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What is up my guys, Kira here and today I have another episode for my billionaire edition series. This time I’ve been doing the math behind workshops and this is part one of what will probably be a decently lenghty process of mapping out a massive spreadsheet of prices that you can use to earn the maximum money available on your server. So before I get into showing you exactly what I’m talking about, I want to say that the spreadsheet could have bugs and issues so I’ll try not to get to talking about specific numbers to clickbait you like oh you can earn x money by selling y things. This series as with my other videos is about giving you the tools to figure out for yourself how to make the best money at all times on your server.

It’s pretty pointless if I say a blanket statement like, make this thing and you’ll make this money. That’s not how Black Desert works and if everyone followed that advice, you wouldn’t make anything at all. Instead this is a method of me teaching you how to edit this spreadsheet using your servers material and finished item prices to see what is the best thing workshops to use at all times, for the rest of the game’s life.

Obviously there’s a lot of workshops, a lot of math and a lot of money to be made here. So onto the first edition, like I said we will be adding to this overall spreadsheet each episode and eventually I hope to have this totally publicly available with every single item craftable in the game via workshops with as easy to understand numbers as possible and a simple update process. For now this should be able to start you off well.

So today I did Costumes, Refinery and Ship part workshops, t3 and t4. As you can see the tabs at the bottom are labeled for which workshop they are for and then we have the materials tab which we’ll go over throughout the video. For this first part of the video for the sake of simplicity I only included crafts that didn’t require some bound items that required activities outside of regular old gathering or purchasing from the marketplace and these are all EU prices. Also yet to be added is the time to craft each item, so you can work out your silver per hour using specific workers. Okay first up let’s look at the Costume Mill tab. As you’ll notice it’s not a lot of stuff here, you have every life skill outfit craftable from the costume mill, the materials required, the quantity of said material and the price. Over on the right you have the sale price after tax, the cost of the total craft and the cost minus the sale price to give you overall profit.

Now the beer hasn’t been factored into this as of yet but with beer being so cheap overall the difference will be negligible to say the least. I will eventually work that in but for now, this is what we have. So specifically how does the sheet work and what do you need to change? The materials and quantity will not need to be changed, just prices of materials and sale price. So for that we head over to the materials tab. As you can see we have costume mill on the left, these are the base material prices.

If you change any price here, it will update the other spreadsheet thus increasing or decreasing the cost to craft section. On the right you have the Costume Mill Crafted area, this is where we input the price of the finished product which in turn will update the other sheet and give us our sale price after tax. It’s really as simple as that, the math behind the sheet is Material price * quantity = price. Then cost is all price boxes added together, sale price is the crafted item value * by 0.845 to give value pack tax final price and then profit is of course sale price minus cost. As you can see here, life skill costumes are pretty good at current EU prices since they sell pretty easily and with a Advanced life skill clothing goblin you can pretty much pump out 8 per hour, per workshop.

Onto the refinery. Nothing here is remotely profitable on EU right now with current prices except for crafting grade 3 weapon stones and then turning them into ultimate weapon stones but unless the prices on your server are drastically different, I’d avoid refinery right now. I’ve never actually used one so please let me know in the comments if you get more than 1 per craft or some special procs on crafts, if not the refinery seems all in all pretty terrible. But as I said at the start of this guide, this may not be the case for every server and I’m here to provide you the tools to make your own choices to earn the very best possible money and avoid losing it. Now the Ship Part workshop is interesting. As you can see, similar layout to the other two sections except this time split in half. First half is for the t3 workshops and below which you can find in quite a lot of cities and the second being t4 workshop that to my knowledge is only in port epheria.

Here we have a bunch of things that at least on EU aren’t going to be making you much profit but again maybe on another server they are. In the second section we have the specific pieces from port epheria and they’re pretty much all massively profitable, provided you can actually get them to sell and you provide your own sturdy timber squares since they’ll be very hard to buy. Now the question is would you make money money per hour gathering logs and turning them into sturdy timber squares to sell, or crafting these items? I’m not going to go into that yet as eventually that will also be part of this series and part of the overall spreadsheet. This video doesn’t have a lot of content in terms of usual guides which are generally this is how you do something or make this and you make x money. I’m not saying I won’t make guides like that in the future but I think this is a much better format. This works for everyone, on every server, on every day and the only excuse you have for not making money with this is sheer laziness.

All the math is done for you, the spreadsheet is super easy to understand and you literally have to input prices in some boxes on a single spreadsheet to see how much money you can make. Going forward as I expand on this spreadsheet and add all items in every workshop, I’ll be releasing videos show casing the updates and links to the updated spreadsheet and any functionality changes. Eventually the plan is to have every single processing item, every single workshop item, cooking recipes, alchemy recipes etc all in one place, with a single sheet you update prices on in which ever section you want to focus on. Then you can decide if it’s worth it more to gather materials and sell them, process and sell them, use them in a workshop or all of these combined.

With this spreadsheet format you can also reduce the price to 0 for items that you are going to be providing yourself from worker empires etc that have sat in your various banks for a long time collecting dust that are hard to sell. I’m not sure which workshops will be in episode 2 but depending on how much time I get, it’ll be out in the next few days. Thanks for watching as always, subscribe for more content, check out my other guides and videos I have a bunch at this point, from farming to imperial cooking, a new player series, first impressions and reviews on other MMORPGs and more. Drop a like, consider sharing the video, leave me a comment, join me on discord and as always I’ll see you on the next one.


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