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Brave Frontier RC4 Dreagar Guide


Brave Frontier RC4 Dreagar Guide?by iiMahjong

Hello everybody~

So today Gumi released X1 missions for RC3 and RC4!

Everybody is wanting to get that sphere frog and free gems from RC4! BUT they run into Draegar.. and that mofo hits like a train!

I learned the following things about Draegar:

  • On turn 3, Draegar will cast a shield of 1M HP. Yes, you saw that correctly: 1 Million HP. Every 3 turns after, Draegar will recast his 1M HP shield.
  • Once the shield is cast, Draegar will use his Boundless (usually coincides with the 70% HP threshold).
  • He does HP threshold attacks at 70%, 50%, 30% and 10% HP
  • He strips your team of buffs and mitigation on turns 2 and 4
  • Normal attacks: 50% chance of attacking the lowest HP unit. 25% chance of attacking any unit with 50% or more BB gauge. 25% chance of attacking completely at random.
  • When battling again from either wiping or running away, Draegar will spam Boundless several times. (Reports suggest he?ll start rematches by throwing them all out one turn after another until he?s done as many as he?s passed HP thresholds.)
  • His skill?s damage modifiers suggest ATK down and Injury are only minimally effective.
  • His ultimate attack deals 450% damage, and his timer AoEs deal 300% and 220%, with a bunch of smaller ones thrown out by his arms every other turn.

TL;DR ? Dreagar is damn near impossible to beat with just 1 life while soloing it.

From my own runs, I have witnessed the shield, and Draegar proceeded to wipe my entire team on the following turn.. Feeva, Kira, Kanon, Claire, Shera, and Colt friend = RIP. Once respawned and entered the battle again, the shield would be gone, but Draegar would spam 1-3 Boundless(es) after I attack, thus killing my team again! It?s a vicious cycle..


The key to beating Draegar is not so much the units, but the items you bring!

Note: Theory ? Bringing a Crit team is probably the best. Still unsure whether Dreagar is Crit resistant :/

  • 3 Smoke Bombs
  • 1 Angel Idol
  • 2 Goddess Idols
  • filler -> Revive or Crescent Dews
  • filler -> Revive Lights

The Strategy

I would recommend bring a full party of 4! Although a party of 2 (theoretically) should be able to beat it.

  1. Fight Draegar until he uses his shield. Use 1 smoke bomb to escape the battle!
  2. Re-enter the battle and the shield should be gone. Use 1 Angel/Goddess Idol on 1 unit. SBB spam. He will proceed to wipe your team except for that one unit. Use 1 smoke bomb again!
  3. Revive/Heal up your units (or retreat to camp for an itemless heal/revive)
  4. Rinse and repeat steps 2 & 3.
  5. Once you run out of smoke bombs and Idols, you must rely on your 3 lives to kill Draegar. Do the usual SBB spam and die.

With 4 players? life pool and 3 additional turns from items, you will be able to kill Draeger! It?s a bit tedious and time consuming, but it?ll get the job done! For the entire mission, it averages to about 15 mins per run.

I hope this helps a little~ Good luck!

Stats by Xerte

Good news everybody, deathmax got me some delicious stats on Draegar!

Taking it from the top:

Main Body

Attacks per turn: 4~5

HP: 3500000
ATK: 3000
DEF: 1500

Passive buffs:


  • Injury, Poison : 95%
  • Curse, Weakness, Sickness, Paralysis: 100%
  • Buff Crit Chance Resistance: 50%
    Base 10% isn?t affected, this only affects the value of buffs (e.g. Colt 60% -> 30%)
  • Crit Damage Resistance: 25%
    Applied as a multiplier to Crit Damage Leader Skills (e.g. Colt?s 150% -> 112.5%
  • Elemental Weakness Damage Resistance: 25%
    Applied as a subtraction to Elemental Weakness Damage Leader Skills (e.g. Kira?s 125% -> 100%)

Lower Body

Attacks per turn: 3~4

HP: 4500000
ATK: 2800
DEF: 1200

Passive buffs:

  • ATK increases based on amount of HP lost, up to 30% at 1% HP remaining


  • Paralysis: 70%
  • Curse, Injury, Weakness, Sickness, Poison: 100%
  • Buff Crit Chance Resistance: 50%
  • Base BC Drop Resistance: 25%
    Multiplier. Applies only to the default 35% BC drop rate, so 35% -> 26.25%
  • Buffed BC Drop Resistance: 50%
    Multiplier. Applies only to drop rate increases, so the value of buffs, spheres, leader skills and extra skills is halved.

Left Arm

Attacks per turn: 3

HP: 4000000
ATK: 2050
DEF: 650

Passive buffs:

  • Heals self for 100% of damage dealt


  • Curse: 90%
  • Weakness: 70%
  • Poison, Paralysis, Injury, Sickness: 100%
  • Buff Crit Chance Resistance: 50%

Right Arm

Attacks per turn: 3

HP: 4000000
ATK: 2050
DEF: 650

Passive buffs:

  • Heals self for 100% of damage dealt


  • Curse: 90%
  • Weakness: 70%
  • Poison, Paralysis, Injury, Sickness: 100%
  • Buff Crit Chance Resistance: 50%


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