Brave Frontier Beginner’s Guide


Brave Frontier Beginner?s Guide?by Enz3r0

I haven?t seen a big updated version of a beginner?s guide, and with a hefty amount of players transferring from CC to BF due to game closure, I thought this might be a good opportunity to do so now.

I?ll be updating this thread whenever new stuff comes out or when something I forgot to add in needs to be added.

Welcome to Brave Frontier, Summoners, New and Old!

This guide will (hopefully) help you on your journey to saving the world from evil monsters, an androgynous Fallen God and friends, and a lot of extremely cocky people who you?ll either grow to love or hate. And of course you?ll be accompanied by friends.

Game Currencies

  • The premium currency of Brave Frontier are Gems. They can be used to increase friend list space, unit and item inventory space, and can be used in the Rare Summon Gate. You?ll be able to obtain gems through much of the content in the game. Quests, Vortex Dungeons, Grand Quest, Frontier Hunter, the list goes on and on and on and on. Refer to this thread on where you can get all of your free gems.
  • Zel is used to fuse units into one another, and is also used to evolve units. The higher rarity and the more raised a unit is, the more it will cost to evolve and fuse into them respectively. Zel can also be converted into Merit points, which can be used in the Exchange Hall.
  • Karma is used to create spheres and improve the buildings within the town. Like Zel, it can also be converted into Merit.
  • Honor Points are used in the Honor Summon gate. 200pts are needed per Honor Summon.
  • Merit is a currency used inside of the Exchange Hall located in the Admin Office, where you can purchase a variety of items from EXP fodder and evolution units, to spheres and Raid items.
  • Raid Medals are medals obtained during?Raid. Yeah. These can be used in the slot machine also located in the Admin Office to obtain a variety of rewards.
  • Brave Points are obtained through daily tasks. Enough BP can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, most notably summon tickets. There also exists milestone rewards for collecting Brave Points.
  • Summon Tickets are rare rewards usually obtained from events. They are a one use item that allow you to redeem a Rare Summon without the use of Gems.

TIP: Manage your unit space wisely, or else run the risk of constantly having to sell any spare units you have. If you need to drop a gem on inventory space, do it.

And with those aside, we can move on.


Type. I?ve seen the question of, ?What?s the best typing?? or ?Should I sell a bad type?? too many times to count.UNIT > TYPE. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

While on the subject of this, here?s a table depicting the different Types, and the effects that they have on units.

Stat+ Stat-
Anima HP REC
Breaker ATK DEF
Guardian DEF Rec*
Oracle REC Def*
Lord n/a n/a


  • HP -> How much damage your unit can take before falling.
  • ATK -> How much damage your unit can deal.
  • DEF -> How resistant your unit is to damage
  • REC -> How effective healing is to your unit.

Ideal type is based on the unit?s role, but what most people will tell you is that Anima is the best typing.

  • A unit?s rarity is denoted by the amount of stars that it has. Higher rarity leads to a stronger unit.
  • The maximum rarity that a unit can have is 7 stars. However, not all units have 7 star formes.

*TIP: Favorite your units by going to View units, selecting the unit you want to favorite, and press the button on the top right corner of the unit art. This allows you to avoid selling units you want to keep.

Getting your Units

No. You can?t get that cool dragon boss from questing.

Most, if not all, of your good units are going to be coming from the Rare Summon gate. Rare Summons usually will cost 5 gems a piece, with the exception of certain gates. Wondering if the unit that you just summoned is good or not? Refer to this unit tier list.

TIP: Save Summon Tickets for Special Rare Summon Gates

Units can also be obtained from the Honor Summon gate at the cost of 200 Honor Points per summon. The HS cannot provide you any premium units that the Rare Summon gate holds. What it can provide is fodder units, evolution units, Zegar?s unit batch, and the Six Heroes starter units.

Every so often, the HS gate will improve into the Super Honor Summon gate. SHS can provide you with high rarity metal units, burst frogs, sphere frogs, and jewel units, all of which will be discussed next.

TIP: Save Honor Points for SHS to raise a lot of your units in a small period of time!

And Another: You?re gonna get awful pulls from RS gate. Don?t sell any Rare Summon units though. What we call ?Legacy units? (units released before certain batch) all have the potential to have a 7 star from. I sold a Phoenix a while back. And I now regret it.

Raising Units ? Fusion

You raise your units by fusing others into a single unit. This will allow your unit to gain EXP. Generally, you don?t want to be fusing a Rare Summon unit into another Rare Summon unit, so keep that in mind.

