Currently there are two types of enhancing your items ingame. It is only available to some items – currently only to lvl 45 Epic (Purple) Items. It is possible that later on more items get added with these effects.

You can access the menu to enhance your item/change the effects by clicking on the following icon in the tray:

The menu looks like this:

The options are:

  • Changing attributes
  • Change annotations (additional effects)
  • Item Potential opening/awakening

Items which are suited for Enhancement need their Potential unlock. Items with additional effects do not need to be unlocked to change their effects. Items with either one or both of these options look like this:

Red = Potential Level, currently not awakened
Green = Additional effect, here the effect is “Magic Resistance: Experience – Increases Magic Armor by 1%”.

Potential Awakening

To awaken the potential within an item you need to select the third option from the Enhancement Menu and drop your item into the slot, as seen below:

You also need one of those purple crystals. I think the awakening is randomly as I needed three crystals to unlock my ring and two to unlock my shield.

After the awakening the enhancement menu looks like this:

You can now select the first option and the third is locked as the item is already awakened.

Attribute Change

Select the first option and this menu appears:

You can pay Gems or the currency to randomly select the attributes in the given range. Once you hit the button the window changes (will include pictures later) where you can either choose the current attributes or the new random attributes (if they are better). Once you select your attributes your item looks like this in comparison to the original item:

Item (no change) Item (changed)

Item potential : Awareness
Attribute change was applied 5 times.

Annotation/Effect change:

Hit the 2nd options to change the additional effect:

The current effect on my ring is:Magic defense: Experienced – which increases the Magic Armor by 1%. The possible stats from the right are:

  • Magic Defense
  • Resistance
  • Healing
  • Magic Absorption
  • Attack Power

Every stat has the format <attribute>: 숙련. 숙련 = Experienced/Skill/….

Not sure if you can enhance these stats also, will update if I know more.

Currently the addtional stats are only on the Jewelry. Weapons and Armor don’t have it at the moment. (The ones we can get)


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