 pearls 30 days…Again this is included in the value pack, I didn’t even know these things were in here and no clue why anyone would buy them. The dye boxes are rng boxes that give 1 time usage dyes.. Avoid this lootbox experience unless you have some serious customisation goals. And finally that’s it. Holy. I’d say if you want to join into BDO I’d consider the game a $50-100 game and that’s your seed money to actually get some enjoyment out of it.

For me is it worth that price? Hell yeah it is, I’ve had thousands of hours of gametime in this no joke. I’ve spent probably close to $400 myself since 2016 and I have no regrets. I’m not a fanboy or anything, I don’t play as much as I used to and pretty much just play for node wars now and afk/lifeskilling for money while I take a break, mostly to work on youtube stuff. But I do still like the game a lot and at that price point I’d say for sure give it a go. If you do plan to start playing, buy the game for 5-10 dollars and test it out, if you feel like the combat is fun and you’re interested then buy some pets and go from there. Thanks for watching guys, I have been kira and you have been an absolute fucking legend if you’re stuck this whole video out. As always please subscribe, leave a like, drop me a comment, let me know what you think of the video and maybe give me some content ideas. I have a few more upcoming videos I think you’ll like, check out the other videos on my channel while you wait and I’ll see you on the next one.