Were you like this guy when you found out about the new combat system for Bless Online? Were u maybe a bit confused about the math involved on having less skills, but more depth? What’s that kind of promise? I mean… we used to have 11, now we have 7. How could that be any deeper? Well We all went to Steam we all read the reviews and try to see the videos and try to — but then, wait Videos are gone 🙁 Oh well, I will help you with that if you were like me, you did a lot of research trying to find out what these guys in the back are doing in order to be able to beat people up, and be the one that does it in May when Bless Online is released on Steam So stick around for more on this subject…. (This is kind of a Master Class) Alright guys Welcome once again to Gaming Djent We all heard the news, we all saw this DevTalk #4 …

Got a little excited about it, a little confused as well, because the info is not really that great I mean, the system is great, but the way that is displayed and explained is horrible I did some research, trying to find more on the Steam page but then… This… is all that we got? 🙁 so guys, come on, please! this is a great system, but this is all that you’re giving us? a small, pixelated picture in a foreign language, with stuff that doesn’t belong there…

It’s hard to understand man Alright, so not to be too critical or critic of Neowiz, cause I know they will step up I did a lot of cleaning of this picture I probably spent like an afternoon trying to, layer after layer, until it was readable It’s not nitid because I don’t want it to be perfect I want it to be true, so this is the original picture that has been fixed So for those of you that don’t understand and maybe haven’t even played you need to understand this.

THIS is your new skill bar (derped there sorry) lol Forget about the one at the top that’s the one that we have in Japan right now so you could (pretty much) put 8 skills of your choosing and have a happy button smashing now you don’t… What you have is this you only have 4 skills that you can pick as you wish and that’s all so if you want a teleport and a stun, you only have two slots left so how could that be deep the thing that is gonna be cool about this system is that it has STANCES, which are like passives and these 3 little guys that you see here are the ones that are going to give you all the depth and the color that you need in your playstyle (okay) these guys are 3 stance locked skill slots and they are bound to 1 active stance okay? so if we have Six stances, we have a lot to do But going back to these 3 skills, they are not just your regular skills that go on cooldown they are really cool because these guys are chain starters so as you can see right there, these guys have their own unique chain path bound to them so once you press them of course they will go on cooldown but they will open this little menu and this little bar that you see here so you can make the chains and (you know) have 2 o 3 tiers down, so you can react to what the game is throwing at you as you go that’s why it’s called “Rhythmical Combat” because you also have a timer for you to do it okay? so once you add that you’ll see that it’s pretty cool, because maybe a Paladin that is healing can do something else while healing and maybe a mage can switch stances, etc.

We’ll go a little more on that (later) but (derp) Now we can understand the new picture and we can know that this is your interface for you to pick your 6 available stances okay so each character will have six maybe the Paladin won’t, but we’ll talk about that later and of these six stances which, again, are like passives you can only have two active at a time that’s the basics okay and you’ll see them changing in the picture right there and every time that they do, they will change in your skills slot because each active stance has its own skill tree which are these 3 skills and down, or under it, you will see the chains so let’s take an example.

This yellow one (this for the mage) will give you these 3 skills on your skills slots and the trees below okay so if you watch this one, this picture, you’ll see that these are the ones this is the the active stance. When they switch, a whole new set will go down So, once you press one of them you will get these two tiers I call them tiers just put a name on them, but they are the depth, or the roads that you can take, the paths that you can take to complete your combos. Once you get to the bottom, you finish a combo and that would allow you to make combinations between them AND between stances and will also allow you to do finishers, which we don’t know much about yet but it’s definitely a great way to give depth and reactivity to your character so the Paladin can do now do more…

A Mage can do more with the elements, for example, so… it’s good, I like it 😀 but let’s watch the videos now, and see it in depth all right, so we start with the Ranger which is (pretty much) from my point of view is the one that has changed the least. The playstyle of the the Ranger right now is top notch he’s the greatest PvPer of single target so he’s really really good, he can 2 shot people no matter the class right now at JP but same basics: you have the active stance, the inactive stance and the stance skills and you can now start seeing them. when she switches, the new stances will appear and then you have the regular skills – you know – dashes combos whatever, double shots, teleports whatever you want to put it okay so that’s the basic layout of any character and in the case of this or any other character you’ll have the chain limit (chain time limit) which is the little bar that goes here and what it still yet to know is if that if it will matter if you press it “rytmically” let’s say for example at the end of a chain or faster, right now we will have to see about that they have not revealed that and then you have chain paths and this will work for every video that they have thrown So once you understand that, of course the video is more enjoyable and you can actually put yourself in the position to understand it, so that’s the Ranger It’s a cool class…

Go for it Ok so, the Mage. The Mage is cool because he has elements . He has fire, which is associated with damage. He has Ice, which is more for close combat you know, has more CC, mobility and then you have lightning or wind, depending on the translation or whatever Bless version that you’re playing so he has the same layout, but the cool thing about the mage, which you couldn’t do before is that stances acquire elements and build them up, so you’ll see this three little bars right there those are (derp), is your elemental gauge.

