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Blacklight Retribution Custom HUD Guide


Blacklight Retribution Custom HUD Guide by fourthdawn

-Recolored ally team to dark blue and dark red for opposing forces.
-Rearranged all HUD elements to the bottom of the screen (HP, score, ammo, etc).
-Increased speed of kill notifications and kill streaks (all will disappear in <1 second).
-Removed item description that appears when switching weapons or gear
-Removed game mode description that appears at the start of the match

Installation Tutorial Video: http://youtu.be/WmtC__lzPrA

Download: Here

Installation instructions:
1.Navigate to -> C:Perfect World EntertainmentBlacklight Retribution OBBlacklight RetributionLiveFoxGameConfigPCConsoleCooked
2.A backup of the file that will be replaced is already available, however, it is recommended to create a backup of the ?FoxHud? file.
3.Replace the ?FoxHud? config file in the listed directory with the file downloaded
4.Launch the game


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