Blacklight Retribution General Guide


Blacklight Retribution General Guide by phasejump

Notice: Contains information from Blacklight Tango Down.


HI, im salomdi. I play blacklight tango down a considerable amount (getting 30+ kills a game in Team Deathmatch), and i thought that i would write a guide for newer players, as not many people seem to realise the full potential of what they give you. I am rank 54 in the game, as i got the game a month after release and it was more difficult to find matches, but since the game has been on sale, it has been a lot better, and a lot more fun.


1. Basics
->1.1 HRV
2. Class setups
->2.1 SMG
->2.2 AR
->2.3 Shotgun
->2.4 Sniper
->2.5 LMG
->2.6 Sidearms
3. Tactics for general gameplay

1. Basics

Bl:TD is a shooter with controls identical to CoD games, so you should be used to the controls already. in this game though, i would recommend staying with the default layout, as there is no way to dropshot (prone isn?t in the game), and a reason that i will come onto later. Another piece of advice, do not lower your sensitivity. If you do it will be near impossible to track people whilst aiming down the sights, as the ADS sensitivity is a lot lower than hipfire sensitivity

Spawns are fixed in this game, and they are guarded by turrets, so you can hide in your spawn, but i wouldn?t recommend it as i personally know many ways to kill you over and over again if you turtle. Also, in the same aspect, it is a lot easier to spawn trap people in this game as if you keep pushing them back, you will eventually push them into their spawn.

Health does regenerate, but only to a certain point. If you want to be healed fully, go to the health stations in the middle of the map. They?re giant crates with red first aid kits in them. Also if you run out of ammo/grenades, head to the ammo box which is normally near your spawn. NOTE: the map ?Slumlord? doesn?t have health crates, but there are ammo crates inside your spawn.

There is no radar, bullet penetration or killstreaks in this game, but they implemented something instead of the radar which is?

1.1 HRV

The HRV (or Hyper Reality Visor) is zombie studios? answer to the radar/UAV that you have in CoD games. You access it by pressing up on the D-pad (below the left analogue stick). What the HRV does is it shows you exactly where the enemy is on your screen, at the expense of your offensive abilities, essentially a legal wall hack, but it is balanced for four reasons:
? No bullet penetration means you cannot wallbang anyone you see on your HRV
? It has a set maximum duration, and has to recharge fully in order for it to be used again
? You cannot take any offensive action whilst using the HRV, but you can evade
? Your character has to hit a switch on their helmet to activate/deactivate the HRV, meaning that you cannot just deactivate and start shooting again immediately if you get caught with your pants down

The HRV is a very powerful tool, and most people don?t use it enough. If you are out of combat, and know that someone wont come round the corner, you should use it. Also, use it whenever you are at the health and ammo stations, so you can plan your attack.

2. Class setups

In general, a good weapon is half the battle in this game. The choice between the types of grenades is arbitrary, and is just preference. Here are some of the classes that i recommend:

2.1 SMG

The SMG is arguably the best weapon in the game if decked out correctly. I have two classes that i use, one for killing, and one for being an irritating ***** in your spawn.
-> AR variant
? Red dot tactical scope
? Extended quick magazine
? Flash break elite muzzle (or the silencer for low levels.)
? (Elite) assault barrel
? Composite stock

The composite stock you unlock for the SMG at lvl 8 and is the best for recoil management in the game. Use this on any slayer class, as it produces very little recoil.
When you are a low level, use the assault barrel, as it is the second most powerful. At lvl 39, switch out for its elite variant as that does more damage.
You always want one of the quick reloading magazines, but the standard magazine is sufficient until lvl 13 when you unlock a quick reload magazine.
The scope is mainly preference, but i find that i have the most success with the red dot tactical. It does mid and long ranges very well, and isn?t horrible at close range, although you should be hip firing.

-> Mobility variant
? Elite sight
? Light magazine
? Any muzzle
? CQB barrel
? Assault stock

With this class, you will be running round the map like Usain Bolt. All pieces of this kit are designed to maximize speed. I couple this kit with the dog tag no. 67 and lighter armour for the maximum possible mobility. Get in there, kill them, and get out. Your weapon isn?t too powerful, but you can out maneuver your opponent. Utilize the speed to stop them from hitting you, ect.

2.2 AR

The AR is very dominant at mid and long ranges. I prefer to equip it as a marksman rifle.

-> Marksman variant
? x2 ACOG tactical sight (combat scope for lower levels)
? (Extended) quick magazine
? Silencer or flash break elite muzzle
? Elite/composite/rail barrel
? Elite/composite stock

The x2 ACOG is my favourite long range sight, but the combat scope isn?t bad for lower levels.
The extended quick mag is preferable, quick mag is a must.
I personaly use flash break elite, but i know that some people prefer the silencer.
The elite barrel will let you do the most damage, but the other two are good low level alternatives.
I have already talked about the composite stock. The elite stock is good for lower level players.

2.3 Shotgun
The shotgun in this game is amazing. It is possible to snipe people with it, but its quite difficult to do so. The gun is also pump action.

-> The ripper
? Open red dot scope
? Any magazine other than the standard one
? Front grip is preferable
? CQB barrel
? Elite or composite stock

The open red dot scope is glitched and tightens the spread of the buckshot slightly.
Do NOT use the standard magazine, its a single reload, and takes forever to reload.
The CQB barrel allows you to do considerably more damage.
Elite stock is more maneuverable than the composite stock, and since the shotty is pump action, recoil management isn?t necessary.

2.4 Sniper

NO. Just? NO. the sniper rifle is only effective on ?Dropzone? and ?Derailer?, where there are very long lines of sight. You can only get one shot kills to the head, and it is therefore only suitable for scout sniping. If you must snipe, there is only one build i can reccomend:

-> Scout
? x10 sniper scope or advanced scope
? Extended quick magazine
? Flash break elite muzzle
? Elite barrel
? Composite stock.

2.5 LMG

NO. NO. NO. NO! The LMG cuts your movement too much. It makes you a really easy target. only use this if you are being spawn trapped and if you do, make sure you max out its damage, its only redeeming feature.

2.6 Sidearms
Use the .45 pistol. The revolver has a horribly slow fire rate and the 9mm is as weak as Justin Bieber. I have only 1 monster kill (5 man multikill) and i got it with the .45 pistol. Its a beast.

-> Beast pistol
? Red dot tactical scope
? Extended quick magazine
? Silencer muzzle

3. Tactics for general gameplay

Be mobile. Jump, strafe, get behind cover, the key to surviving in this game is mobility and cover. With only one exception, you should not be sitting still waiting for a kill. Use your HRV to find out where the enemy is and go engage them, giving yourself the cover advantage. The only time you should stay put is when spawn trapping.

Also, proximity mines make an audible beeping sound, look out for that if you don?t want to die randomly.

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