Welcome to today’s Brawl Stars video I’m your host Judo Sloth. Today we’re going to explain the brand new upgrade system in just a couple of minutes, if you find this one helpful make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more Brawl Stars. So the previous system used elixir, you could use this to upgrade attack, super or health and each upgrade gave a percentage increase of the base attack, super or health. So it always went up the exact same value no matter when you did the upgrade, that is all changed. You now have pins, badges and medals. These still comprise of health, attack and super, but each time you move up the ranks, lets use health as an example, you will see that at the bottom there the pins are only worth a set amount, then as you move to badges they are worth more and the medals are worth the most amount, these are the legendaries if you will of the upgrade system.

You can get any of these from a Brawl Box. If we move across to Colt you can see we have the health medal here but we actually haven’t got all of the pins yet, if you want to purchase these in terms of tokens which you get from brawl boxes as well, you have to upgrade them in order but you might get lucky and get one of them top ones from the brawl box. Once you have got all of the pins for a set brawler you can unlock the first crest. This is a massive boost, you can see the bottom one here for Shelley is health, the middle one is super, and the top one is attack. Now that gives you an even better boost than the legendary medal if you will for the attack, health and super, I hope this is all making sense guys. The final thing of the new upgrade system is the star power. This is not your super, the super for each character which you gain from getting attacks within the game will be the same, your star power is a passive ability that once you have bought all of the pins, badges and medals and all of the crests, you can then purchase the star power and this a unique ability for every single brawler.

I hope that has explained the brand new upgrade system to you guys, make sure to leave any other questions in the comment section but that wraps it all for this one, I’ve been your host judo sloth and until next time peace out..

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