Good day everyone!
Here I will be explaining how to avoid the IP block on Bless Online RU.
As we all know, all players, who are NOT from Russian Federation or Commonwealth of Independent States (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc), will be IP-blocked, so it wouldn’t be possible to play there.
I am originally from Russia, but living in China, so I faced the same problem like all of you. But I found the solution, which is VPN application. I won’t be explaining all technical details, because I am not good at it, but you can search it on Google, if you want.
There are many VPN applications, you can download and use any, I am using ExpressVPN. It isn’t free, but the application is safe and many of my friends have recommended it to me. For further details you can check out this link:
Secondly, I would recommend you the WTFast. This application just will make you gaming experience much more enjoyable, rather than playing with 200ms+ ping and cursing everything when someone just won a duel against you. Many of you probably heard about this one, but me telling you about it woudn’t be completely pointless, once again, I am showing you my way to make your time playing Bless on Russian servers fun. :) For further details you can check out this link:
As for the VPN, everything is simple. You open it, click on “Search”, look for Russia or any of Commonwealth of Independent States and press connect. It will take few seconds. and then your IP is changed and you can start the game.
But I will also explaing how to use VPN with WTFast together, so you can both avoid IP-block and enjoy smooth low ping connection with server.
1. After you connected to the VPN (for example I connected to Kazakhstan, because it is closer to China) open WTFast.

2. Log in to you account
3. You see, you can choose Custom or Listed games. As the Bless Online is new, the developers of WTFast haven’t added it the list, so we have to use “Custom”, then press “Add”.
4. You will see the following window. In the first section call it Bless RU, for example, it doesn’t really matter and won’t affect anything. Therefore, for the “Game executable file”, choose the .exe file for bless in the folder where you have it installed. As 101xp is running this game in Russia, they have the launcher you should download, so we choose “with Launcher” and choose the .exe file the 101xp launcher. If not, the game will simply not run. Then press OK.
5. For network settings, we choose Manual (never liked automatic anyway) and you choose Russia. I don’t really know which server, but I press “(choose best)”, guessing the app will sort it by ping. Then we press “PLAY”.
6. The app will run the 101xp launcher, where you have to press green button with Russian “start game”.
7. The whole trick is that, you need to use VPN just to log in into server, but to play the game, you don’t need it. So as soon as the game started running, the game guard downloaded and you see the black screen saying about gaming age restriction, you can switch your vpn off.
8. Enjoy playing the game.

About VPNexpress… I am not saying in this guide JUST to use that one, I just showed my way and that I am using right now, because some of my guildmates have been using other ether vpns and today they got some problems with it. Hope it will help you enjoy Bless Online among Russian community. Thank you for the attention.

Hope I made not that many mistakes, the whole text took me around 15-20 minutes, didn’t have time to check such minor details, so don’t judge


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