Blade & Soul Wind BD progression – Blade Dancer By: tsukiyoFM




1. Throughout researching in forum for wind blade dancer, there are 3 item are essential daage contributor:

a) Skyrift Mystic Badge – get from Celestial Basin Peach exchange

b) Eternity Soul Badge (can go for Alluvion as well) – dragon express / mushin tower exchange

c) 3 Offals for HM Z (Whirling scourge) – Twisted Grimhorn + Gloom Incursion + Shattered Mast (or get from pvp merchant which I don’t)

Is there any other source of getting it ? or any of the above has wrong info ? (my personal priority would be Skyrift>HMZ>Eternity)

Answer:? Sadly pvp is the fastest and safest way of getting those? items for skills. You dont need to win all the time just do pvp daily q, collect beans and buy bravery tokens and buy skills. It will take time but you will get it eventualy. Also daily dash gives bravery coins and this event also where you get from event dung canonball and quite offen it gives bravery coin chest. From pve those items drop chance is almost non exist. Or you can spend 15 eur/dolars and buy dualist bundle.

2. Currently having Baleful Stage6, but other equipment are main story reward.(mostly purple grade)?So I?have no idea which to aim first.

Most people say go for dragon bracelet, but currently it kinda of out of league for me.

Answer: For weapon you dont right to get balefull however to fully get your dmg you will need raven as fast as posible. That will increase your dps by a lot. As for braclete i dont know as i am rerolingto lightning so cant say for wind now.

3. What role does a Wind BD play in a party ? DPS seems not strong enough to compete, there aren’t much buff for party, seemingly sad.

Answer: BD? roles in pt is same both lightning and wind its dps+pt protection. True dmg of wind bd comes from almost end game gear. WHen you get raven weapon,Black tower wind accesorys and vt ss.

4. Where should I farm for gold ? I suppose materials are all from dungeon. I’m short on gold (after purchase one of the offal)

Currently complete daily challenge, mushin tower until 15F, other dungeon such as mushin tower until 15F, and some ?other dungeon such as Shattered Mast, Ebondrake, Gloom, Sogun, Desolate Tomb,peach farming. Can we earn money from crafting ? which lead to the next question.

Answer:? Sadly there is no fast way of getting materials or gold in game when you are new player. Only way is to sink real money into game. I am old player and have 8 chars with which i do weekly chalange and with mains raids and dc. As for dungeons your are doing good. Do these ones every day for gold and materials:

mushin tower until 15,? Shattered Mast, Ebondrake, Gloom, Sogun, Desolate Tomb, Naryu Foundery, Naryu sanctum, heaven mandate. you can use this video as guide hat to do after finishing story.?


5. I have forgekeeper & Soul Warden (or radiant ring), but I couldn’t see what is good for craft and could be sell. Any recommendation ? (best if listed out as from small earning to huge earning)

Answer: Sadly there is not many craft porfitable to be selling. in forgge keeper you can craft transformation stones and sell them to get gold but you will use your upgrade materials for crafting tham. Crafting is mostly for your personal use for upgrading.


6. What gem should I get/aim for ? And how to upgrade them efficiently ? (I only see triangular gems from dungeon so far)

Is crafting good for obtain them, or just wait for them to drop naturally ? or get from currency exchange/dragon express ?

(I saw crafting guild only have Diamond gem available)

?Answer : Good gems you can only get from dragon express. Dungs drop only crap gems. From dragon express you have 2 options: get gems with solar energys (30 solar energy=1 pentgonal gemm) or buy with gem poweders. For gems look at that video i posted before its talks whats better and how to get there as well 🙂


7. Is there any viable WIND BD build for that ?

Cant help you with that i useed lighning for pvp

Build (trainable skill)

8. I currently playing Guardian Tempest instead of Whirling Scourge because I?haven’t got HMZ, but I?feel really dependant of it for survival.

I also use pulling dual strike. I tried using Whirling Scourge + RESIST dual strike, but feel it isn’t that reliable. Any good advice on iframe utilisation ?

(There are alot of instances I?missed my iframe using Q/E because too far to use)

Answer:? FOr iframing q/e/ss and your tab and hm block should be enough you need just to learn bosses atack patterns thats all. Will get it in time 🙂

Hopefully someone can shed some light on how to upgrade efficiently.

Answer: FOr upgrading look at that video again 😀

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