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Blacklight Retribution Scopes Guide


Blacklight Retribution Scopes Guide by kephaptl

The objective here is to have a preview with and wihout Scope (zooming) while in-game, so Players have a real idea on how much is 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, and how much the Scope itself can narrow the surrouding vision.

Scope: Lightsky L3 AIM Point [Zoom: 0.65] [Level 1]

Scope: TITAN x2.7 Tact [Zoom: 1.30] [DEFAULT]

Scope: MMRS Flip-Up IS2 [Zoom: 1.30] [Level 2]

Scope: OPRL Reflex-2 HOLO [Zoom: 2.00] [Level 18]

Scope: EON-F1 Sight [Zoom: 2.50] [Level 6]

Scope: Krane KAUR-XSi [Zoom: 3.00] [Level 8]

Scope: EMI RiVAL-2 [Zoom: 3.90] [Level 2]

Scope: Frontier X-Light 257 [Zoom: 3.90] [ZEN]

Scope: Krane FP-G38 Modulated [Zoom: 6.00] [Level 1]


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