What’s good.. It’s Fevir. Today we’re going to touch on a bunch of different game related things.. Starting off with something insanely positive and that’s the Adaptive Xbox Controller. Without trying to go hyper politically correct.. it’s a controller meant for people with disabilities- physical or otherwise.. people whom have a hard time using standard controllers to play games. The way it kind of works is it acts as a hub that allows you to connect and set up different manner of buttons, pressure pads, joysticks, foot pedals.. or whatever works to be able to adapt and customize a controller that around their limitations.. bind the start key to a pad that you hit with your elbow or your movement to a joystick you control with your foot. On the microsoft website there are also some manner of hardware designed for more challenging input methods.

This caught me by surprise.. I don’t even have an Xbox I don’t follow Xbox stuff, I mainly stick to PC mmorpgs.. but it’s not even common for games to have all colorblind options or enlarged text options… so I wouldn’t have expected this.. and it hit me a kind of way.. I don’t talk about myself often but I come from a big family and one of my siblings could make great use of this.. and while I don’t want to talk for any group..

Or even my brother.. it’s crazy because in his case.. it was harder to go out and do stuff.. so entertainment and socializing that could be done at home was a big thing.. and so gaming was big thing.. and when we were kids I was a pretty shitty big brother but even still.. the look on his face or the demeanor the frustration.. when he discovered he just could not play something he wanted to, not for a lack of trying.. it still stings to think about. The post on the website goes more in detail with some stories on the development of the device.. how it impacts specific people and their stories attached to it. It’s a really wholesome, positive post to read through if you have the time. Obviously.. there are also other cool things that people may be able to do with something like this.. Rude-ism is kind of known for hacking control schemes.. here he is playing Overwatch with bananas – and this being Xbox branded means it might also have integration into PC easily. But this is nothing but positive.

It may not impact you at all.. it might be a gamechanger for others.. a reason to not only buy but to support the Xbox. I’m sure there are some people who will try to find an angle to make this negative.. it’s why comments are closed. OK.. shifting gears away from something you never would have imagined I’d cover.. let’s now talk about some new information for Bless Online. In a steam post released last night they detailed what is actually included in the premium subscription. Amongst the list.. the things that stick out are the 20% boosts that range from currency conversion to experience gain to gold gain.. as well as a 10% market tax reduction. Essentially you are going to be 20% more efficient in what you do.. even though I know people will over react.. the game this soft subscription most closely resembles is Black Desert’s Value Pack and I say that because Bless will have a post level cap method of on-going progression..

A long tail of chasing more and more experience and is utilizing the same fixed price ranges for their auction house or market pricing and tax breaks in tandem with that can be weird because it can make using the market not viable for some things or have no impact what-so-ever.. time will tell. It’s also important to realize like Black Desert.. the game also has a host of additional boosts and buffs that come from gameplay.. so if you have a pet that gives you 100% increased experience.. unless it’s a post equation 20% multiplicative value.. you’re looking at 200% xp vs 220% xp with means you’re much less than 20% efficient.. and each additional way to boost makes it less and less relevant.. BUT THEN.. dungeon points and conversions..

These look like they might have time gates attached so you might just be 20% ahead in a limited resource… but for me.. especially with the dungeons – being able to run 20% less of the same dungeons over and over and over and over again.. will keep me sane. My take as always.. is if a game has a ‘soft’ subscription. Basically.. the game is a subscription game with a free version.. you’re going to save way more than $15 worth of your time a month, easily, with this. However it’s done in a way that won’t make the game unfun if you don’t have it.. but I can’t imagine a competitive player not picking this up and your time would be much better spent hustling to make $15 in real life than trying to make up the difference in game.

No real surprises here – pretty fair as far as this stuff goes. Still talking about Bless .. something rather rad happened. There was quite an outcry about the $200 founder’s pack.. and that has now been reduced in price to $150.. and I didn’t mention it earlier because it was silly. But they were also offering a premium customer service with that pack.. and they have chosen, again because of the.. harsh, feedback – to remove that entirely. So now we just wait on the details of Lumena and the cash shop.

NOW – a little late .. but there was an announcement for a ‘new’ Monster Hunter – Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. This is coming out to the Nintendo Switch on August the 28th. I’m a big monster hunter fan.. I’ve actually already played this game because you could get your hands on the foreign version of Monster Hunter XX .. which is essentially the same thing. This game will be incredibly interesting to watch.. because.. Monster Hunter World if it did anything was show people how rad this franchise and genre is. The thing is though.. Monster Hunter World.. besides being visually impressive and a step ahead of all the other games that have roots in way less powerful devices .. was incredibly content light comparatively. You just compare the 31-32 monsters in Monster Hunter World with the nearly 100 Monsters that will appear in this game…

With that comes the weapons and armor types and a level of customization.. or flare to the fighting styles of each weapon. I hope the excitement for World transfers over and they get a taste of how much deeper they can fall in love with something. Some smaller.. faster news headlines that were interesting Battlechasers: Nightwar has been released on the Switch and as I thought when I did my review on the game a while back.. this type of game works so well on the Switch and has been a joy so far.. patched up and awesome. Definitely check it out if you are a JRPG fan. A:IR – Ascent, Infinite Realms.. posts some more concept art and lore. Peria Chronicles.. a game that you may have heard about here or there .. didn’t quite get new information but a youtube channel Mifuyu has paid a translator to translate a 30 minute video talking about the world building in Peria Chronicles that is interesting if this game is on your radar. Albion Online released to Steam yesterday on May the 16th… according to Steamcharts it’s peaked so far at an extra 1200 or so additional concurrent players – the game has been changed and added too quite a bit since release- the core playerbase has been established and has been fairly consistent..

The last patch – the Lancelot patch also brought with it some great changes and FISHING… and very few games offer the type of experience Albion does… and I stand by what I said before on Albion .. in another year this game will probably be a solid recommendation to anyone. And we’ll end all of this.. with the bold statement. That having been able to play a bit in the Maplestory 2 beta.. I hate the childish.. weeby chibi style stuff.. and I am actually looking forward to playing more of this game. It was fun, jovial, gleeful to play.. which, maybe I’m doing it wrong, typically isn’t something I feel when playing mmorpgs.. there are a lot of cool ideas in the game I didn’t have time to mess around with – user created content is something..

someone is going to get right in MMORPGs and I think they might.. but real talk, no joke. Maplestory 2 should be on your radar. That’s going to do it for me, until next time. This is Fevir, peace..

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