Blacklight Retribution Burst Fire Rifle Short Guide


Blacklight Retribution Burst Fire Rifle Short Guide by tradingstation

Burst-Fire Rifle

BR,BFR whateves. Mostly same as AR.

? General shooting
? Mid range firefights

Place it excels
? Depends on the users.

? Does everying.
? 3 round burst. Good rate of fire and shave the stress off your fingers greatly.

? Good at nothing. Other receiver can do something better.
? Bad long range accuracy.
? ADS recoil. Dat 3 round burst. Oh man. Where to start?

? Do not try to sniper duel. You will lose.
? Pratice your aim both hipfire and ADS. BR comes off as accuracy-focused cousin of an AR. Learn it.

? Any automatics with high rate of fire in close range.
? Spread-build LMG will also pummel you in mid range if your aren?t careful with cover.
? Sniping.

? BR use different set of stock attachments.

? Close range? Go holo/red dot.
? Mid range do it all? +-3.00 zoom. Way to go.
? Sniper scope if you want to extend your aim a bit more. But if you wanted to go full-on snipers, make a silent/spread reduction build to go with it. Very accurate.

? Spread ? Focus on reducing recoil.
? CQC ? You liek fast-build? Up to you.
? Max damage ? Up to you again. But don?t ever try to snipe someone with that. You?ll pay.
? Suppressor/silencer ? Reduce recoil greatly. Recommended.
? Light stock ? I don?t understand.

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