Blackshot Official FAQ


Blackshot Official FAQ by Hitokiri

Q1: How can I delete characters in BlackShot Online?
A 1: You can?t.
A 2: Alternatively, you can create second character within the same account.
A 3: You can reset your name and score points via in-game Premium items.

Q2: What is the difference between Garena BlackShot Online,Outspark BlackShot and
A 1: Outspark has the license for US and has the license for Europe, hence they will be the one publishing the game to US/EU players. Garena BlackShot Online is catered for South East Asia players and others residing outside of US/EU.
A 2: Garena BlackShot Online is now the latest version and commercialized. Outspark will launch at a later stage. However, their version should not differ too much from ours.
A 3: It is currently not allowed/possible for U.S/EU players to play in Garena version.

Q3: When a hacker cheats in BlackShot Online, will he/she be banned?
A 1: Yes. So please don?t cheat!
A 2: The ban is on Blackshot + Garena account. For more information, please read
A 3: To ?revive?, you need GGS (GG Shell) to buy the unban card.

Q4:Can I pick-up Grenade on the floor? If yes, how?
A 1: Yes. You must equipped with ?Extra Grenade slot? and clear all Grenade before you can pick up any.
A 2: To get ?Extra Grenade Slot?, you need to purchase it from the Shop using BP.

Q5: My account got hacked, What can I do?
A: You can send us an email at with your IGN, Garena UID, the verified email and any recent GS purchase reciept and please read! for better protection to your account! Alternatively, do read up for more ways to retrieve your account.

Q6: Why can?t I leave the clan? / Why can?t I kick a member out of my clan?
A: There will be a penalty for leaving clan:
? As a clan member, it will cost you 6,000 BP if you should leave the clan.
? As a clan master, it will cost you 6,000 BP if you dismiss a clan member.
? No cost will incurred to clan master if a member choose to leave the clan.
? No cost will incurred to the member if the clan master choose to dismiss you from clan.

Q7: What is a Garena UID that some people are asking me to provide for the moderators and how can I find them?
A1: A Garena UID is a unique number given to registered Garena account. The Image below shows you how you can find your Garena UID.

*Image credits to EldonChew*

Q8: Why is my shell displayed as 0 in BlackShot?
A1: Sometimes when billing server has problem, you cannot purchase any item and the shell amount is displayed as 0. It is a temporary display issue. You can always log in to check your amount. Thanks.

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