  • Unit Brave Bursts (BB) can be categorized into three different types: Attack, Support, and Healing. If the unit being fused and the unit that it?s being fused into have the same type of Brave Burst, there?s a low chance that the base unit?s Brave Burst level can increase.
  • The benefits of raising Brave Burst level range from causing the cost of the Brave Burst to decrease, and increasing damage dealt/increase how strong a heal is.
  • Burst Frogs are units that, when fused, will have a 100% chance to increase a unit?s Brave Burst level by 1.Burst Emperors are the same, but instead increases the unit?s Brave Burst level by 5.

TIP: It?s a good idea to not use your Burst Frogs until your unit is at their max rarity.

  • Sphere Frogs when fused allow a unit to equip two spheres of different types.
  • Imps are units that will increase the base stat of a unit, denoted by a secondary value to the right of the base value when viewing a unit.
  • Elgifs are fuzzy little creatures that will give an Extra Skill denoted in their BB description when fused to your unit, and come different rarities. Higher rarity Elgifs will give better Extra Skills. They are pretty hard to get though.
  • Emgifs are also fuzzy little creatures that will remove the ES on a unit that already has an Elgif given ES. The Elgif on the unit will then be transferred to your presents box.
  • There are specialized fodder units that fuse into units, commonly referred to as ?Metal? units. These give a large amount of EXP to the unit that their being fused to. Metal units are ranked from Ghost > King > God > Crystal, by increasing effectiveness

MOAR TIPS: Let?s talk about duplicate units. With the exception of a few units, there is little benefit from keeping a dupe. I recommend ?Trading? dupe units into the Admin Office for Merit, rather than selling them for Zel.

Raising Units ? Evolution

Evolving your units your primary way of progressing into the game. Without evolving your units, it?ll be harder to survive content the further you are into the game.

  • Evolving units causes them to restart to Level 1, and will halve a unit?s BB level rounding down (so if a unit?s BB level is 5, it will become 2 if you evolve it). The unit will then change into their next rarity forme, and level cap, initial base stats, and imp caps will increase from their previous rarity.
  • 6 and 7 star rarity units are able to unlock what is known as a Super Brave Burst (SBB). This is accessed by getting your unit?s BB Level to 10. For 7 stars, leveling the SBB to 10 will unlock their Ultimate Brave Burst (UBB).
  • 7 star units that have unlocked their UBB will unlock an Extra Skill.
  • Imps, Sphere Frogs, and Elgifs will not reset upon evolution.

TIP: Don?t fall into the trap of evolving all of your units in one go. You?ll run into squad cost issues, forcing you to not use the unit you just evolved until you gain more levels.


This is where the adventure begins, and this is where your energy will be going to.

  • I recommend making progress through the questline for EXP, and a large amount of Gems in the long run.
  • As with any game, things will get harder as you progress through the game.
  • If you return to a certain region after finishing it and reaching a certain point in the game, there can be a Bonus dungeon, denoted by being surrounded by a red box rather than the regular yellow. These pose a challenge to the player, but will reward you with a Burst or Sphere Frog along with a Gem.
  • A fun thing to mention is that there are certain bosses you can capture. To avoid any specifics and potential spoilers, I?ll just call them the Disciples. And the other is the Survivor.

Game Function: Just skimming over this. When fighting, there are sparks and critical hits. A spark occurs when a hit from two different units occur in the same frame, which will amplify the damage dealt on that specific hit only. A critical hit effects all the hits a unit deals, and will increase damage if it occurs.

Questing ? Grand Quest

Where you can play in stories untold in the main questline. These are unlocked as you progress through the questline, and certain GQs will unlock others.

  • Grand Quests have different requirements and limitations that you have to work with while playing through them.
  • The GQ system allows players to replay the quest while being able to take different pathways. Different paths will affect the outcome of the GQ run.
  • Rewards are given at the end of the GQ if you complete certain objectives, which vary from Zel and spheres, to evolution materials for storyline units. The completion of these objectives may allow access to another pathway on another run of the GQ.
  • Refer to guides on the subreddit on how to efficiently run these
  • You?re probably not going to tackle these when starting out, so try build up your unit pool before going at these.

Questing ? Vortex

Consisting of permanent and daily dungeons, the vortex is where many event dungeons will take place in the game.

  • At the very top you?ll be seeing the Grand Gaia Chronicles (GGC). You can experience the stories of different batches throughout the different battles. These are pretty difficult, and I don?t recommend doing these until you build up your unit pool.
  • Next, we have the Guardians of Lore, AKA the Elgif dungeon. These fuzzy creatures are pretty much a pain in the ass to deal with, and I can?t imagine being able to take them on in the early game. Again, build up your unit pool and tackle them later on in the game
  • Then comes the Daily Dungeons.

