Buddy Rush Character’s Skills List


Buddy Rush Character?s Skills List by Kirsten Chin


?Chopchop: Let?s see how many swings you can make in 3 seconds.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill Power+5%
?Mockery: You can help Oblins get mad at you. I don?t know whether they understand your language or not, but I?m quite sure that you can piss them off. (Every Oblin around you just attacks you, defense &evasion; goes up)
As skill Lvl increases ? Defense+5%, Duration+0.5sec?
?ShockWave: Don?t ask me how it can be possible. Anyways, no doubt it hurts like hell when hit by this skill.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill Power+10%
Unbreakable: Try to make a cool pose when you stare at enemies. It somehow helps you feel like you can?t be hurt by anyone. (Defense improves)
As skill Lvl increases ? Defense increases. Lvl1-5:+3%, Lvl6-10:+2%, Lvl11-15:+1%


Greedy Shot: Sometimes you wanna load as many arrows as u can
As skill Lv increases ? Skill power+10%. The number of arrows increases at skill Lvl 3,5,7,9,14
No-yield shot: Give?m no chance to evade
As skill Lvl increase ? Skill power+10%
Sneak: Momentarily makes enemies ignore you. (Unseen by enemies. Attack power and critical goes up)
As skill Lvl increases ? Attack power +10%
Bull?s Eye: Not all the time, but sometimes you might shoot somebody where it hurts the most. (Critical goes up)
As skill Lvl increases ? Critical goes up. Lvl1-10: +2%, Lvl11-15: 0.5%


Fire: Believe it or not, some people say it?s not real magic.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+3%. Range+3%
Freeze: To tell the truth, Wizz first did this to stay cool in summer.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+3%. Duration+0.425sec
Z-flash: It?s quite useful when recharging your phone battery.. just kidding.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill Power+15%
Wizzdom: Wizz hates waiting. (Skill cooltime gets shorter)
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill Cooltime decreases. Lvl1-10:2%, Lvl11-15:1%


Shooting Dumpling: You wonder how it is possible to be hurt by a dumpling, and I do too. Anyway, I?m quite sure that Oblins hate this Dumpling.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+12.5%. Size of dumpling increases
Roar: Shout as loud as u can to piss off your teammates. That?ds the way you make them stronger.
As skill Lvl increases ? Aikilu?s Att+3.5. Friend?s Att+3%
Blade Typoon: You can?t imagine how hard it?s to bear the dizziness. Aikilu has been trained so hard not to look dizzy.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill Power+12.5% Ragne+5%
Quick Soft Light Step: She trained herself with superfast serving skills at her dad?s restaurant. (Evasion improves)
As skill Lvl increases ? Evade increases. Lvl1-5:+2%, Lvl6-15:+1%


Summon: There?s one fact that proves Wolfgang is out of his mind. He loves Botherella.
As skill Lvl increases ? Wolfgang?s max HP+25%, Atk+3.5%, Def+2.5%
Curse: It?s kinda weird that everyone blessed by Botherella gets in trouble. (Attack & defence of targets get weaker)
As skill Lvl increases ? Effect of curse+2.5%, Range+12.5%, Defense-2.5%
Thorn Bush: This spell reflects her personality. Anyway if she ever sees this text, I?d be dead.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill Power5%. Poison time+25%
Charity: She thinks she?s full of sympathy. Well, everyone has the right to think so. (Effect of curse increase)
As skill Lvl increases ? Effect of curse+2.5%. Curse duration+12.5%. Thombush?s poison time+15%


Lotus slap: It?s so fast you can?t even notice the attack. If only she was aggressive, she?d be the scariest one in this game. (Damage to the enemies around the target)
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill Power+20%. Range+0.5%
Heal: Recover member?s HP by mysterious power. Some people call it the power of love. (The higher vivich?s HP, the healing effect is increased)
As skill Lvl increases ? Healing effect+2%
Sanctuary: Protect your friends with the magic marble. Less damage within the skill range
As skill Lvl increases ? As skill Lvl increases ? Defense, healing +1%

Meditation: Do not disturb her meditation, if you do so, you will be in big trouble. (Healing effect increases)
As skill Lvl increases ? Healing & Sanctuary?s healing effect+5%?, sanctuary healing effect +3%
Cricket Training: ?Vivich?s attack power and defense increase. Att,Def +0.5%
Aum: When Vivich hits critical, her skill power increases. As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power + 2% Duration + 0.5%
Thoughtful Mind: Increases members? defense and HP regen. (Aura) As skill lv increases ? Def + 0.5% Hp regen + 0.1


Leaf Slash: Once he pulls out his sword, enemies would be swept away like fallen leaves. It looks horrible and beautiful at the same time.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+20%, Range+13%
Quick Step Slash: Enemies would see their friends one by one falling down. Then they would realize it?s gonna happen soon to themselves.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+10%. The number enemies slashes increases
Kiss of Death: Once his blade flashes, the enemy is already down on the floor. Just like the one kissed by death.
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+20%
Sword Mastery: What his master taught him should be practiced everyday. Otherwise he might cut his own finger. (Workout for faster hit speed)
As skill Lvl increases ? Attack Speed+0.7%
Pray for the Enemy: When Nagne kills monsters, he gets some MP.
As skill Lvl increases ? Healing MP effect+1%
Striking a Vital Point: Nagne?s skill has stun rate.
As skill Lvl increases ? Chance+2%
Forgetful Nagne: When Nagne hits critical, sometimes skill cooltime is formatted.
As skill Lvl increases ? Chance+1%


