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Blacklight Retribution Weapon Customization Guide


Blacklight Retribution Weapon Customization Guide by marto581

This is not a perfect guide, I will just cover the Assault Rifle and SubMachine guns for now, as I have not played anough with the Combat Rifle, LMG, Burst, or Bolt Rifles. You can expect a LMG and BaR guide soon.

List of Stats

Spread: This is how accure your gun is and how much will the crosshair open when you shoot. Vital for every gun, especially the SMG.

Damage: You know what this does, don?t you?

Recoil: How much your crosshair will go up and down when you fire.
Vital for the AR and almost usless for the SMG.

Range (Thanks to Zombie Dev @AndyKipling): The ranges at which the gun does normal damage. The first number tells you the distance where the damage drops, and the second number tells you the distance where the damage is virtually zero.
this is what happens if the range displays ?X/Y?.


Where O is your gun. If the enemy stands between O and X, the gun will do 100% damage. The damage will start to drop beyond X and if the enemy stands beyond Y, the damage will be zero

This is a list of the upgrades and what they do

Muzzle: Muzzles improve your Spread, Damage, and Range (In that order). Some muzzles reduce all these three but provide you with stealth.
Best Muzzle: Without a doubt the Vulcan QDSS-9. If you are using a Bolt Rifle I recomend a supressor, as the damage is already high enough, plus, the Bolt rifle sound is like the mating call of knifers, just waiting for a sniper to be distracted.

Barrel: Barrels boost your Damage, Range, Spread, and Speed (In that order). This part is important, but if you wish to use the free one thats ok. Unlike the muzzle that is a MUST.
This is mostly user preference, so I wont tell you which one is the best. If you use a barrel that does not have a front sight piece, you MUST get a red dot, holo, or closed scope.
Try to choose a front sight that has high contrast colors, like orange.

Scopes: This part SLIGHTLY boosts your Range and Spread (In that order), besides giving you zoom.
Open scopes are like you starter one, you just right click to activate.
Closed scopes have a big delay between the click and when the scope is actually positioned. But when using this the muzzle flash is almost invisible, plus, they offer good zoom.
I recommend you use the one that looks comfortable. What I don?t recommend are the Open+Zoom scopes, most of them block your screen too much. The best Close Quarter Combat scopes are the Holo scopes, but they are high level, so the Red dot is the best option for starters. Make sure you get a nice barrel.

Stock: This piece boosts your Recoil and Speed (In that order). This is VITAL for an AR, as you will not be able to get long range kills without a good stock.
There?s no clear difference between the high and light stocks, yet. I?m sure the devs will give us somethng zoom.
Best stock: Krane STI-01 and TSAMA-CQC, they are the exact same thing.

Reciever sugestions

Assault Rifle (AR): The default AR has high recoil, regular damage, regular spread, and regular range. For this, I recomment you to get a really good Stock, as the recoil reduction allows you to spray at long ranges instead of burst firing.

Submachine Gun (SMG): The default SMG has very low recoil, regular damage, high spread, and short range. It?s of vital importance for you to get a good Muzzle and Barrel, that way you will be able to get kills even on very long ranges. Long barrels will make your gun less effective on range and short barrels will make it more effective. For SMG you can ignore getting a good Stock, as yor recoil is almost zero.

Combat Rifle (CR): The spread is perfect, almost 100% accuracy. Try to get the higher damage you can get, and the best stock you can get. If you wish to use the extended ammo, which I really recomment if you like rusing to the points, get the lighter parts you can get. You can ignore any range or spread boosts, they are usless for this reciever.

Burstfire Rifle (BfR): Same recomendations than the CR, but this time, the extended ammo is not that useful.

Light Machine Gun (LMG): Soon

Bolt action Rifle (BaR): Soon

[Warnings when customizing!

?The BfR and CR have no frontal scope piece, so you MUST use a Red Dot, Holo, Closed, or Zoom scopes. For no reason attempt to use a Rail scope.


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