    1. Monday ? Soul Sanctuary: Where to farm for EXP and Karma
    2. Tuesday ? Enchanted Paradise: Where to farm for lower tier Evolution Units
    3. Wednesday ? Cave of Desire: Where to farm for Mimics (evolution unit)
    4. Wednesday ? Bulb Haven: Where to farm for Bulbs (GL Exclusive evolution unit)
    5. Thursday ? Golden Slumberland: Where to farm for Zel and Jewel units
    6. Thursday ? Soul Bound Saga: Where to farm for certain GL Exclusive evolution units.
    7. Thursday ? Witch of the Abyss: Can obtain Fei, a standalone unit or can be used to evolve the GL exclusive unit, Fang.
    8. Friday ? The Wandering Spirit: Where to farm for item materials.
    9. Weekends ? Oasis of the Gods: Where to farm for totems (evolution unit)
    10. Weekends ? Mecha Gods Awaken: Where to farm for Mecha totems (evolution unit)

  • Lastly, there?s the Parade Garden. Here you have the gateway to Metal Parades, Jewel Parades, and Imp Parades, where you need keys to access any of these dungeons. For the Metal and Jewel Parades, there are three amounts of keys you can use, corresponding to how rare the Metal/Jewel units you receive in the dungeon. Each Parade lasts 30 minutes, and will close afterwards and will require more keys to continue.


If you think you?re going to play this game long term, don?t make the mistake that I made of letting countless Arena orbs go to waste. You?ll be able to have access to some pretty high tier spheres when you hit the higher ranks of the Arena if you invest time into it.

Arena Orbs regenerate every hour, so make use of them well!

TIP:If you?re having trouble choosing an Arena team, go for a mono element team. You can use your starter unit and any unit you have of the same element in order to take advantage of your starter unit?s Leader Skill. Simple!

Arena ? Challenge Arena

A new take on Arena that allows you to have a marathon of battles against opponents. You?re able to switch units in and out while having to deal with different battle conditions that the CA system gives you. Rewards are given out on a daily and weekly basis, and the rewards you receive are dependent on your league and how well you do.

  • Pretty much to ever do this, you?re going to need a large unit pool since units will be dying from RNG. Unless you?re really lucky.
  • Not only do you need a large unit pool, you?re going to need to dedicate a lot of time to this in order to get the best rewards possible.
  • Challenge Arena uses different currencies that are separate from the usual shtick. Silver and Gold coins are used in the CA Shop to buy items pertaining to CA, to fusion units like Imps, and Parade keys. Rainbow Coins are used in Rainbow Summons. The Rainbow Gate can be opened at the cost of 3,000 Rainbow Coins each summon, and the pool of potential units consists of all Legacy units (anyone released before Kira?s batch). It?s more or less a watered down Rare Summon.


A section of the game that holds a variety of content.

Randall ? Admin Office

  • I?ll go over the use of keys. You use the Metal Keys and Jewel Keys distributed here in order to gain access to their respective Vortex dungeons. Metal Keys are distributed every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, while Jewel Keys are distributed every Wednesday. Contrary to what the game says, you can hold a maximum of 50 keys of each type.

*A lot of stuff is in here. Raid slots, daily missions, your player record, I recommend just looking around the area to get acquainted with what?s available in the Admin Office. Another thing you can do is press the help button on the top of the screen when you enter the Admin Office. A lot of what you need to know about it is right there for you.

There?s also this image album that explores much of the Admin Office, along with other useful functions of the game (thanks?blackrobe199 :D)

Randall ? Survey Office

Two things happen here: Frontier Hunter and Frontier Gate. Both use Hunter Orbs for participation. In order to participate in these, you use Hunter Orbs which regenerate every three hours.

  • Frontier Hunter is a monthly event where Summoners can enter dungeons in order to receive rewards. Depending on your performance on each dungeon (There are 4, each increasing in difficulty.), you will be given milestone rewards on how well your score (referred to as Esteem points) is. Esteem is then converted into Service points in order to compare you to other competing summoners.
  • There are different placements for Frontier Hunter once it ends. If you have a certain rank, your Hunter Rank (HR) will increase relative to how well you did to everyone else. You receive rewards for your HR at the end of each FH season.
  • Frontier Gate has the same concept of Frontier Hunter, except you?re in a tower-like dungeon that has 6 floors of increasingly difficult enemies. You?re also not pitted against other Summoners in terms of rank.
  • Unlike Frontier Hunter, Frontier Gate allows you to pause between each floor, and gives you the option of either opting out and receiving your rewards for that floor, or proceeding to the next floor.

