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Facebook Business Tycoon Online Beginner’s Guide


Facebook Business Tycoon Online Beginner?s Guide by happiness

It is said that Business Tycoon Online will launch its closed beta now! How exciting! My friends introduced this game to me and I played it for a week in Malaysia Server. It is really worthy a play. Thought I am still a rookie, I?d like to share my experience to you all.

1. Select an industry.
There are four industries in the game, including Entertaining Industry, Catering Industry, Retailing industry and Service Industry. Players can only open stores of the industry he chose. So think of which kind of CEO you want to be before you open a store. Otherwise, you should start over again if you want to change the industry you are in.

2. Select a position:
there are three different zones in Liberty City, respectively Residential Zone, Downtown Zone and Commercial Zone. In different zones, the land price, store rent, population density and street development value are different. Stores of Business Level 1 are suggested to locate in Residential Zone. Stores of Business Level 2 and 3 should open in Downtown Zone and stores of Business Level 4 and higher have to locate in Commercial Zone. Otherwise, your revenue will be reduced more or less.

3. Store upgrade:
Stores develop as the following nine steps:
Terrible-Bad-Substandard-Standard-Good-Excellent-First Class-Perfect. You can upgrade your store to a higher level if you have enough Store Upgrade Point and as a result, your revenue increases. A new player can get 1 Store Upgrade Point/2 hours in the first three days. And three days later, he can get 1 Store Upgrade Point/4 hours.

4. Board of Directors:
Sometimes, you want to get more resources to carry out your business, or the cash flow problems of the company, and then you want to obtain a sum to help you through the difficult times. Also, at the monthly board where you can put forward some demands to the directors. The success depends on the impression you normally given that the directors are good.

5. 16-hour Activity
You cannot work behind closed doors when you are living in a freedom, bustling city because there has a wealth of social events or business meetings waiting for you to attend. More to participate in these activities, the income it might get rich! From morning to evening, every day regularly open to the players to participate in some activities, you can see it by clicking ?City? ? ?16 hours? activity, oh do not miss one.

6. Title System
Liberty City will give the player a specific title when the player reaches a certain conditions. In addition, Title system also proves player?s abilities; the title has also added some extra incentives or property to experience the difference between players.

7. The City Hall
The City Hall is the largest agencies in Liberty City. It is the major competing objectives of every Guild?s president of commerce. It sets the position of total five levels inside, from the bottom of representative to the highest level of the City Hall president. Positions in each grade have a corresponding authority; for example, adjusting the land rent and even it can adjust the entire rate of the game. Each position of election is through voting decisions, and only the Guild of Commerce has this disqualified to be elected. Also, all players are eligible to vote so that popularity very important. On the other hand, you may always be impeached by lower or flat-level officials, so it?s not the iron bowl if you obtain this job through your efforts. Even The City of President, if the impeachment is passed, you will lose your job immediately. In conclusion, you should do your job well if you gain the valuable job.

8. Employee recruiting and training:
After you establish a store, you need employees to work in it. Different employees have different abilities and skills, which are essential to your revenue. So if you want to increase your revenue, pay to your employees and train them. The more able your employees are, the more salaries you should pay to them. So, try to be generous if you want to hold capable employees.

9. Guild system
A guild embodies the unity of players. It is a regional organization and an important link between players. Besides the wise leadership of the chairman, its members? supports are also indispensible to a guild?s prosperity. Players of a guild get more revenue. Guilds can be divided into five grades. The higher grade a guild is, the more profit it can provide to its members and the more members it can hold. Guilds can build its own organizations. Guilds of higher grade build more kind of organizations. These organizations can provides other special attribute as well as more revenues.

10. Interaction
Besides developing your company, you can also play with other players to enlarge your social circles. You can choose proper interacting methods according to your level. There is a saying that two heads are better than one. When you and your friend are intimate enough, you can invest to each other or cooperate with each other.

11. Strategy system
In business world, players can compete with others by array of means. You can attack your competitor by different strategies and it is profitable. And your competitor will suffer a loss according to the strategy you adopt or even stores temporarily closed. Here, I have to remind you that if you stir up troubles everywhere, you are probably encountered with a unanimous attack by other players. So don?t go too far!

12.Store levels and Upgrade Conditions
All companies newly established are private companies and a private company can establish two stores. To open a store begins with a click at a vacant place.
Please note that store of business level 1 and 2 can only be established in Residential Zone. Otherwise, their revenue will be reduced due to Zone Effect.
Stores of Business Level 1: the basic revenue of stores is 1,000TCN. One grade higher, you get 10% more revenue. The grades of stores are as follows
1. Terrible, 1 point is needed to upgrade store of such kind to next grade.
2. Bad: 1 point is needed to upgrade store of such kind to next grade.
3. Substandard: 2 point is needed to upgrade store of such kind to next grade.
4. Standard: 2 point is needed to upgrade store of such kind to next grade.
5. Good: 3 point is needed to upgrade store of such kind to next grade.
6. Excellent: 4 point is needed to upgrade store of such kind to next grade.
7. First-Class: 5 point is needed to upgrade store of such kind to next grade.
8. Perfect:
Stores of Business Level 2: the basic revenue of such store is 1,700TCN. One grade higher, you get 10% more revenue.
Since Standard Stores of Business Level 2, 1 more point is needed to upgrade to next grade. Each upgrading, stores? revenues increase by 10%.
The grades of stores are as follows:
Standard: 3 points are needed to upgrade to next grade.
Good: 4 points are needed to upgrade to next grade.
Excellent: 5 points are needed to upgrade to next grade.
First-Class: 6 points are needed to upgrade to next grade.
My suggestion is to close all of your stores and then open them again. Choose proper advertisement methods. It will increase your revenue. However, be careful. Too much advertisement will cause side effect.
To accelerate the upgrading, it will cost you 1 Gold/hour.
A player can get 1 Store Upgrade Point/4 hours and a private company can hold 6 Store Upgrade Points at most. So use it up when you have Store Upgrade Points. Otherwise, you cannot get more.

13.? Stock and Transport
According to this game, your stores will close automatically if there is no stock in your stores. You have to click ?Purchase? and begin to purchase goods.
1. Purchase Type:
Very Little: The goods is enough for 1 day?s business. It costs 100 TCN.
Small Amount: The goods can be used for 2 days. It costs 250 TCN.
Moderate Amount: The goods is enough for 3 days? business.
Large Amount: The goods is enough for 4 days? business.
Super Amount: The goods is enough for 5 days? business.
(the cost of rest purchase types won?t be mentioned. Basically, the cost varies according to store?s level. )
2. Transportation type
Slow: It takes 12 hours and 100 TCN.
Standard: It takes 6 hours and 300 TCN.
Fast: It takes 3 hours and 500 TCN.
Expedited: It takes 1 hours and 1 Gold.
Express: It takes 2 minutes and 3 Gold.
Please note that it saves a lot of money if you begin to purchase 1 day?s stocks when you still have 13 hours? stocks. But it is difficult to do that because maybe you are not available when you need to purchase.
During your purchasing, do not click too fast; otherwise, you may agree to transport by ?? which will cost you 3 Gold.


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