Taste of Heaven: Never judge Oblins by their looks! Their blood tastes good! (Give damage, take HP)
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+15%
Fatal Temptation: Vampino?s charms are deadly. Only Oblins agree with this. (The targets become a companion)
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill duration & range+5%. Percentage of attracting more enemies increases
Lovely Bats: Oh! There;s another creature that gets affected by Vampino?s charm. The Bats! Still there?s another problem. Vampino hates bats a lot!
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+3%. Range+1%
Blood of Vampir
Circulation! It?s the key to Vampino?s health! (Workout for stronger overall skill power)
As skill Lvl increases ? All skill power increases. Lvl1-10:+5%, Lvl11-15:+2.5%


Metamorphosis: Lookin cool? Um..well.. the thing is.. you wouldn?t know how much it cost to buy new clothes everytime I metamorphose
As skill Lv increases ? Atk & Def +1% per level.
Earthquaker: Ouch! The law of action and reaction seems to be true. Flow?s hand are suffering from pain!
As skill Lv increases ? Skill Damage+2%
Grand Crusher: Nobody can stop me!! Ah.. Hi mom?
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill Damage+2%
Heart of Wolves: You don?t need much to be healthy! Eat lots of garlic and exercise regularly! Easy huh? (Max HP during werewolf form increases)
As skill Lv increases ? During werewolf form, max HP+1%?
Berserker: Increases attack power and attack speed during werewolf form, decreases defense.
As skill Lv increases ? During werewolf form, Att, Attack speed +1% defense -1%
Fool Moon:? Increases evasion temporarily while ?Metamorphosis? is in use.
As skill Lv increases ? Chance +1%, Evasion duration +0.5 secFight with me!:? Increases members? attack speed (aura).
As skill Lv increases ? Attack speed +0.2%


Spiral Shots: It?s impossible to make a precise shot while spinning around. Who cares, someone will eventually get shot, right? (A 360 degree rotating multi-gunshot)
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+2%. More bullets
Don?t move!: Shooting a person when they are tied up.. I guess that?s just the pirate?s way! (Enemies that come into shooting range are immobilized and their attack speed is lowered)
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill duration+0.1sec. Range+2%
Hand Bomb: Where did that cannon come from? (A cannon fire that gives great damage to the target?s surroundings. As the skill increases, so does the amount of cannonballs)
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+20%. Extra bomb given at Lvl 6,11.

Bleeding: Of course it hurts. They just got shot.. (An attack that continuously hurts the enemy as they keep bleeding)
As skill Lvl increases ? Percentage of making enemy bleed+0.5%. Bleeding duration+0.1sec
Be Stock on Her: Increases chances of stunning with regular attacks and with ?Don`t Move? skill.
As skill Lvl increases ? Stun rate+0.5% for regular attack, 2% for ?Don`t Move?
Sharp Shooter: Increases attack speed, decreases chances of getting attacked.
As skill Lvl increases ? Attack Speed+0.5%, Decreases chances of getting attacked
Keen Attack: Increases members` critical.(Aura)
As skill Lvl increases ? Critical+0.2%


I?m So Sorry:? It wasn?t the intention to create some poson.. (During a fixed amount of time a normal attack will turn into a poisonous attack)
As skill Lvl increases ? Duration +0.1sec. Percentage of poisoning enemy+0.1%. Poison damage+0.5%
Poison Explosion:? It?s a well known fact that hitting the same place twice means double the pain. (A large amount of damage is given to a single enmy that has been poisoned an even greater damage will occur)
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+10%. Poison explosion damage+5%
Infectious Poison:? What? You don?t like the food? You?re all so mean! (Al enemies in the area will receive a chain of damage)
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+10%, Number of poison and chain sprays increases.


Dangerous Girl:? Do you want to taste some of the food I just prepares? (The skill poison damage and skil power increases)
As skill Lvl increases ? Poison damage, percentage of poisoning enemy, all skill power+0.5
Absorbing the nutrients: Recovers HP temporarily while using regular attacks.As skill Lvl increases ? Chance and HP* absorption +1%
Swift Attack: Increases evasion and attack speed, decreases attack.As skill Lvl increases ? Evasion, Attack Speed +0.5%, Attack ? 0.2%
Addicting snack: Increases members? skill power (Aura)As skil Lvl increases ? Skill pow +0.2%l

Betty Jr

Superhard Stonehead: Betty has the strongest stonehead ever!
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+10%
Nobody can stop me: Back off
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+15%
Burping Fire: I feel like burping a fire..!!!
As skill Lvl increases ? Skill power+15%
Bone of dinosaur: Wanna know the secret? Just eat lots of Calcium! It?ll make your bones strong! (Workout for higher max HP & faster HP regen)
As skill Lvl increases ? Max HP+2%

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