In the BLESS tutorial, the fatigue system is outlined. Essentially, do perform many of the core functions of the game, you will consume a daily resource. Once your resource is consumed, you cannot do those things until the next day.

This essentially feels like the Fatigue mechanic in ArcheAge.

Here’s what we know:

  • “Fatigue ” is account-wide, not per character.
  • There is a maximum cap on the amount of resource you can have.
  • When you enter dungeons, tame mobs (mounts, pets, minions), craft, gather, queue up for the two RVR “battlegrounds’, and do minion missions, you consume the fatigue resource. (Full list at bottom of post.)
  • Gems can be used to temporarily allow you to have higher than the limit cap (e.g. 395/240) and manually replenish Fatigue.

Fatigue Replenishment

  • You do not have to be online to regain resource and is automatic, regaining a certain amount each day.
    • The regen is 1 Fatigue every 10 minutes (6 per hour; 144 per day).
  • To regen Fatigue faster, cash shop gems can be used to purchase replenishment.
    • Currently, it’s 1 Gem = 1 Fatigue for the first purchase.
    • The second and third purchases go up (as do probably all of the remaining replenish purchases).
    • You can replenish 60 Fatigue 20 times per day, spending an unknown max on gems.

Current (and Assumed) Costs For Activities Requiring Fatigue


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