Blade & Soul 6v6 FM Guide – Force Master By: Iconic Stuff


Fire Spec?-?Meme Spec

Talents :


Soul Badge: This soul badge will heal you by 20% HP after using Phoenix Fire?46ab1de73b911169e2a4abcb7163a5f6.png


This spec can be mainly used low elo since most people dont fully pay attention to the asteroid which is your main ability that you use this spec for. Fire FM you pretty much just chill in the back and spam your asteroid fc2124533b31e51b3b6dc60ac0a5cb9b.png. Unlike Ice spec you cant spam block so the only way to parry anything will be your fire tab.?92b57e421a1325fc0aa99720d34ce938.png?The other big abilities you want to also use if you have to and waiting for your asteroid to come off cooldown is your Shadow Grasp ab88669446c9eca18d067fbda77dd46c.png?and Inferno?2931d7f0c24b56107dcffe79bf4bd2e6.png

Phoenix Fire?46ab1de73b911169e2a4abcb7163a5f6.png, Divine Veil?e8e1b8928fe5f030f286dc3ad12c49ad.png , and Frost Sheath af1142eb184ac279202f1436b1684aa0.png?are going to be your main stall abilities and you want to make sure that you take full advantage of what they all do so you aren’t just a sitting duck waiting for your main ability to come back.

Ice SpecThe reason people hate FM



Soul Badge: This soul badge allows your dual dragon?456f32e05f204992a16a3a1dbe18e021.png?to become available when you use shadow grasp?ab88669446c9eca18d067fbda77dd46c.png


Skills you want to disable:?e696b31f77f15d1d963af520f5ee9f12.png? ??40bc2d7f41f313769a8b46c03a0fbdda.png

This the spec that everyone hates with a passion and that reason is for 2 things. Chill stacks?32b5264a082247529a57f7db7241abf9.png?and Frost Tornado?122e5c000f57d0c292dfdf2893bfcd18.png

Many classes have approach skills that follow with an aerial and will most likely cause your death. To stop that you need to apply chill stacks to them as much as possible so that disables that from them and they cant use approach skills.

The skills that apply chill stacks: Flash Freeze?7346e890c0a9844d5fd5627163fe220a.png, Avalanche 73f4e020ea70b7d9c5700781dd1b1b85.png, Force Blast 9b558b529d571039e6ba4bff8637ab3e.png, Frost Palm?87f26ad84acd085f635abc14a11b13d3.png, Frost Tornado 122e5c000f57d0c292dfdf2893bfcd18.png, Ice Coil 27eb880e1fc72fac4f81ddb4967307ca.png, Back Step?a288081a90b22b94c1bc6c035e1c4875.png, and Glacier?0d20a05a51c6dc587c77820e126a9a01.png

To make people lose their minds even more, we give off chill stacks in our passive so that also can help you out if you are in the middle of fighting.?1de303f32438fab10a8ddef7fda6711c.png

Another use for the chill stacks is another form of CC. Once you get enough chill stacks on someone (3), the Chill?c1a89238983b6e9834842b14033a3396.png?turns into Freeze?73aca22a6cd01037e59e84e3c8543b82.png. Once this happens, you are able to use impact?63f4e21180e4a8c5c969070a6c706056.png?to daze and do a small knock back to them.

Also make sure to make full use of the skill Impact?63f4e21180e4a8c5c969070a6c706056.png?by using it as much as possible. Again melee classes use approach skills so its possible to stop that by using this ability and timing it right.

The main abilities you will be using is Frost Tornado?122e5c000f57d0c292dfdf2893bfcd18.png and Dual Dragon 456f32e05f204992a16a3a1dbe18e021.png?to do the bulk of your damage. Tornado is also useful because it disables defense skills and shreds people.

On this spec, the tab in fire stance is Ice Shield?a47a008ed4e4c586ddba19bf2368e0c3.png. It gives you a shield thats 35% of your hp and it lasts for 5 seconds. Thats just the bonus though. The main reason for this ability is so that there is no cast time for Frost Tornado 122e5c000f57d0c292dfdf2893bfcd18.png and you are able to use them whenever you need to get them off.

Extremely useful all around. Shreds bubbles that last for a certain amount of hits, makes it so classes cant spam block, and also stacks chill stacks fast. Dual Dragon 456f32e05f204992a16a3a1dbe18e021.png?is the ability you want to have up when people are either in the air or CCed and unable to move so you can get off massive free damage.


Shadow Grasp?ab88669446c9eca18d067fbda77dd46c.png?is another ability that can help you control the flow of certain fights. This ability has a 5m AoE and pulls people to the middle of it 5 times. This ability can make it so people have to use their iframes to escape which works in your favor or they sit in it not being able to move while you get off damage especially since it also gives them -80% movement speed debuff for 3 seconds each time they take a hit from it.

Soul shield wise there are 3 different builds most people use. All 8 Set PVP shield, 5 Set PVP 3 Set ET, and 8 Set ET. The more you lean towards the ET shields, the more damage your Dual Dragon 456f32e05f204992a16a3a1dbe18e021.png?is going to do.

Just like Fire Spec you want to use Divine Veil e8e1b8928fe5f030f286dc3ad12c49ad.png?and Frost Sheath af1142eb184ac279202f1436b1684aa0.png?to stall but with this spec you also have Frost Armor ac19aa50ba489d122e414d402e635014.png?which also gives you 15% hp recovery just for using it.

As far as gear, the idea setup you want to use is:

b2add6f9452a9b680b3d582dd72bff9d.png?- Wraithbringer Ring

ac0f3884137b1ee017a2f2d2638c2ba4.png?- Celestial Emperor Earring

90b1d10aae57fd99853596e64cb79e39.png? – Kingmaker Necklace

4022581a7316a16317f6a706c6c42caa.png?- Wildsong Bracelet (CC)
2502c2d91aaf3e763034ee1d895537bb.png?-?Conflux Belt
449ed1132c3f3c5272fcb1d35c4acad5.png?-?Suncatcher Gloves (H0)

Points can be changed around how you like but you need at last 50 in defense at the bare minimum, but 80 is also an option if you have enough points. Depending on if youre going tank or damage build will decide how many points you put in offense, 10-20 will be fine.

These items can be changed out as far as you can take out some of the PVE accessories with some of the PVP accessories and you will be a bit harder to kill but your damage will fall off pretty hard. Pretty much the more PVP items you use, the more hp you’ll have and it’ll be easier to stall, but your killing potential will lower.

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