Here’s what we know thus far!

1. Mounts exist to make transportation faster and are in two categories: ground or flying.

2. Taming/obedience is the system used to obtain mounts, though some mounts are from quest rewards or mount shops.

3. Each mount has their own icon you can put in your skill bar to summon them.

4. Apparently mounts cannot be used in combat, when underwater, when character is dead, or when the character is forced off the mount.

5. Each mount comes with an action bar and mount skills require energy to activate, IF the mount has any skills.

6. Mounts can have two types of skills: player-activated and passive.

7. Mounts have 5 ranks: general (white), advanced (green), rare (blue), heroic (purple), and legendary (yellow/gold). Here’s how to improve the rarity of a pet:

  • Open mount UI.
  • Select the mount you want to upgrade.

  • Click Upgrade button.
  • Now, drag and drop a mount from your Pet list that matches the same rarity (e.g. Green mount requires another Green mount).

  • Click Upgrade.
  • If it fails, you gain a small percentage bonus to your next attempt.
  • If you succeed, that pet automatically becomes the next higher rarity.
  • The main reason to improve the rarity of a mount is to add an additional skill slot!
  • White, green, and blue mounts can have 1 skill. When improved to Epic quality, the mount has two skill slots available.

8. There are also mount levels. Regardless of the level of the mob you tamed, it automatically becomes Level 1 once tamed.

  • Pets level up by being strengthened (combining any two minions together). Do that enough times, the minion will increase its level.
  • This process works just like upgrading the rarity.
  • Select the pet you want to upgrade and click Strengthen button.

If successful, the pet will gain progress in its experience bar toward the next level.

  • Once a pet has reached enough experience to gain a level, you will be notified of the level up!
  • Mounts can probably reach level 20+ because pets can. However, it takes MUCH more XP to level up a mount than it does a pet (about 4-5x more XP). I do not know what the actual mount cap is.

  • For every 5 or so levels that a pet increases, the skill bonuses also improve! For example, My level 4 pet had +2% speed bonus. Reaching level 5, that went up to 3%.

10. The fatigue cost per attempt to train a mount is 5, but it can often take a few to several attempts.


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