Broken Realm AFK System Guide


Broken Realm AFK System Guide?by?C4P0T3

The AFK is something everybody uses.
Lots of people use this at night when they go to sleep, they AFK mode.
To activate AFK Mode, Press ?.?.

Picture 4kkkk

Press the AFK Button next to HP reserves.

You have the choice to use 7 of your favourite skills.

For the Nearby Monsters, It means That all type of monsters in your map, will be there and it will be marked there.
When you go AFK, You attack all sorts of monsters that is in your way, Like in Crystal Saga,
When you?re in Linkermarsh, if you?re AFK, it?s possible that it will take you to Auron the Destroyer and you will try to attack him.
So it?s good if you?re only attacking one typ,e just makesure all the other ones aren?t enabled.

The Loot All .
The Loot All is an option that can be enabled/Disabled giving you the choice
if you want to grab all sorts of materials. Like the Equipement, you can choose it?s rarety (Color)
(White, Green, Blue, Gold, Purple)

For the Hp/Mp
The HP and MP only have 2 Slot and you choose the percentage of the potions (HP/MP)
that ou want to be used. Like if you have 200, you use 50% it will be 100 bottles used.
It?s the Same with The Pet MP/HP.

Now, For the Last of all.
The Auto-Use/Auto-Buy/AFK Cards
Afk cards can be obtained with either Crystals coupons or sold in shops.
Maybe some Packs. Each AFK cards used with add another hour of afk.
So if you sleep about 10 hours, use about 11 (Cuz you need to eat n stuff and the time it will take you
some time to get up cuz you?re too lazy and it?s hot)
Now the Auto-Use is mostly abotu when your equipement is damaged, it will be used (Repair Potion).
Also the 2x/3xExp will be bought with crystals and it will also be used. So if you don?t wanna use your crystals,
i recommend that you leave it Disabled.

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