And when you end a combo you’ll activate bonus effects okay so that’s really cool because You can start with Ice but then switch to Fire… maybe stun them and then switch to Fire, and bring the big guns so it’s cool and you can dynamically take your different elements and (derp) it’s perfect. I really really like it. it looks more fluid as well… so I hope that you get a better idea of it, now that we understand it so there you have it: the master of the elements all right, Berserker! I do play a berserker in Japan so from what I’m looking at this video it has pretty much the same playstyle, a little bit more fluid though, it looks better.

It feels better – although I haven’t played it – but what’s cool about the Berserker is that they have revealed a couple of stances that he can make and that’s really really cool he still has the rage gauge but we don’t know yet what’s going to be with the core skills, but again, back to the stances, you have a Blood Leech stance which will allow you to drain or recover HP based on the damage that you inflict which is which would give you more survivability or sustainability and then you have the Bleed Stance, which is a stance that will allow you to hit harder at the cost of taking DoT damage to your health so you kind of start bleeding, but then you go like really really retard on ’em, so it looks great he still has – like I said – his Rage Bar and what I also saw in this video is that he has some kind of an AoE knockup that I don’t think he had this is Japan let me know in the comments if I maybe misread it but he looks great he’s one of the finest classes to level up and he still have these charge skills which are really really cool so that’s the Berserker 🙂 Alright so moving on to the Paladin, which is one of the coolest classes in this game you’ll see that he has a new resource available to him The Paladin has always been cool graphically.

As you can see it right there, but what’s also cool about him is that he is a beast at 1v1 which is not always what’s gonna happen but you will encounter people on the open world PvP, so he’s really a good choice now, what’s new about him is that he has buffs at every combo finish every time that he finishes a chain you will get maybe a heal or a recovery or whatever else it is still yet to know it’s gonna be only for him or maybe for the party but it’s really really cool because he/she can really have more flexibility maybe between healing he can put it in a little damage so and to be fair with Neowiz, they just released a video an they heard the fans.

They released a video of the Paladin healing, which is pretty much what he’s doing in JP right now, because if you want a tank right now with the current meta you need a Guardian, not a Paladin, so they have been relegated to healers wearing cloth armor and just heal heal heal which is pretty boring they are also hard to level so having chains and allowing you to be more aggressive maybe, will make his his leveling (grinding) a little less of a pain in the ass, actually so he looks cool. I really like what they’ve done with him, and he still has MP, Mana, which will kinda put in in a limit, ’cause he can do all kinds of stuff. all right and last but not least we have the Guardian and the Guardian also has a new resource which is Bravery the Guardian is your typical tank. He’s great at PvP not much damage, but that can change with the Stance system so we’ll have to see Now, what’s different about the Paladin – sorry: the Guardian (derp) is that he has this little green bar, YELLOW bar that you see right next to the HP that’s a new resource and it’s called Bravery It works pretty much like the core skills in JP right now.

Once you fill that that gauge, that Bravery Gauge you see right there, You will gain access to a new ability called Enhance. And the cool, awesome thing about it is that from the point that you activate the skill, you will become stronger as you chain precisely or weaker if your start missing your chains, so it is really cool because you can go really really high and I hope they go really really high in damage which will help you in PvE, but you could also be debuffed because we will get this bonus through buffs and debuffs.

So it’s a cool twist to it specially for tanks that always take a lot of pride in PvP and this will definitely reward better players Aright so this is it 😀 I hope that you guys liked the video and what I really wanna know now is that once we understand this, we have a wider picture so what I want to know is How have your vision of your character, I mean u probably already know what (class) you’re gonna play (if you’re gonna be a paladin, mage, whatever) how did you think of it? has it made you more excited about the game, about your class in specific? and the most important question that I want to ask: have you considered switching classes after watching this video? because for example if you are a PVPer and you really take pride of your skills you may wanna be a Guardian for example myself: I don’t like Paladins because they’re too slow to level, but then, hey we get new ways to do it so maybe I would like to, I don’t know yet In fact, I’m playing a Berserker and I might be a Mage, we don’t know so let’s talk about it.

Let’s please not make this a shit fest about Neowiz and how they “haven’t done a great job” Let’s just hope that they will improve. I know they will but let’s just talk about the game and our excitement for it and what do you really think about this new Ryhtmical Combat System Alright? So as usual leave comments in the box below (derp). You can leave me comments and specially: I need subscribers, please I’m a new youtuber I’m putting a lot of effort on this, so I’ll see you around!.

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