hit towers without getting hit

Boom Beach Grenadier Guide

Boom Beach Grenadier Guide?by GARATI?ve been playing with the Grenadiers (from now on Gs in the text) since they came out and they have...

Boom Beach Base Development Guide

Boom Beach Base Development Guide?by GARATBase Development ? the 3 main paths Perhaps no one has given them exact names, the following terms have...

Boom Beach Base Design Guide

Boom Beach Base Design Guide?by GARAT1.0. Defense and what?s it all aboutDefense is not the most fun part of the game by far, but...

Boom Beach Farming Guide

Boom Beach Farming Guide?by WoolybuggerGreetings everyone, this is FarmerBob (aka Woolybugger). Many people have sent me PMs asking how to play the farming style....

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