Greetings. This guide is a written translation from a Russian YouTuber DANETAComilfo, who made this wonderful video explaining and breaking down the rune system in Bless. All the information and screenshots belong to the original creator, and the translation was done by me with the aim to help the NA/EU communities! Enjoy.


On the Korean servers at the moment, the slots for runes appear only on gear that is level 46 and above. However, level 46 is said figuratively, as the only gear that can carry runes is 50.
At the moment, the maximum number of rune slots in one piece of gear is 2, but only in Chest, Pants, and Two-Hand Weapon gear. In other gear such as jewelry, and One-Handed Weapons, there is only one possible rune slot.

A/N: The rune system is a new system that was introduced with the level 50 content patch. The NA version of the game will most likely have the old-school enchantment system where you enchant gear directly, and the rune system will only be added at level 50.

What kinds of runes are there?

All runes are divided by: Type, Grade, and Enchantment.


Attack runes: Red and Blue triangles pointing upward. There are 9 different attack runes in the game, and all of them have a base Attack attribute. Blue runes have base Magic Attack stat, and Red runes have base Physical Attack stat. Then, depending on the type of rune and the image ingrained in the crystal, the second attribute varies. The 9 different attributes of all possible Attack runes are:

  • Red: Melee Accuracy, Melee Crit Chance, Attack Speed, Additional Physical Attack.
  • Blue: Magic Precision, Magic Crit Chance, Casting Speed, Additional Magic Attack.
  • Red/Blue combined: a half blue half red triangle rune that has both Physical and Magical Attack attributes.

Defense runes: Green triangles pointing downward. There are 6 different defense runes in the game, and all of them have a base Max HP attribute. The second variable attributes on defense runes are:

  • Green: Dodge, Magic Resistance, Parry, Block Chance, Physical Armor, Magic Armor.


There are 3 Grades of runes: Green, Blue, and Purple. The color in this case is corresponding to the text of the rune, rather than the picture of the triangle. Runes of the Green grade give the least attribute stat numbers, Blue grade gives slightly higher stat numbers, and of course Purple runes have the highest stat numbers.


The maximum enchantment level for runes in Bless is +12. Depending on the Grade of the rune, the material needed to enchant the rune changes as well. The color of the material needed to enchant the rune is the same as the rune’s Grade (green material for green runes, and so on). More about the process below.

Rune placement.

As long as you have a piece of gear that has at least one rune slot, you can put in and remove runes as many times as you want, without any penalties or restrictions, for free, without the runes breaking or damaging. Perhaps this is a gift from Bless to the players, since acquiring the best runes and enchanting them is a tough process.

Rune enchantment.

In order to enchant a rune to +2 for example, you will need 2 absolutely identical runes – in Grade, Type, and level of Enchantment, as well as one catalyst (for example if you want to enchant a Purple rune to +2 you must have two Prurple +1 runes). There are 4 kinds of catalysts that you will need to fully enchant a rune. From +1 to +2 you need Lesser Catalysts, from +3 to +5 you need Medium Catalysts, from +6 to +8 you need Large Catalysts, and from +9 onward you need Highest Catalysts. Also, each Catalyst type is divided into grades, to enchant each appropriate rune Grade, so you need to pick them by Grade color as well.

The process of enchanting a rune is as follows: open the enchantment window and place your runes, and the appropriate Catalyst in the slots, and then press the button at the bottom to enchant. The amount of runes and catalysts you put into the slot won’t change the success rate, it will always only consume 2 runes and 1 catalyst out of each stack. Up to +3 the success rate of enchantment is guaranteed, but further on, you may have a chance to fail and lose everything. There are currently no items in the game that allow you to increase your chance of success.

Where to get runes?

  • Auction house, of course.
  • Elites drop Green runes.
  • Dungeon and Raid bosses drop various runes.
  • Weekly PvP rank.
  • Certain +1 runes, as well as boxes that drop a random purple rune can be bought from an NPC for special currency that you receive for breaking down level 45 purple gear.
  • Guaranteed purple runes can only be obtained through high PvP rank, or through Guild Merchant for owning territory.
  • Korean developers constantly have promotions and events where they send you many boxes with random runes, even purple.

There are no ways of crafting runes.


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