TIP:Don?t do FG if FH is up.

Randall ? Research Lab

Here is where lots of hard content happens.

  • The Research Lab is where you can take on Trials, which are difficult battles designed to be pretty prolonged and to be big challenges to Summoners. You?re able to bring a maximum of three squads with you, and your cost is doubled in order to allow this.
  • If your first squad falls in battle, then the second squad is immediately summoned.
  • Unlike regular questing, you are unable to Gem in order to revive all of your units.
  • However, the rewards that you can receive from many of these Trials make it worth it to complete them.

TIP: Pretty much any hard content you?re going to tackle, a mitigator is almost always needed. A mitigator is any unit that reduces damage by 50%. You don?t need your own, as a popular leader unit, Gazia, has a really good Leader Skill while being an excellent mitigator

Randall ? Sphere & Synthesizers

I grouped these two because they?re in tandem with another feature of the game: Raid.

  • You?ll be able to craft most of the better spheres in the game in the Randall Sphere house. However, most of the materials for spheres will come from Raid battles.
  • Same thing goes with the Synthesizers Guild. All the items you can craft here can only be used in Raid, and most of the materials are also obtained from Raids.

Speaking of which?

Raid Battle

A neat game mode that allows you to work with other Summoners in order to fight a larger boss. To participate in Raid, you use Raid Orbs. Like Arena, Raid Orbs regenerate every hour.

  • A maximum of four players are able to participate in a single Raid. There is a thirty minute time limit on each Raid, and each has a set of given requirements in order to complete it.
  • Each player has three lives. If you reach 0 lives, you can gem to bring them back or be forced to leave the room and fail the Raid. However, other players participating will still be able to fight even if you leave the room.
  • Completing certain quests will allow you to raise your Raid Class, giving you access to more harder Raid quests. You?re only able to participate in Raids that are less than or equal to your Raid Class.
  • You?ll be able to participate in Raid once you hit Level 40!
  • The Quick Start function allows you to be thrown into a Raid Room with a quest of your choosing. If no one has Quick Started the quest you?ve selected, you?ll automatically make your own Room and the Raid will start.


This is Elgaia, where you?ll be spending your time managing your items.

  • The Sphere hut is where you?ll be able to spend Karma and use materials you get from Questing and the Friday dungeon in order to create spheres for your units.
  • The Synthesis hut is where you?ll be able to combine materials from Questing and the Friday dungeon in order to make items that you can use in battle. These items can really help you in a pinch when you need them, so it?s helpful to have them around.
  • The Items hut allows you to view your current item inventory, which holds your synthesis and sphere materials, and your actual spheres. You can tote around 5 different types of items with you at once, each probably having different maximum capacities.
  • The Upgrades hut lets you spend Karma in order to upgrade the various buildings and farming spots in the Town.
  • Those shiny things in town? Tap them for various different types of item materials.
  • I want to give mention to the Music house in town, where you can spend Zel in order to listen to soundtracks in Brave Frontier.

Presents Box

Here?s where you can redeem daily prizes and Level Up Campaign rewards.

  • In the early game, the Level Up Campaign is your friend. You can obtain a large amount of supplies (units, gems, burst frogs, imps, and more!) from the first 100 levels of the game.
  • Your presents box is where you can redeem daily prizes and event rewards.
  • You can also view the current Daily Tasks that you have, and on completion you are rewarded with BP which can be used to redeem prizes and used as milestone rewards.

And last but not least?


Here?s where your Friend?s List and Friend Gifting is!

  • Your initial Friend?s List is maxed out at 50 slots. Which is actually a lot. You use friends whenever you go into battle. Their Leader Skill will be activated if the assistant unit is on your friend?s list.
  • If you use a helper unit during a quest and the user isn?t on your friend?s list, you will be given the option to send the person a friend request.
  • You can send and receive gifts to and from your friends respectively. You can set your preferred gift by tapping on ?Request? and selecting what gift you want.
  • You can select a helper squad in the settings of the game. The leader unit of the helper squad is the unit that your friends perceive as your leader, even if you change to a different squad.
  • People are your friends, literally. Add people. Take advantage of the nice people in the friend threads because we?re all there to help.
  • Like favoriting units, you can also favorite friends, making them appear on the top of your list of friend leads whenever you go questing.

And that?s pretty much all I could think of to talk about in this guide. Hope it helps any newcomer that decides to read this!


  • Do quests for levels
  • Do Arena
  • Add friends
  • Beware cost traps
  • Hoard gems for summons
  • Don?t do hard content. Yet.
  • Have fun with the game!

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