Wizard/Witch/Valk PA, 200% BSR, Nova Ice Wall All Nerfed • New Year Events • Free Season Pet (2020)


What’s up guys Anders here with another Black Desert video, remember to like and subscribe if you haven’t already and hit the bell icon to get notified when I upload my next video. Today we are going to go over this week’s Global Labs patch notes. As always remember Lab server changes usually take 2 weeks to appear on our Live servers assuming the developers are happy with the feedback given. Today we are going to go over this week’s Patch Notes. We have a lot of New Years events including the May Your Dreams Come True event which gives you a one time quest to get a Box Full of Wishes item. The box contains a Merv Palette, and three bundles. The Caphras, Memory Fragment, and Cron Stone bundles can all give you 50 to 100 pieces each. If you grind through the event period you will also get Joyful Pouch of Fortune that can be turned in to the Lara NPC up to 5 times daily.

You will get 7 Million Silver and your choice of a 2 hour buff effective immediately. 10% Item Drop, 50% Skill EXP, or 10% Life EXP. You can also sell the pouches themselves to NPC vendors for 100k silver each. These events will begin on January 1, 2021, so not after our maintenance. The Box Full of Wishes event ends the following day so this Saturday, January 2. The joyful puch event will continue till January 6. We also have a World Boss drop rate increase starting from maintenance till next week’s maintenance. All normal world bosses will receive double drop rate buffs. That’s Karanda, Kzarka, Kutum, Nouver, and Offin. From the 6th of January onwards we will have the drop rates increased for Vell, Stormbringer Karanda, and Garmoth as well till January 20. Good time to not miss out on Vell and Garmoth spawns. Finally we have the Practice Makes Perfect event which will last two weeks from maintenance. Dummy Training will net you 50% more Combat and Skill EXP. You can also purchase Training books from the cash shop with silver at a 50% discount. Good for those pushing Skill EXP and Combat EXP passively. As for the update itself, we have the pearl shop getting some sale for Limited pets and a new gambling box.

You can eventually buy one on New Years for 100 million silver. At the very least you are paying 100 million silver for 100 Crons so it’s a good conversion regardless. At best you get a Premium Outfit Box. The big change this week is to Protected Area and 200% BSR skills. 200% ultis will now have a 30 minute cooldown and PA will no longer give DP+999. It will now give a Damage Reduction +50% buff for the Wizard, Witch, and Valk skill. and 60% Damage Reduction for Mystic’s self-PA. Now you also have a debuff that will be applied to you after receiving the PA effects. The debuff prevents you from receiving a similar effect for 60 seconds. Meaning multiple PA pushes will no longer be possible. Third Rabam skills for all classes have been buffed. Nova will now no longer go into Q block after Face the Darkness, Punishing Trap, Quoratum’s Opening, Quoratum’s Ascension, and COmmand: Rime Ice. Her stamina consumption for jump attacks has been fixed, and you can now use Quoratum’s Opening after Icy Fog is used laterally.

Winter Testudo. her shield wall skill now has a cooldown of 2 minutes and has the duration reduced to 5 seconds. That’s a 50% duration reduction for a 33% CD reduction. Over the span of 10 minutes you could have used Winter Testudo for a period of 30 seconds before this patch. Now you can use it for a total of 20 seconds in the same time frame. The upside in my opinion is that it allows for more reactionary Winter Testudo use, but we’ll have to see the true effects in live node war scenarios. We should see more changes this week on Global Labs. Narcion Hunting got a buff, Mediah mobs now have reduced drop rates on weapon and armor drops, but increased drop rates on silver and trash loot. Season players can now receive a free pet. Go to your Suggested quests tab in your quest window to see where to get started.

There is also a Season specific quest you can start in Velia from the Wharf Manager that will net you some Contribution EXP and a title. And finally, they have added more Season auto quests for more zones in the world. And that’s pretty much it for this one guys. Let me know what you guys think about the Nova Winter Testudo nerf, the PA nerf, and the 200% nerf. Do you think it will impact the way we do group PVP? Let me know in the comments and as always thanks again for watching, thanks for listening. Ill see you all in the next one. Take care..

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