Broken Realm Spirit Stone Guide


Broken Realm Spirit Stone Guide?by twostepsahead

Your Spirit Stone is an essential part to your character, it provides large stat boosts, and provides a powerful Spirit Stone Rage ability. A lot of people underestimate what benefits it will bring in the long run, and seem to neglect upgrading it, hence I wrote this guide.

[broken realm] spirit stone

Leveling up your Spirit Stone is simple, kill monsters 9 levels above, or below your level. (As long as you gain experience from the kill, it grants experience for your Spirit Stone.)
The more that you level up your Spirit Stone, the longer it will take to level it up. Eg. 20 kills for level 1, and 1000 kills for level 83.

The Spirit Stone system has a total of 7 nodes, which will unlock after leveling it up to a certain level. Each node will provide a different boost to your character.

???Level Required??Boosts Available
Node 1:??-0????HP, Physical Defense, Magic Defense
Node 2:??10????Physical Attack, Magic Attack
Node 3:??35????Strength, Intelligence, Endurance, Dexterity
Node 4:??60????Shield, Reflect, Absorb, Bonus Damage
Node 5:??100????Hit, Dodge, Crit Defense, Crit Damage
Node 6:??200????Physical Resistance, Magic Resistance, Recovery
Node 7:??500????Attack Speed, Crit Rate, Physical Resistance, Magic Resistance

Leveling up your Spirit Stone will also provide new Spirit Stone Rage skills, unlocked at levels: 10 35 60 100 200 300 400 500 600 700, progressively getting more powerful.

Now unto what happens when your Spirit Stone levels up?
When you level up your Spirit Stone, you obtain 1 ?Temper Attempt?, this is what provides experience to each unlocked node after tempering. Note that tempering costs Spirit, and the amount of Spirit required to temper increases depending on Spirit Stone level
Also, when tempering you have 1-4 opportunities to grant experience to your nodes, or grant a small amount of gold, if you are unfortunate.
The number of opportunities to grant experience to your nodes increases from 1 to 2 at level 35 Spirit Stone, 2 to 3 at level 100 Spirit Stone, and the fourth is granted from spending 50 Crystal per temper attempt. Each node has a level out of 100, every time the node levels, the boosts in it increase accordingly. Please note that you can only select one boost per node, but you can change the boost whenever you feel like it.

A tip for upgrading your Spirit Stone
It is very advisable to level your Spirit Stone to 100, without tempering once, so that you unlock 3 of the 4 slots which grant experience when tempering. This is extremely beneficial.
For example, leveling your Spirit Stone from 0-35 will grant me 35 temper attempts, which will grant you 35 opportunities to gain experience in any node, however, if you used those temper attempts after reaching level 100 Spirit Stone, you would have 105 opportunities to gain experience in any node, triple than what you would gain if you used them straight away. Hence, it is recommended to be patient when leveling your Spirit Stone up.

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