Yo Z Clan how are you all doing? Welcome to my Bless Online video. If you are new and you Subscribed welcome to Z Clan and I’m GamerZsoul. Now just wanna point out that this is NOT a guide or additional information video. This is more of a Question Answer Video. We all know by now that Bless Online Steam Version will differ a lot from the bless online Korean and other versions that were made. So it is pretty hard to select your first character since there is a very small amount of information about skills, talents, gear sets and other stuff.

Now I’m picturing my first character to be a Tank or Supporter. The only Bless Online Classes I see now that match my needs are the Guardian or Paladin classes. And I just can’t make up my mind. So I would like to ask you for your feedback and who would you select if you were to be in my position. Please do comment down below on your opinion. And by the way, have you already decided who are you going to play as? So I’m thinking between Guardian class and Paladin Class.

Guardians would be the perfect Tanks with core features and abilities for Defense, Close Combat, Protection and Provoke. They use One-handed Swords, Shields and Heavy Armor. nd according to Bless Online Gamepedia, they can also be good Damage Dealers. Now, Let us take a look at Guardian Combat Preview video provided by the Official Bless Online YouTube channel. Now! These are some pretty cool moves. What are your thoughts on Guardian and are you planning to play as him? Now Paladin class is the second class I am looking at, but honestly speaking I’m like 70% sure that I will play as a paladin.

Since I always wanted to have my main character more of support style and a little bit of tanking abilities. Paladins should do the trick. Since I will able to use Healing abilities buffs and debuffs and on top of everything else I can use Heavy Armor and Shield for protection. This is going to be Epic. Now let us take a look at the Paladin Combat Preview video also provided by the Official Bless Online YouTube channel. By the way, if you want to watch to full video of the Guardian Combat Preview I have all the links in the video description. Now, let us take a look at the Paladin.

I hope you have enjoyed this video! And if you did don’t forget to subscribe and leave that Like. If are able to share this video somewhere on the Media please do so. So, Are you going to play Bless online? What class are you going to play for? And once again thank you for watching. You all have a good morning/day or night wherever you guys are located at.

And I’m gamerZsoul if you have subscribed. Welcome to Z Clan. Bye…..

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